The Free Kuwait Campaign in London Website

By | March 29, 2012

A few years ago I wanted some picture of Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion of 1990. I searched the internet high and low but to dismay I barely found anything. I was really surprised no one took the initiative to archive that crucial period of Kuwait’s history. Then Mr. Adel Al-Yousifi published his a website named The Evidence (link) which documented that dark time with photographs online.

Now Mr. Adel is back with another website, the Free Kuwait website (link) which documents the events and efforts of the Free Kuwait movement and campaign in London where Mr. Adel was during the invasion. We were in London too. My father helped out by designing many logos and posters used in that time. I wrote about his designs once when they were showcased in an exhibition in the avenues without giving him any credit or mention here (post).

In the Free Kuwait website you will see memorabilia, documents, events, and most importantly pictures of the Kuwaiti in London during the invasion. If you were in London or know someone who was, take a look and browse through the endless pictures. I spent an entire day going through the pictures and checking my family  and even my classmates during the invasion.

So go ahead and take a look. The experience is epic if I may say so. If you recognize someone please email the website admin on with the picture number and name of the person so they can add the name in the caption. They need to identify as many Kuwaitis as possible.

So go on, check and remember that we will never, never, ever forget. Forgetting is not an option. Read this story on 2:48 AM’s blog and tell me if forgetting is possible (link) wan If you haven’t been around to witness or remember, then you have your chance now.

Pledge: Help Little Mariam Get a Kidney Transplant

By | October 18, 2011

I recieved this pledge from a dear friend of mine. A very sick and in a critical state 3 year-old little girl, Mariam Al-Shammeri, is currently residing in Al-Jahra hospital with a kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant. They have a donor already but they are in need of 7000 KD to get the operation done and to pay the donor and the family doesn’t have that kind of money.

I’ve heard that 4000 KD out of the 7000 KD have been collected. Which means there are only 3000 KD to go. If you want to donate something or know someone who would, you can do so through 9andoog E3anat el Martha by contacting Ms. Manal Al-Bezee3 Tel: 99390638 and she will arrange for the money donations to be collected.

Killa fe mezan 7asanatkom insha2 Allah. God Bless you.

P.S. If you want to share this post on your blog or twitter please feel free to do so.

Pledge: Help Save Abdul Kareem’s Leg

By | October 5, 2011

When the bloggers went last Monday to the Kids Cancer Party at the NBK hospital (post) and (post) each had a different view on their experience to share. All of them however agreed that the most touching story was the story of the young Abdul Kareem. This brave smiling boy has cancer in his leg that is spreading around. In order to save his life he is faced with two options: Get a knee replacement surgery or have his leg cut off.

So why can’t he get a knee replacement? Because they say its not available in Kuwait. However, he can have it replaced in Jordan where the operation is available there. What is the problem then? Well Abdul Kareem is not Kuwaiti and the operation will cost him 30,000 KD which his family doesn’t have.

How is this possible? The medical services in Kuwait doesn’t include a knee replacement operation! Why is it available in Jordan and not in Kuwait?

We thought about having a charity run for Abdul Kareem to help gather the 30,000 KD for him. There are two problems though: 1- The money has to come from one place and not from multiple people, god knows why! I think maybe money laundering rules apply here? and 2- Abdul Kareem has no time. His leg amputation operation is scheduled for next week :(

By next week, Abdul Kareem will lose his leg because a knee replacement surgery cannot be performed in Kuwait. By next week, Abdul Kareem whose family doesn’t have 30,000 KD will be able to live but with one leg only. He is just a little boy with a big smile whose already endured chemo until he is stick thin. But he will have to suffer for the rest of his life because an artificial knee cannot be spared to save his leg.

We can’t gather up donations for him, we would have tried. But we can do is spread the word. Maybe there is someone out there who is willing to help out. Companies maybe? Rich people with big hearts and 30,000 KD to spare? You can help Abdul Kareem by spreading his story, tweeting or posting about it until it reaches someone who can help before its too late. Its the least we can do for this brave little boy with a big smile despite his pain and misery.

