Got the flu again? Your toothbrush could be to blame!

By | December 12, 2011

I read this piece of interesting information on Cosmopolitan magazine yesterday and thought I should share it with you. Apparently if you have the flu and you brush your teeth with your toothbrush there is a good chance that the bug lingers on your toothbrush and could possibly come back to reinfect you. ‘So its better to throw out your toothbrush and get a new one as soon as you are cured to make sure you don’t get infected again!

Now this might explain why whenever I get the flu it would disappear for a few days then repeatedly comes back again and again and again for a month or two! I never threw my toothbrush away! Now that I am supposedly on my long awaited annual vacation yet I am suffering from such a bad case of the flu I can’t lift my head off my pillow, I am adament on throwing away my toothbrush as soon as I feel better just to make sure I don’t get it again.

Now why didn’t any of the doctors or dentists ever share this information with us before? Oh well Cosmo, walaw inah its my least favorite magazine out there, ma ga9arat o shared this information with its readers o I am sharing it with you. You’ve been warned, change the bloody toothbrush.

10 Reasons Why I miss Kuwait when I am in the UK

By | September 12, 2011

1- Your hair starts drying in the shower even before you are done showering, with the water being so hot and the air even hotter. It takes forever for your hair to dry in the damp UK weather :p

2- The UK water and my hair DO NOT go along. Period. My hair become a frizzy loofah. Kuwait’s water restores my hair immediately.

3- We have Qaymar, Labnah, Khobiz Irani, KDD Mango Juice, Cocktail Juice, darabeel, alphonso mangoes, and Liban (buttermilk). They are all not available in the UK -except in specialty shops y3ni-.and I miss them dearly.

4- Pizza Qaysar! I miss it! I also miss our local restaurants: The Burger Hub, Pizzetta, Prime & Toast, The Cocoa Room, Lenotre, The Chocolate Bar, Cafe Bazza, and Nino! Truly miss them! Why won’t they open in the UK? Cilantro did!

5- Believe it or not I miss Cinescape. Its just the collection of movies in Kuwait is better than the ones in the UK and movies tend to open up in Kuwait before the UK for some reason. Do not miss the crowds, screaming babies, burnt popcorn, and the censorship though.

6- I miss the independence of having my very own car and not having to share it with anyone. I miss my long drives with my own songs blaring.

7- I miss the smell of Bukhoor. Even though I have my own bukhoor kit that goes wherever I go but I am always too afraid of lighting up bukhoor and having the smoke of incense set of the Smoke detector. I’ve been told several times that its OK but I still am too chicken to light bukhoor. Mali kholg loya.

8- I miss how normal daily stuff we need and require are I normally priced in Kuwait. Gasoline, Soft Drinks, Groceries, Fruits, Sandwiches, etc. Also that we have no taxes and how we have free dental facilities especially for emergencies.

9- I miss the sound of prayers Athan, especially when its maghrib time and if the mo2athen has a beautiful voice, so serene! Its just different when you hear the athan and you get up to pray than when a clock ticks and you know its time for athan.

10- Sometime, not always but sometimes, especially when I’ve been gone for over a month, I miss the Arabic language and Kuwaiti accent: Arabic news, Arabic TV, Arabic radio, hearing Arabic chatter here and there.

See, there is a silver lining in returning back home even if its hotter and less fun :p What do you miss most about Kuwait when you are abroad?

Needed: Orthodontist Recommendation ASAP!

By | March 8, 2010

Dear Tooth…

I am very very sorry… i should have bought the kit above when i saw it in Sainsburys the day your filling fell out… i should have filled you and gone to the dentist immediately when i was back to Q8… i should have taken better care of you, conquered my fear and took you to be mended and fixed.

Now you are gone, removed, and in your place an ugly wound that is stitched up and a a gaping hole.  Because of that, i will have to wear braces while approaching middle age for the SECOND time in my life. I don’t know how to feel, like an overgrown teenager or a youngish old lady…

Do you know any orthodontist in Q8 that is worth visiting? i mean a real no-nonsense cut throat cutting edge ace one? Please help!

P.S. Why don’t they sell similar emergency kits in Q8?

P.S.2 Eshda3wa if ur reading this, this is a really good time for a comeback y3ni!