Bad *Doggy* Morning!!!

By | October 19, 2010


Ever woke up and felt you had gotten up at the wrong side of bed?

I went to bed at 11 P.M. and woke up very late for work. Work starts at 7 i woke up 7:50 -yeah i know-… i had the worst nightmare and apparently i didn’t wake up because i was enjoying being scared from that nightmare :S

I scramble to change and go to work… i am already late… i finally battle the morning traffic and reach the work gates by 8:30… and what to i see?

A dog, i don’t know what kind, like the one in the picture above… same color b3d… trotting past the gate in front of me… past the security guard who tried to run after him… the dog was faster… the gurad let him be and off ge goes to the parking!!!!

So now i park. I sit in the car. Too afraid to get out. I hate all types of animals, esp. dogs. All animals scare me to the core. He might as well be a very hungry stray dog. He could eat me! or Maul me or run after me tearing my clothes. A stray dog at the crack of dawn roaming the parking lot you have just parked in is NOT something i would care for… thank you very much.

and it isn’t like someone was there to help me out. Feeling scared and jittery… i grabbed my bag, got out of the car and all but ran all the way to the entrance of the building, heart thumbing!

I didn’t encounter him thankfully… but what if i DO encounter him on my way out? That thought alone is making me anxious right now!!! Why are there stray dogs on the streets? Who would raise a dog, have them produce off springs and throw them in the streets? Dogs are NOT like cats. Dogs ARE dangerous especially when hungry! What am i supposed to do? Camp in my office all day?!

So who had a better dog free nightmare free morning? I hope you all did!

Someone is flattening my tire on purpose! What to do?

By | October 17, 2010

I woke up this morning intending to go to work. and i found out that my left front tire was flat.

I had no one to help me change the tire since it had to be changed in the garage. We had no other available car to take me to work. I had to miss work today and i have a deadline for a project this week. I am not happy.

The thing is, yesterday my husband was driving my car and he had a flat tire. He took the car to the garage and they changed two of the tires?

And then we drove the car until 10 PM yesterday. Came back home. It was fine and nothing was wrong with it. 6 AM and the tire is flat? and you know what?

When they took it to the garage, the tire was absolutely fine. It was not punctured. The tire was emptied from the air on PURPOSE! and this is not the FIRST time!

A while back i suffered the same fate to my old car. Same tire, the one between cars so whomever was emptiying the tires out of air was crouching hidden between cars… for 3 weeks in a row my car tires were emptied out of air?

Now it had started again!!! and i am NOT happy! I am quite scared actually! Who would want to empty my car from it’s air? Why only my car? Why not any other car standing there? I have no enemies… and i cannot imagine anyone i know driving all the way to my house after 10 pm to flatten my car tire? WHY… WHO? No seriously why?

Esh hal la3ana? Why did i have to miss work today? Why?

and what am i supposed to do? How do i ensure that this never happens again? Do i install cameras? This is serious! This is a car i am driving on the road! How irresponsible can you be to flatten someone’s tire?! Over and Over again?!

Have you ever been in this situation? What do you think i should do?

Cinescape Stops Movies for 10 Minutes During Maghrib Prayers.

By | September 30, 2010

OK. This is rant worthy. Lets imagine how it’s going to turn out now shall we?

So it’s the middle of a movie in 360. People are lost in the plot. Suddenly the screen goes dark and the lights go on and it’s time for the viewers to go pray?!

Seriously? Now how many viewers will actually go pray? There are non muslim Expats watching the movies. There are Read more »

To Buy or Not to Buy: Vintage Clothing?

By | July 12, 2010

There is a lovely store in Carnaby St., London, where a collection of amazing vintage fashion items are sold… You cannot deny the beauty of those items, nor the lovely shapes/colors/fabrics/designs, and the attention to detail is simply AMAZING… nothing like the mass produced clothing items we find every where now adays…

Same thing in the Basement Floor of Top Shop, and several other locations. Vintage is always a treat to the eye and an upgrade in the fashion sense… but i could never get my self to buy something worn by someone else, even if it was more than a decade ago. I tried, i really did, i said it looked unworn, i would take it to Laundry… but i could never do it! If it is not new vintage, which is hard to find, i can’t buy it!

Could you buy vintage items and wear them? If so, how come?!

What weird food combinations work for you?!

By | July 5, 2010

I slave over the stove trying to make the perfect vermicille rice, i was craving a meal of vermicille rice and KDD low fat yoghurt… 2 hours later my rice is done, steaming and fluffy… Butoote asks if it’s ready and i say yes…

I then find the dish above… apparently my dear husband believes that adding green grapes to vermicille rice and topping it with yoghurt is the culinary delight (NOT)!!! Why would he do that WHY! He ruined my perfectly fine rice! He swears by this combination though there is no way on earth i would have it!

Would you try that combination? Do you have any weird food combinations that disgusts others but works perfectly for you?