Pizza Hut London’s Exciting Competition Style

By | October 2, 2011

One thing I love when travelling is comparing the services between Kuwait and its abroad franchise especially food wise. Also, the way things are advertised abroad just keep getting more innovative by day! For example the the other day in the UK we decided to stop by Pizza hut for a Read more »

The Cancer Kids Party Gifts we got…

By | September 29, 2011

The first toys donation I knew about was from Dhari Al-Huwail, the guy behind Nuttella Darrio Pizza in Read more »

The Owner of Comment 15,000 is…

By | September 27, 2011

This post should have been published in early August! But with all the hoopla of Ramadan, Eid, and post Eid activities I didn’t have the chance to. The good news is that I am nearing the 20,000 comments :p

I officially have 15,000 comments on my blog, wow! and the owner of Comment Number 15,000 is “Elegant Chic“!!!!

Congratulations “Elegant Chic“! You will receive a $150 Amazon Gift Card by email in a few minutes :D

Thank you my dear readers and commentors for your faith and loyalty… 15,000 is indeed a very big number… thank you all :*

& Guess what?! I have an even bigger and better prize for the owner of comment number 20,000!!! The count down has started and lets just say we are very near the 20,000 comment ;) I promise it wont be an Amazon Card next time, it would be an option between two gifts since it’s a 20,000 comment 😀

Please Welcome my New Sponsors: Prime & Toast

By | August 6, 2011

Please join me in welcoming Prime & Toast as a new addition to my blog sponsors.

Prime & Toast is a culinary name that needs not be announced for its already well known. One of my favorite breakfast places in Kuwait who had recently and gladly joined in the Gluten Free campaign in Kuwait, to which I am eternally grateful.

I have to say I am proud to have Prime & Toast as my sponsors. Welcome Prime & Toast 😀

More Gluten Free Options in Kuwait

By | July 12, 2011

Did you think that the gluten free campaign was done with and forgotten? Far from the truth! Bloggers, Tweeps, and readers have been letting me know of gluten free options they stumble upon whenever they see it! You, the reader, could also help out in any means possible as well. Lets see what’s new in the Kuwait’s gluten free world…

First Froobie emailed me confirming that they had contacted their factory and they can confirm that their frozen yogurt is not only fat free and sugar free, its gluten free as well! That applies to the frozen yogurt only. Thank you froobie!

First my dear Um 3azooz made up an entire post about the Gluten Free items she found in TSC (post)! I never before knew there was a Betty Crockers cake and brownie mix that is gluten free! Sweet! Check it out here

Dear Ansam had breakfast at prime and toast the other day and there you go… the gluten free menu Chef Ahmad Al-Bader promised (post). I was so happy to see that picture! I wish I wasn’t on a diet so I would go have breakfast there and choose items from that glorious menu. Thanks again Chef Ahmad Al-Bader and thank you Ansam for snapping that picture for me 😀

My dear Beebz98 on twitter also tweeted this picture of the gluten free bread section she found in Lulu Hyper Market. It is HUGE! Thank you hon 😀

Also a dear reader of my blog recently emailed me to tell me that on The Kitchen’s Facebook Page (link) someone had asked about the gluten free replied that only those items on their menu contain gluten otherwise every thing else is gluten free. So if you are on 6alabat and you wish to order a quick bite that is gluten free you can order anything from the Kitchen’s menu EXCEPT those items because they CONTAIN GLUTEN


  • – In Appetizers – Gnocchi & Quesadillas
  • – In Salads – Corn fritters
  • – All the sandwiches contain gluten
  • – In Braising and Stew – Beef Bourguignon
  • – In Grills – All Sandwiches & Burgers. ( Lemon & Rosemary grilled breast and Grilled portabello mushroom are Gluten free)
  • – In Homemade pies – Chicken pot pie and Vegetable pie
  • – In Side dishes – Potato rosti and Couscous
  • – In Desserts – all contain gluten

Before I had that two months trial of gluten free diet I had absolutely no idea that there were gluten free products and I never noticed them any where before. Now that you are reading this please keep your eyes open for anything gluten free you can find here -or abroad that can be imported- so I can share it on my blog please.

Much obliged 😀

A list of Gluten Free Items stocked by The Sultan Center

By | July 3, 2011

Mr. Khalid Al-Sultan from The Sultan Center has kindly sent me a list of the gluten free items stocked in TSC for the gluten intolerant consumers. There are two lists: Items currently in stock from the brand Schar and items that are going to be stocked by next week from the brand Livewell.

