Would you eat those chocolates?

By | March 15, 2012

Selfridges chocolate hall had, since last December, been selling two new “peculiar” flavors of chocolate: Marmite and Tabasco!

I am not a fan of marmite at all so there is no way on earth am I going to try its chocolate, urgh! But the tabasco one? Every time I pass by I look at it, grab it, imagine it would taste like chili chocolate, almost buy it, then put it back because I don’t like tabasco either. Tantalizing for sure but I am very picky and wouldn’t want to waste money on a bite of chocolate when I can buy many more other types of chocolate.

What do you think? Have you tasted any of those chocolates or known someone who did? Would you buy them either to consume or as a cruel souvenir joke for example? Would you taste any of them?

Would you buy this mobile phone?

By | December 25, 2011

While I was shopping in London I saw a mobile phone called link that belongs to the Tag Heuer watch brand! Never knew that Tag Heuer made mobile phones! It is deemed as the Read more »

I Want: PAN AM Orion Bag

By | November 14, 2011

I don’t know if you’ve been following the new TV series PAN AM but I am a big fan. I love the story line, the clothes, the fifties era and I am glued to my seat every Sunday to watch it.

I began noticing this travel bag held by the plane stewardesses as they walked around the airports and I thought to my self it looks so retro and lovely and would make a great travel companion. Lo and behold I went online and there it was! Already available to purchase online from Panam.com (link)!

Just a little bag history: back when PAN AM was in business the Orion bag was given for the first class passengers of PAN AM and being seen holding a PAN AM bag was actually very in style and dictated the holder of belonging to a certain class. Nice!

I am so getting my self a blue orion bag. I am going to be brandishing one proudly the next time I go on board an air plane. E3jbatne!

Would you buy and hold a Pan Am Orion bag? You can buy one from here (link).

The Furniture Hunt: Midas Thajeej

By | October 3, 2011

On my quest to revamp our living room we stopped by Midas Store in Al-Thajeej area last weekend to explore and maybe get some ideas. They had some items I really liked and thought about sharing it here with you in case you are going through the same Read more »


By | May 8, 2011


Even though my Citiz is brand new and I love her, I WANT PIXIE. I want the LIME GREEN PIXIE. I just have to find an excuse to buy it and add it to my Nespresso collection. Bs mako lime green pixie in Kuwait. I have to wait till I am back in the UK to get the Lime Green Pixie. It can be my very own decaf pixie, after all using a caffeine coffee pod then using a decaf one will pollute the decaf with caffeine, so I must separate the two mo?

Update: I bought the lime green Pixie and now its sits proudly in my living room 😀

Would you buy this: Retro Timex Watch!

By | December 23, 2010

While shopping in Selfridges London i saw these Retro Timex watches being sold. They reminded me of the casio watches from the late 80’s and early 90’s when people dreamed of having a watch that is also a phone… something like the little girl from the cartoon Inspector Gadget used to have 😀

Now the gold, white, and steel ones are sold for around £80 while the other colorful ones are sold for £50-£60 … would you consider buying one for your self? and if you do, would you actually wear it?!

Things 2 get 4m London: Facebook Credits Card!

By | December 10, 2010

I saw this card for a £10 in facebook credits in London. I am not that much of a fan of buying stuff on facebook but i would think any one who is would have been happy to find this card. Why don’t we have similar products in Q8!? If you bought it from London the question will be:  do you think it would work in Q8?

Is seeing a therapist still a big No-No in Q8?!

By | November 10, 2010

The other day i was talking to a friend and she mentioned that someone she knows has goine to Therapy in Q8 after going through some tough times. I was a bit surprised. I know people in Europe and the USA go to therapy like they go to have their hair highlighted and their nails done since no one would give that a second thought…

But in Q8? The way i remember it inah it was a big social faux-pas to go to therapy… or even admit that you need therapy. and if they have to they would rather go abroad if they have the resources or go alone and in disguise without telling anyone about it becuase the moment people hear that flan is depressed or flana has anxiety and is seeing someone it would be like ‘ee mo 9a7ya’ or ‘ooh crazy!’… which is not right and not fair of course but then what is really right and fair in our society anyways…

Did the times change or is it still the same? I know inah mafeha shay and i have always known inah ma feha shay… some people think that weeh read qur2an o everything bad should go away on it’s own… other people would rather die than admitting they need help… if it ain’t physical it’s not there… although people the way i see it are in dire need of therapy especially after the invasion and 90% of q8y’s are complaining all the time… is it still the same or is it OK  now walk into a therapists waiting room to go to a session for whatever is going on in your life, sit there, head held up high and looking people in the eyes and no one would give you a second glance… have a session whith a q8y therapist were ur certain won’t spill your confedential info to friends and family whenever they feel like it… and then discuss what your therapist adviced you with your friends and family casually over a steaming hot cup of coffee in the Avenues? Wella people are still living in denial and hiding the fact that they see someone? Honestly what would you think if you heard someone is going to see a therapist?

To Buy or Not to Buy: Vintage Clothing?

By | July 12, 2010

There is a lovely store in Carnaby St., London, where a collection of amazing vintage fashion items are sold… You cannot deny the beauty of those items, nor the lovely shapes/colors/fabrics/designs, and the attention to detail is simply AMAZING… nothing like the mass produced clothing items we find every where now adays…

Same thing in the Basement Floor of Top Shop, and several other locations. Vintage is always a treat to the eye and an upgrade in the fashion sense… but i could never get my self to buy something worn by someone else, even if it was more than a decade ago. I tried, i really did, i said it looked unworn, i would take it to Laundry… but i could never do it! If it is not new vintage, which is hard to find, i can’t buy it!

Could you buy vintage items and wear them? If so, how come?!