The Video of Project-X Bloggers Cookings Competition

By | July 11, 2013


If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a year you might remember that we participated in a bloggers cooking competition under the name of Project-X last June (post).  I teamed up with my favourite Pink Girl and together we made the spiciest, weirdest, and frankly not that appetising dishes in the competition and came last :p I’ve almost given up on seeing the videos but lo and behold, a year later and they are finally released for the world to see. Read more »

The Dathra Book Launch Party – Part I

By | July 15, 2012

Culemborg For some reason wordpress is eating up my Party post. I’ve written it three times already!!! It could be because its too long so I’ll have to sadly break it down and re-post it :(

I bet everyone with an instagram had already seen -and felt like being invited to- the Dathra Book party I had at home :) Let me show you the party from the party planner’s point of view… how I chose and put everything together in about 3 days time! The theme Read more »

And the Winners of Three Signed Dathra Books are…

By | July 10, 2012

Thank you all for participating. Its been a hoot reading your answers and I mean that in a good way :)

Sadly, only 2 got all five answers right! TWO! I’m really disappointed :( Almost all of the others have gotten confused between  Read more »

Competition: Win one of Three Signed Dathra Vol II Books Today!

By | July 10, 2012

Finally, after a very long and exhausting wait, I’ve had the pleasure of passing by the printer yesterday to pick up the Dathra book boxes.

Dathra, Volume II, will be available for sale by the end of Read more »

Bs 3ad! Enough Already with Instagram Competitions…

By | July 8, 2012

Since 3/4 of Kuwait are now on instagram, I’m sure all of you had encountered the infamous, most annoying comment of last week: Please like 9orat el3o6or ele eb profily.

Dear companies, we realize that the use of Social media outlets have been great for your business. I personally salute you for being modern and on trend. I don’t blame you for holding out competitions at all but please, for the love of god, I beg of you DO NOT have competitions where people with the most number of likes win. PLEASE!

First, its unfair. Some pictures are truly horrible, simply an eyesore that lacks any creativity. Yet horrible pictures win because the person who submitted it is either very popular, have a huge extended family, or simply a shameless beggar who would stop at nothing to harass people, over an over and over and OVER again, for a like.

Why don’t you choose the best pictures yourself? Its not hard, gather the pictures, have 3-4 people from your management vote on them and announce the winners instead of having us, the poor instragrammers, ruing the day you have decided to hold a competition and counting the day until the competition is up.

And you, you beggars, have you no shame? No dignity? Really wallah? You think your horrible picture deserves to win what exactly? A bottle of perfume? Can’t you go and buy it yourself? Its not a Rolls Royce, or a Park Lane penthouse. Have you no regards to other people’s feeling? A bottle of perfume is the price for your own dignity, now that’s it?

If you’ve been annoyed by those instragrammers asking for votes, don’t be shy let it out here.

Project X is Launched…

By | May 28, 2012

Remember my post about the Bloggers Cooking competition, Project X (post)? The actual cooking competition is going to take place on June 8th, that’s in 11 days time btw. The teams are decided, the dates are set, and we had our first orientation last Saturday at Chef Boutique’s headquarters. Read more »

Event: Chef Boutique’s Kuwaiti Bloggers Cooking Competition

By | May 3, 2012

For as long as I remember, I’ve been fascinated by the British cooking series Ready, Steady Cook. I loved how the contestants brough in a bag of ingredients with a budget of £5 and then with the aid of a chef they would whip up an entire meal in 20 minutes! Appetizers, main dish, and dessert!

I would be on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, then smacking my lips at the creations they had produced. And I loved the host chef Ainsley Harriott, oh how I loved him, and still do! I guess that’s what made me cook recipes that would take only 20 minutes to prepare. It suited my impatience personality.

So imagine, one day, when you wake up to an email asking you to spend a the first weekend in June participating in a team of two to cook something and impress a panel of judges well known for their creativity and distinguished palletes? How would you feel?

Yes, Project X by Chef Boutique is all about an upcoming Kuwaiti Bloggers Competition. If you are a Blogger in Kuwait and have nothing to do on June 8 and 9 you may want to register for the competition here (link) especially if you love food, cooking food that is. Its all about having fun and being filmed by out fellow blogger Basma 13 Cups whose the mastermind behind the competition. I’d expect a few crazy moments with kitchen disasters especially given this is NOT a professional cooking challenge, its all about messing up and having fun.