Gluten Free items currently in stock


Gluten Free items that will be available next week

  • Livewell Baked Sliced Whited Bread 400g
  • Livewell Baked 4 White Rolls 240 Gm
  • Livewell Baked 4 Hot Cross Buns 280 Gm
  • Livewell Baked Baguette 250gm
  • Livewell Baked 2 Bagels 180 Gms
  • Livewell Baked 2 Petitpans 80 Gm
  • Livewell Baked 4 English Muffins 200 Gm
  • Livewell Baked 2 Ciabatta Rolls 160 Gm
  • Livewell Baked 4 Pitta Breads 215 Gms
  • Livewell Baked 2 Pizza Bases 200 Gms
  • Livewell Baked 2 Fruit Scopes 240g
  • Livewell Double Chococolate Muffins 140gm
  • Livwell Farmhouse Fruit Cake 300gm


Thank you Mr. Khalid Al-Sultan and thank you TSC for stocking a large variety of gluten free items. It is really and truly appreciated.

Please welcome my new sponsors, KnockBook Advertising

By | June 28, 2011

I am happy to announce my newest blog sponsor: KnockBook Advertising! A professional advertising firm with many high profile clients under their belt and a Google Adwords certified partner. They provide many advertising related services such as Consultation, Research, Planning, and Digital Advertising for their clients. The first of which I can see on my blog is Commercial Bank of Kuwait.

Welcome Knockbook to my humble blog.


The Guten Free Campaign Response…

By | June 23, 2011

To be frank when I posted about the Dining Gluten-Free in Kuwait Campaign (post) and emailed everyone I wasn’t very optimistic. I knew many would’t even read through the first lines of the email and won’t care. To my surprise and to my sheer joy the restaurants response was very encouraging indeed! I made a difference, WE made a difference, if I was able to have one restaurant help me out I would have called the campaign a success but so far those restaurants do offer or would offer gluten free options…

  • Chocolate & Macaroon, All the macaroons are gluten free and more gluten free options are being developed and will be provided soon. The french toast is NOT gluten free just yet sadly that was a misunderstanding.
  • Crumbs Bakery can bake gluten free cake if provided with the gluten free flour.
  • Munch BBQ can provide the BBQ grill with gluten free pizza if given a notice in advance. They have been offering that option for the past 2 years. Their pizzas are lovely by the way 😀
  • My fellow blogger Pink Girl asked Ms. Catherine the owner of the newly Organica Pasta & Pizza if they provide any gluten free dishes and she said they can provide gluten free pasta.
  • I am also waiting for updates from 3 very popular restaurants who promised me to have a print out of the gluten free items in their menu as a little gluten free menu. It should be done within this coming week and I will post about it the moment I get the confirmation.
  • Thanks to every single restaurant on the list above. God bless you!

Thanks to my fellow bloggers Frankom, Pink Girl, Um 3azooz, Chocolate & Chocolate, 3ateeja, and Froyo Nation for their support… you guys rock 😀

Thank to my fellow Tweeps for spreading the cause @Madame_Umm_C, @Inspirationsbys,  @fouz_d, @FatmahD, @chocoo0, and @Zazuu007 … thank you for the retweets :)

As for me, I am not going to stop. Every new restaurant I try I will ask them for the possibility of providing Gluten-Free dishes (like Pink Girl did). Every recipe I add I will make sure it would have a gluten-free option if possible (like Um 3azooz promised)… there is still time for change, it can be done overnight or over decades if it has to, but it will be made, and I, my fellow bloggers, readers, and tweeps, I am after that change. I will make it happen.

Help: Dining Gluten Free in Kuwait Campaign

By | June 20, 2011

A comment was left on my Prime & Toast Breakfast post by a reader, Madame C, who is gluten intolerant because of she had Coeliac disease. This comment led me to remember last July when I was suffering from severe unexplainable abdominal and stomach pains so I was put on a gluten free diet myself.

Do you know how hard it is to try and dine gluten free in Kuwait when all we do is hang out in restaurants and gorge ourselves with the top notch culinary delights? When you suddenly crave a hot bubbling piece of fatayer to the point of aching for it but you cannot have it? To sit in a table full of happy people extending their arms to lip smacking golden croissants and bread slices, slathering them with butter, making them into sandwiches, or heaping them with scrambled eggs to go with that steaming cup of coffee for breakfast?

