A Tour in the Newly Reopened Dean & Deluca – Part 2

By | October 1, 2012

In part two of the newly re-opened Dean & Deluca store in the avenues, we start off with a very important feature of the store: The Cheese Section. Many types of cheese from different regions and with different flavors and textures are available for cheese lovers alongside crackers and spreads. Ideal for making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich! Read more »

A Tour in Dean & Deluca – Part 3

By | September 29, 2012

In the third and final part of the newly re-opened Dean & Deluca’s tour I will be showing the most popular service by D&D which is of course is their restaurants. Ever since its opening D&D had a reputation of having an excellent Read more »

Ten Best Food Items in Kuwait

By | July 12, 2011

1- Best Pizza: Nopoli Style Solo Pizza, Fast Food Style: LoFat, Gourmet: Pizzetta’s Truffle Pizza.

2- Best Burger: Fat Burger in spoons (according to Butootee).

3- Best Fries: Wazoo Fries from the Burger Hub.

4- Best Cookies: Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Baking Tray.

5- Best Eggs: The money bag scrambled eggs from The Cocoa Room.

6- Best Zaatar Fatayer: Dean & Deluca’s! Period.

7- Best Falafel: Falafel Sharaf in Sharq.

8- Best Koshari: Koshari Jo7a.

9- Best Kanafa: Al-6aibawi.

10- Best Red Velvet: Mine frankly :p  Kaifi!

Do you agree? Do you have some other bests to share? Who do you think makes the best food items in Kuwait?

O mino ygool yo3ana? La 7asha :p

Diet Ninja Camp Diet – Day 4

By | July 6, 2011

Day 4 is a very important day, you know why? The first duration of the diet is fourteen days. Now when I am done with Day four I would have only 10 Read more »

Winter Chocolate Hamper from Dean & Deluca!

By | January 26, 2011

The first celebratory item of my free day was a winter chocolate hamper from Dean & Deluca that I had handpicked my self and had it especially wrapped for me 😀 D&D did an AMAZING job with helping Read more »

Recommended: Mushroom Ketchup!

By | August 17, 2010

The last time I was in the UK I was browsing the shelves of Sainsbury’s when I found this bottle of “Mushroom Ketchup”. Being a fan of mushroom myself I was so happy to Read more »

Diva Gourmet Flavored Pop Corn in Dean & Deluca!

By | April 1, 2010

Thursday is here at last! If you don’t feel like battling the crowds out there I have the product for you. You can stay at home, gather with some friends for fun & laughter, put on a good movie, and try those new flavored Read more »

The Yummiest Breakfast in Q8 So Far…

By | July 6, 2009


I am giving myself a break from the Dathra Series… which by the way even men should read because they would KNOW how much it takes for girls to look presentable and thank god a million times they were born men….


I have lately come across the Best Breakfast, hands Down… in K-town…

or garagat shuwaikh madry il rai more like it… Read more »

Dean & Deluca… I like :D

By | February 3, 2009


I did not expect it to be this big!

The place is huge!!!

I love the plum scarlet red tomatoes with the green twig thingy still attaching them! I love the little Room with cheese blocks! I love the little bakery with the yummy olive loaf! I love the endless Read more »