Now, I’ve chosen my partner, I’m watching the food network, and I cannot WAIT for June to start. My husband is so excited he is convinced it cannot be that far away. He is such in a hurry that he called me yesterday at work screaming “Fahad says its tonight, check his blog (post)”. Fahad who? Fahad the diet ninja of course! In my opinion he is going to be the easiest judge to win over giving I know his food style from his posts by now, kilish kilish slather on some Nuttela or honey on what he’s going to taste and you will win -sorry sensai :p-.

Other judges? Chef Boutique’s Chef Mongkon, Mr. Ziad Al-Obaid, Ms. Jumana Al-Othman, and Mr. Basil Al-Salem. Now Mr. Al-Salem is the hardest judge to impress given that I believe his culinary style and creations are phenomenal -The money bag in Cocoa Room? My favorite egg dish on planet earth, how to impress this man ballah?-

Bloggers, are you excited? Now go on, be part of the fun, and click here to register (post). As far as I know bloggers who are in are 7aji Dude, Pink Girl, and The Triple F. I don’t know if audiences are allowed but I do know if they don’t let my husband in he would be bringing a chair and a pair of binoculars and sitting at the door of Chef Boutique given that he is more excited than I am, thank god he is not a blogger so he cannot participate :p

So now, May, can you please budge? We have a competition to win insha2 Allah :)

My Picture Won in the Arch of Kuwait Challenge

By | April 5, 2012

ArchofKuwait account on Instagram has a challenge where instagrammers in Kuwait shoot pictures of places in Kuwait and use the hash tag #ArchOfKuwait to enter those pictures into the challenge. Arch of Kuwait then chooses from the best pictures entered and announce them as winners on their Instagram account plus they print them out and hang them in Solo Pizza’s wall!

Guess who was chosen this week? Yes, yours truly! A picture I’ve taken inside Beit 7 while having breakfast there last Saturday!

Thank you ArchofKuwait! You totally made my week for sure! I can’t wait to go to Solo’s and look at my picture of the wall!

You can follow Arch of Kuwait on Instagram on @archofkuwait or view the winners on their website (link).

Owner of the 20,000 comment is nearly here…

By | March 19, 2012

The owner of the 20,000 th comment is almost here! Your Apple gadget is waiting for you!

Today, tomorrow, depending on the commenting traffic, the winner will be announced! There is a good chance if you comment it could be you! Whose going to be the owner of the 20,000 comment?

Just to clarify, the comment should be…

1- It has to be a real comment. Nothing like Yay or Thanks or ;) . It will not be eligible.

2- Winners of the 10,000 and the 15,000 comments will not be eligible either. Sorry guys :)

3- This goes without saying but hate and rude comments will not be eligible either.

4- My ego is not looking for praise either. Comments saying how amazing I am out of no where won’t be eligible. Just comment normally people.

5- I won’t be mailing stuff abroad so unless you have someone in Kuwait to pick up the Apple thing I will not consider the comment.

So comment away and best of luck to everyone!

P.S. You cannot comment on this announcement!

Crumbs Hunger Games Movie Night Competition

By | March 15, 2012

Crumbs bakery are at it again!

As Crumbs have done with previous “sagas” such as Twilight (post) and Harry Potter (post), the upcoming release of the much anticipated The Hunger Games in Kuwait means a new Movie Night Competition!

To enter the chance to win 3 VIP tickets to see The Hunger Games with Crumbs on Thursday, March 22nd 2012, all you need to do is answer some THG trivia by clicking here (link). When all the questions are answered correctly, your name will enter the draw once. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 20th of March 2012 on the facebook event page (link), so you have until Monday 19th of March at midnight to submit your answers.

Of course there will also be Crumbs treats for all winners at the cinema. And from my previous nights at Crumbs movie nights I have to tell you that it is NOT a night to be missed so head over to their competition page ASAP and submit your answers! I wish you all good luck and Crumbs? Keep up the good work :)

Gloria Jeans Coffee Course Day 4

By | January 25, 2012

Time does fly by fast when you are having fun! Only one more day of the coffee making course to go and I’m definitely going to miss it with all my heart!

Today started by me inviting over my husband to rerun yesterday’s testing on him. Now I am certain I can run the coffee tasting and tuning on every one I want :p Afterwards The Operations Manager Mr. Wessam Wafa gave me a briefing about Gloria Jeans Coffee franchise scheme.

Basically Gloria Jeans Coffee is franchised from Australia to operate in Kuwait. But they themselves allow sub franchising for coffee enthusiast who would want to start on the coffee business too by providing them with full support which in my opinion is a brilliant idea. Maybe you will see me operating my own Gloria Jeans Coffee soon, don’t be surprised if I do :p

Again I left Gloria Coffee with a gift: A big white mug, a stainless steel tea infuser, and a cute cute koala bear hugging my cup! Isn’t he cute?