When I was on gluten free, I had to chase Kuwait Flour mills to know when and where they would sell their gluten free toast. It tasted like rubber, was only sold in two branches and only on Mondays. If you didn’t get there fast you would be left with nothing. You know how happy I was to sneak my slices of gluten free toast and bread into restaurants and enjoying them with my meals like every one else on the table?

Then I went to Dubai. I was sad when I walked into the lime tree cafe for breakfast because I really wanted a full English breakfast. Guess what? Here is what I wrote in my post (link)…

“Given that i was on a Gluten Free diet right now, i was thinking to my self that it would be sad to have an English breakfast without toasts :( That’s my full English Breakfast… WITH two slices of toast! Why? Because they care! Because they offer gluten free toast for their customers… because they have a wide range of gluten free desserts and options… A gluten intolerant person can happily have breakfast like a normal person there… something we deeply lack in Q8 lel asaf.

Same thing happened in Carluccio’s Dubai who offered gluten free menu (post). Also they have an amazing organic food store in Dubai Mall with freshly baked bread, cakes, muffins, and such all gluten free!

What needs to be done?

I was lucky to be taken off the gluten free diet. Others are not as lucky. In Kuwait Al ra7a store would make gluten free bread that can be frozen also fresh fatayer and pizzas that are all gluten free though a tad expensive. Shopping for gluten free pasta is possible too especially in Carrefour even though Dubai has much more variety and I had stocked my cupboard well with it.

Restaurants in Kuwait could become a bit more considerate of people’s allergies and intolerance. Take for example Carluccio’s, the branch in Kuwait offer a gluten free menu, yes menu, with rice based pasta that tastes exactly like the original wheat based pasta! According to my reader Madame C she went to Tatami and the chef Danah Al-Tourah was really considerate, so was Chef Raj of the Marriott Courtyard Indian Restaurant. Sadly Dubai is more considerate than Kuwait in this issue since more restaurant there offer Gluten Free menus and menu options for their dinders.

If you are a restaurants owner, or a chef, or a homemade food business, or know someone in the food industry who would listen, then on behalf of the gluten intolerant people in Kuwait we ask you to please just print a little piece of A4 paper pointing out which menu items are gluten free and inform your waiters about them. Also you can always add a gluten free rice based pasta in the back of your restaurant and use it whenever a gluten intolerant person wishes to dine in and have some hearty pasta. Flourless desserts or ones used with gluten free flour as well as bread can also be used in menus, for example baking one loaf of gluten free to be used during the weekend and freezing it would be very helpful indeed.

I am not going to stop at this post. I am going to email it to every one I can think of. Please, Allah la ywarekom a day when you are taken off a certain food item for life, please spread the word and do the same, on your blogs, on twitter, facebook, by word of mouth… People diss blogs all the time accusing them of becoming media outlets who only promote food and products for freebies, well here is your chance to make a difference, take it!

P.S. If you know any gluten free restaurants or food suppliers please do not hesitate to share.

The Book Signing Night at 52 Degrees

By | June 8, 2011

I am overwhelmed by all the love, support, kind words, and sincere wishes I have recieved yesterday. I never knew I was that popular :p I was literally spoiled!

If you follow me on twitter you would know that I had an alternative plan of bolting to Dubai yesterday. I was freaked out! What if no one showed up o enga9 wayhee? After all el nass ya finals ya flu! What if I freeze while I am supposed to talk, or rip something -I did- o atfashal? Read more »

The Life with Cacao Highlights…

By | May 7, 2011

I was invited today to an exclusive tasting session for The Life with Cacao’s first highlights session. It was held in Read more »

No for Blitz Ice Cream, Bring back the old names KDD!

By | May 1, 2011

Dear KDD,

I’ve been a fan of your products for over 30 years now. I grew up drinking KDD Chocolate milk. I memorized the word Columbia as a child even before i spoke English. I was familiar with the names Failaka and Burgan before i knew what they meant and as a result my eyes lit up in recognition in elementry school when we were taught that Filaka was a Kuwaiti island and Burgan was the largest oil field in Kuwait. All thanks to your ice creams.

But a few days back my eyes fell on the poster above and the first response out of me was NO!

