Rest in Peace Toto our Cat :(

By | July 30, 2012

If you remember my previous post about our stray cats (post) you’d know we’d gotten attached to them and began feeding them and they played with us all the time.

Last week, one of the cats, Toto the cowardy one, was unable to walk. She was Read more »

Movie Review: In Time

By | November 1, 2011

In the future people stop aging at 25. Yet they are allowed to live via a timer on their hands until they are 26, unless they work hard for extra seconds to add to their timers. Every thing is paid for by minutes, hours, days, months, or years.

Did I like the movie? Well I liked the first 15 minutes of it, the idea of the movie, the timer, that Time is money. Then as the seconds on the actor’s timers began to click off I became anxious, I hated the fear and the deadline and the scrambling for mere minutes and hours to live with. Too depressing.

Also, the actress’s hair cut hurt my eye. For the love of god she is on the run and her hair is like a helmet, not one hair out of place and just too attached to her face. She has no where to sleep yet her eyes are always kohl rimmed and her hair is always shiny and straightened and stuck to her head. Ma dahan? Ma entekash? Ma 9arat!

I guess its the kind of movie you either like or hate. Also it was pretty tall to the point of being boring. I didn’t like it, it got to my nerves. Not something I would care to watch again. My husband didn’t like it either.

Pledge: Help Save Abdul Kareem’s Leg

By | October 5, 2011

When the bloggers went last Monday to the Kids Cancer Party at the NBK hospital (post) and (post) each had a different view on their experience to share. All of them however agreed that the most touching story was the story of the young Abdul Kareem. This brave smiling boy has cancer in his leg that is spreading around. In order to save his life he is faced with two options: Get a knee replacement surgery or have his leg cut off.

So why can’t he get a knee replacement? Because they say its not available in Kuwait. However, he can have it replaced in Jordan where the operation is available there. What is the problem then? Well Abdul Kareem is not Kuwaiti and the operation will cost him 30,000 KD which his family doesn’t have.

How is this possible? The medical services in Kuwait doesn’t include a knee replacement operation! Why is it available in Jordan and not in Kuwait?

We thought about having a charity run for Abdul Kareem to help gather the 30,000 KD for him. There are two problems though: 1- The money has to come from one place and not from multiple people, god knows why! I think maybe money laundering rules apply here? and 2- Abdul Kareem has no time. His leg amputation operation is scheduled for next week :(

By next week, Abdul Kareem will lose his leg because a knee replacement surgery cannot be performed in Kuwait. By next week, Abdul Kareem whose family doesn’t have 30,000 KD will be able to live but with one leg only. He is just a little boy with a big smile whose already endured chemo until he is stick thin. But he will have to suffer for the rest of his life because an artificial knee cannot be spared to save his leg.

We can’t gather up donations for him, we would have tried. But we can do is spread the word. Maybe there is someone out there who is willing to help out. Companies maybe? Rich people with big hearts and 30,000 KD to spare? You can help Abdul Kareem by spreading his story, tweeting or posting about it until it reaches someone who can help before its too late. Its the least we can do for this brave little boy with a big smile despite his pain and misery.

Diet Ninja Camp Diet – Day 11

By | July 13, 2011


Min 9eji 6agat chabdi. Ye3t. People usually diet for 6 days and celebrate with a cheat meal on the 7th. I am done with day 11, going to day 12, and I am so tired emotionally that Read more »

Guess who performed in Kuwait in 1977?

By | June 29, 2011

Yesterday I was in 360 Cinescape when I saw an exhibition of the Cinema’s History and artifacts in Kuwait. It is so worth a visit and I enjoyed it very much. What caught my attention however is the stars who once sang in cinema Al Andalus. I knew Abdul halim, fairuz,om Kalthom sang there in the golden ages of Kuwait. I didn’t know that bands like Boney M did too! O someone who looks like the Opera’s Pavarotti but I am not sure and that guy who screams in Rocky Movie and sings living in America -dunno his name-!

I am trying to imagine Kuwaiti men i the 70’s, big hair or long hair with Charleston trousers filing in to Al Andalus cinema and dancing to Daddy Cool and No Woman No Cry! What happened? Why do we have to board a plane to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to listen to good music? In the SIXTIES and SEVENTIES of the past CENTURY we had bands playing in our country… why can’t we have the same in the 2nd decade of the 21st century? He who wants to listen can go listen, he who doesn’t want to can stay at home. Live and let live!