All that is left now is tomorrow which is going to be an actual coffee making training day where I will be making beverages that are sold to customers in preparation for my graduation shift next Saturday. If you happen to pass by Gloria Jeans coffee Salmiya branch tomorrow after 5 there is a good chance that I will serve you a drink you’ve ordered :)

Now I leave you again with the Gloria Jeans quiz. Winner of the quiz will get his or her prize next Saturday! Stay tuned!

cheap Lyrica australia Gloria Jeans Coffee Quiz: 

What is the difference between a regular cappuccino and a regular latte at Gloria Jean’s Coffees?

1) Amount of foam
2) Weight of the drink
3) Strength of the coffee taste
4) All of the above
5) 1 & 3

Think carefully and place your answer here (link). Good luck!

P.S. Shasamee my koala?

Gloria Jeans Coffee Course Day 1 & Quiz for my readers

By | January 22, 2012

Well I am just back from my first day of my coffee making course and I have to say it was AWSOME! It feels good to be doing something new, different, and unique! Especially if its something you adore and Read more »

Announcement: Gloria Jeans Coffee Making Course and Competition

By | January 19, 2012

Remember my Coffee post yesterday when I said I was setting the mood for an announcement (post)?

As part of my new year’s resolutions since 2011 was attending a coffee course that I’ve learned about in Dubai. It was a course held on Saturday for a few hours where you learn about proper coffee making. More of a crash course.

At the beginning of this year I was contacted by Gloria Jean’s Coffee Company offering me a proper coffee making course! Five days long, one hour per session where I learn all about coffee from the beginning. How awesome is that? Needless to say I lunged at the opportunity and I, Danderma the coffee-holic, am going to be learning all about coffee starting next Sunday 😀

Now this is going to be fun for both me and you, my dear readers! First, every day after my course I will post about it PLUS post about a question for a grand quiz. Interested readers will answer that question. Five days and five questions later I will be having a “graduation” day where I will be able to invite people to and prepare them their drinks myself!!! Of course then I will be a trained coffee maker! Plus, the winner of the quiz will be announced then :)

Thank you Gloria Jeans coffee for such a unique opportunity! We need to have more similar courses and activities here in Kuwait! Can’t wait for Sunday to arrive now.

Stay tuned my dear readers. Coffee-holics, you are in for a coffee filled ride! Keep an eye on my blog or on Gloria Jean’s Facebook page (link) and see 😉

I won in the Blog@ Alderwaza Competition!

By | January 18, 2012

I WON! I Won I won I won!

I came #11 out of 15 in the best logo/icon design! Not bad considering I am the designer of my own logo (3eshtaw)! Maybe I should pursue my hidden talent of design?  I think the number 11 is growing on me… after all who doesn’t want to be number 11 twice :p

Congratulations to all the winners (see them here)! And congratulations to me :p I will be getting my very own tab in the next Blog@ app update, kashkha! Thank you Al Derwaza for that in advance! And thank you to everyone who voted for me, much obliged :)

Vote for me on Blog@’s Al-Derwaza Competition

By | January 17, 2012

Our fellow blogger the Derwaza who also happens to be the creator of the Blog@ Apps in the Apple Store has a competition going on starting yesterday and until midnight today for the best blog’s logo, icon design, and best logo color combination. My blog is included and the first three winners get their own apps while the best 15 winners get their own tabs at the Blog@ update.

Since this is not a popularity contest I though if you found my logo interesting you might vote for me ma 3lekom amor? 4 hours 50 minutes left and who knows, maybe I will win? After all I did design my blog header from scratch on my own 😉

Here is where to vote (link). Wish me luck!

The Count Down to the 20,000 Comment owner

By | January 8, 2012

Just arrived from the USA is the gift to be presented to the owner of comment 20,000 on my blog! The count down has started already and the gift is something spectacular from Apple that I have just received myself today. It is not an iPhone and not an iPad since almost everyone in Kuwait has those available.

I have a good feeling that we will see the winner before this weekend. Just leave a comment and you may be the lucky winner! I have however some points regarding the winning comments:

1- It has to be a real comment. Nothing like Yay or Thanks or ;). It will not be eligible.

2- Winners of the 10,000 and the 15,000 comments will not be eligible either. Sorry guys :)

3- This goes without saying but hate and rude comments will not be eligible either.

4- My ego is not looking for praise either. Comments saying how amazing I am out of no where won’t be eligible. Just comment normally people.

5- I won’t be mailing stuff abroad so unless you have someone in Kuwait to pick up the Apple thing I will not consider the comment.

So comment away and best of luck to everyone!