I am not sure if you had customer feedback before embarking on the new campaign but frankly you should have had. Changing the design from the cute patriotic little girl and boy we grew up with to a modern design was one blow. Changing all the names of the ice creams and giving them one name that was Blitz was another blow!

Why would you melt the patriotic identity of a product much beloved by almost all of the Kuwaiti population? Why would you choose a name “Blitz” that is not even pronounceable in the Kuwaiti dialect. I cannot pronounce it even though I can speak English. It is a heavy name and not that appetizing. Do you think people would stop asking for Burgan and Failaka now and start using the word Ebletz? Do you really think when i take my future children to the Co-Op i would point at the ice creams of my childhood and tell them to choose what ebletz flavour they would love instead of Burgan, my favourite, or Columbia, their grandfather’s favourite? If they asked me what the name Ebltez mean, what would I answer with? Frankly, I do not know!

Please KDD, please consider giving our beloved ice creams their own names back. We understand the need to update the look, give the girl and boy a more modern look or like you changed the old checkered design of the ice cream covers into the one unified colored ones. Blitz is suffocating me and many other Kuwaitis and residents of Kuwait. I have yet to find one person who thought the new design and name is a good idea. They say if it ain’t broken, do not fix it. But what you did basically was like taking a beloved Kuwaiti item and cremating it.

I really wish that you would reconsider the request above. I am also sad to inform you that until you do so, I am going to stop buying the blitz range of products simply because they make me ache from the inside. It is like losing a part of my life I am familiar with. Yes, that dramatic.

Thank you so much,



P.S. Check the customer’s comments on the same topic in those blogs: 248am, ilSul6ana, Bananaq8

Dear readers, what do you think? Leave your comment here or post your opinion on your blog. Let our voice be heard!

Tasting Pizza Hut’s new dishes

By | April 30, 2011

I was invited by Pizza Hut for a tasting of their “new” dishes and give my opinion. They are not finalized yet but I can tell you that some of those dishes are so good, they will take the menu of pizza hut to an entirely different level. Stay tuned 😉

Thank you Bibi for your invitation. I hope our feedback was helpful 😀

VIVA’s Iphone 4 Social Networking Event

By | April 26, 2011

Yesterday I was invited to attend VIVA’s social networking event held yesterday to celebrate the new collaboration between VIVA and Apple and its first result: The official launch of the Iphone 4 in Kuwait.

The event was held in Read more »

My Father’s Designs in the Free Kuwait Exhibition in the Avenues…

By | February 20, 2011

I was walking in the Avenues last weekend when i saw the blue poster above, which was designed by my father in while we were in the UK during the Iraqi invasion in 1990. When i saw the poster from a far I stopped in my tracks and my heart beat loudly for i began to remember my father drawing the arm in our flat and me watching him draw in fascination. I decided to approach the exhibition and check it out… Read more »

Shrimpy’s Kids Meal Gift is… a Real Life Golden Fish!!!

By | January 24, 2011

I was walking in the avenues the other day when i saw a girl walking with a plastic bag filled with water… a black little fish was swimming inside the bag o tetmasha bel avenues with the girl!

Incredilous i tweeted about what i saw and my fellow Tweeps replied that Shrimpy have an offer with their kids meal, buy a kids meal and you will get a golden fish!!!

I went online to check and sure enough there is their offer poster!!! If you buy a kids meal you will get a real life fish!

I think it’s both creepy strange and a nice idea… on one hand given kids a real life fish after they have just consumed a bigger one is like handing out chicks in KFC… plus it’s messy and kids might spill the bag content and the fishy would die :( On the other hand it is a beautiful gift that is actually useful and means something… a real life fish you can grow and play with… we had a golden fish once that lived for so long but then one of my siblings changed it’s water with boiling water and the fishy died instantly w3liya! We were all sad to see her go…

What do you think?! Would you eat a shrimpy’s kids meal if you will be getting the golden fish as a gift?!!

Spotted: Pirateless @ Cinescape Avenues

By | June 8, 2010

We were about to watch a movie in Cinescape Avenues yesterday when a big black box by the entrance caught my attention… It had a pirate sign outside and two openings that looked like doorways and it looked like you could take a walk inside… I was very intrigued and naturally i wanted to step inside and explore Read more »