I want to see Ballet, Swan Lake, Lord of the Dance, Opera, Fairuz, something… anything in my own country. It’s not my fault I was born too late in the 80’s y3ni!

My Husband’s Crazy Culinary Ideas!

By | June 28, 2011

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you would recognize the strange purple pasta above. No I didn’t make it, my beloved husband Butootee made Read more »

Summer in Q8 Means: Brai39i Time :S

By | May 20, 2011

We are still in May, yet when I came home a few days ago I found this disgusting gray brai39i perched on the wall besides the front door waiting, biding his time g63!

I am afraid of all animals, but the brai39i in particular makes me sick to my stomach. Its just too slimy and too gray… Isn’t it a bit too early for Brai39ia now? Don’t they come out in July or something? G63!

Oh and Butootee couldn’t kill him, he ran away! I suppose he is lurking around the outside of the house somewhere… brrrr

KDD’s Response to the Blitz email

By | May 2, 2011

Remember the yesterday’s post (link)? I recieved a response to the email i sent yesterday from KDD. Here is what it said…

“Dear Danderma,

Thank you for writing to us. We greatly appreciate your email and empathize with your sentiments. As brand owners, we have had to deal with a similar emotion since the names and packs have a long heritage. However, there has been a growing demand on us from consumers which we simply could not ignore. The old designs and brand names have been around for a very long time and over the past 5-6 years, we have received numerous consumer requests to redesign and rebrand the products, giving it a “fresh and modern” look and name.

We resisted the change for so long because we had consumers like you, who grew up consuming Burgan, Failaka and Columbia, in mind but it was about time to make the change. We featured the old packs on the new pack designs precisely to reassure our loyal consumers of the concerns that you have expressed. The name “Blitz” and the pack design were carefully chosen among many in order to appropriately represent a family of products.

We truly value the opinion of our consumers and it makes us strive for continuous improvement to provide greater satisfaction through KDD products. We request you to provide us with your contact details so that we may get in touch with you in person. Once again, thank you for writing to us.

Eshraykom? Shaklah mako amal khala9. ‘3eslaw eedkom o wave bye bye to the old names.

Burgan, Failaka, and Columbia, may you rest in pace.

Pray for FourMe :(

By | April 29, 2011

Today started out as a great day. I went from happy, to much happier, to euphoric.

Than I received the news about FourMe and I plummeted down to the pit of despair.

FourMe, the girl who was told she had cancer on her 29th birthday, the girl who barely Read more »

Needed: Orthodontist Recommendation ASAP!

By | March 8, 2010

Dear Tooth…

I am very very sorry… i should have bought the kit above when i saw it in Sainsburys the day your filling fell out… i should have filled you and gone to the dentist immediately when i was back to Q8… i should have taken better care of you, conquered my fear and took you to be mended and fixed.

Now you are gone, removed, and in your place an ugly wound that is stitched up and a a gaping hole.  Because of that, i will have to wear braces while approaching middle age for the SECOND time in my life. I don’t know how to feel, like an overgrown teenager or a youngish old lady…

Do you know any orthodontist in Q8 that is worth visiting? i mean a real no-nonsense cut throat cutting edge ace one? Please help!

P.S. Why don’t they sell similar emergency kits in Q8?

P.S.2 Eshda3wa if ur reading this, this is a really good time for a comeback y3ni!

U Hypocrite of a Woman!!!! People r MEAN!

By | March 11, 2009


Hypocricy and Prejudice Personified… That’s What u R…

Who do u think you are? No, really… who are u to treat me that way and ruin my already prolonged busy day!

Do i have no other worries in the world but You?

U want to know what happened?

I have been insulted. By a stupid hypocrite. Read more »

التجنيد الإلزامي يعود مجددا

By | February 17, 2009



Ana raylee yeroo7 9 months tajneed yel3oboon feeh… o oho ibro7ah il 7sasiya makletah imsaweetah chinah red lobster…  o 24 hours rasah ye3awrah!

O ana wain aroo7?! Wain Awalee? Ag3ad 9 months irboo7ee? Bedon my husband y3ni?!!! a7achee mino?! ? akalim mino ashkee 7g mino?!

Insha2 allah arj3 ag3ad dari ib beet oboy 9 months?   Read more »