And the winner of the Philips Lumea is…

By | December 9, 2011

Well we’ve had so many participants masha2 Allah. I really wish I had as many  Lumea’s to give to everyone who participated because  I hate to see you guys not win :(

I had a hard time correcting the answers. Many of you were Read more »

The Philips Lumea Competition… Answer now to win

By | December 8, 2011

I will ask five questions in the end of this post. The answers should be derived from this posts contents and should be easy and straightforward. The commentors who get all five answers right will enter a draw today at midnight which will determine the winner. I will not approve comments on this post until midnight also so people don’t read each other’s answers :p

The competition is open until Read more »

Competitions: Win a Philips Lamea

By | December 7, 2011

Two years ago as I was browsing Boots aisles in the UK I stumbled upon a new product called “Philips Lumea”. A compact handheld light emitting device that can be used at home to remove excess hair once and for all.

At first I was skeptic. It must be a sham or something like it. Could it be? A laser like hair removal at home? It was simply too good to be true. The price tag of Read more »

Event: Website & Photography Competition Launch

By | August 25, 2011

This post is waaaaay overdue but I’ve been having a hard time posting on time recently. I am glad I got my posting mojo back on track though :p

We were invited to attend the official launch of the website and photography competition by a few days back. The event was held in FA Gallery on Read more »

The 15000 comment is here…

By | August 2, 2011

Apparently the 15000 comment is here. I won’t be able to reply to comments till after futoor for fasting reasons but I will count and announce el winner tonight insha2 Allah :)

Are you the owner of Comment number 15,000?

By | July 21, 2011

In January the number of comments on my blog reached 10,000 therefore in celebration of the 10 thousands comment I have given a gift to the owner of that comment (post). I also promised a bigger prize for the owner of comment number 15,000 which is going to happen soon insha2 Allah, hopefully before Ramadan 😀

So, comment away guys and you could be a winner! Real comments, comments of the type “lol” or “hehehe” or “thanks!” or “:D” won’t do! Also, the 10,000 comment’s prize was a $100 gift card. Now for the 15,000 I want something more grand! Do you have any suggestions? If you do please share!

VIP Harry Potter Night with Crumbs Bakery

By | July 14, 2011

Remember when I posted about the Crumb‘s Bakery Harry Potter Competition (link)?

I was Read more »

Crumbs Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Competition

By | June 30, 2011

If you are a Harry Potter Fan you would know by now that Part II of the movie Deathly Hollows will be released at 12 AM July 12 in Cinescape, 3 days before its worldwide release!

Crumbs bakery as usual have decided to celebrate the release of the Harry Potter last ever movie by hosting a Harry Potter Q&A Competition where there are more than one winner AND the prize would be VIP tickets to attend Crumbs Movie Night at the 360 Mall VIP Cinema to bid farewell with customers and Potter fans to the Harry Potter Saga. I have attended one of their VIP movie nights before for the Twilight Eclipse premier and I have to say it was an amazing night with tons of scrumptious goodies (post) 😀

To enter the chance to win 3 VIP tickets to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with us on Wednesday, July 13th, all you need to do is answer some Crumbs and Harry Potter trivia by going to this link. When you have answered all the questions correctly, your name will enter the draw once.

Good luck!

Competition: Blogger’s Baby Photo on 7aji Dude’s Blog

By | June 18, 2011

7aji Dude’s blog are having a Bloggers Baby Pictures Competition (post). Only bloggers can submit their pictures but everyone can guess which baby picture belongs to which blogger. Winners will get 40 KD worth of Al-Shayaa gift vouchers to spend as they please 😀

Here are the rule for submitting your pictures…

1- You must be a blogger :P

2- You can only submit one photo.

3- The photos must be your own obviously ;)

4- Send your photo’s to

5- last day of submission  is Thursday 23rd of June.

6- The first person who comments with the right names of the which baby photo belongs to which blogger wins.

7- In the case of no one getting all the names right , the person who guessed most of the names of the blogs right wins.

8- All answers should be commented on the post itself , in order not to create confusion on twitter and facebook. ( but having more follower’s would be nice :P so follow us guys ! and stay tuned for the competition updates ;) )

9- The pictures will be posted on Friday  24th of June, winners will be announced the following Friday 1st of July.


The winner will be getting vouchers worth of KD 40 to any Al Shayaa store/ restaurant since we don’t know if the winner will be a 7aji, dude or dudette that loves to shop or eat ! :P

So bloggers, what are you waiting for? Scan those old pictures of yours!

If you are not a blogger, just keep on the look out for the competition post with the pictures and try to guess as many bloggers correctly as you can 😀