Ten Best Food Items in Kuwait

By | July 12, 2011

1- http://pratergroup.co.uk/margaret-mccrossan/ Best Pizza: Nopoli Style Solo Pizza, Fast Food Style: LoFat, Gourmet: Pizzetta’s Truffle Pizza.

2-  http://unasttropez.com/visit-us/ Best Burger: Fat Burger in spoons (according to Butootee).

3- order Pregabalin online Best Fries: Wazoo Fries from the Burger Hub.

4- Best Cookies: Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Baking Tray.

5- Best Eggs: The money bag scrambled eggs from The Cocoa Room.

6- Best Zaatar Fatayer: Dean & Deluca’s! Period.

7- Best Falafel: Falafel Sharaf in Sharq.

8- Best Koshari: Koshari Jo7a.

9- Best Kanafa: Al-6aibawi.

10- Best Red Velvet: Mine frankly :p  Kaifi!

Do you agree? Do you have some other bests to share? Who do you think makes the best food items in Kuwait?

O mino ygool yo3ana? La 7asha :p

Ten Tips for New Bloggers on the Block

By | May 24, 2011

So you think you are ready to wander into the blogsphere. You did your homework, bought your own domain, created your own unique template, and set up the banners for the Ads. Let me give you some insider advice on how t o make your entry into the blogging world easier. 3o9arat my years of blogging if we may say so. Its not as easy as having a piece of cake.

1- First off be yourself. The easiest thing in the world is to copy cat some other popular blogger. But then people will always think of you as the copycat. Instead, why don’t you do something that will make the next generation of bloggers copycat you? Believe me you will be at top in no time if you are unique.

2- This is not only from me, this is from fellow veteran bloggers as well: You shouldn’t be parading your blog. The way to go is to lurk and check out blogs, comment on them and build up relationships, make your name known and your appearance noted. Have people want to check your blog out instead of asking to be checked out and having people check you out of obligation rather than curiosity.

3- Always add pictures to your post. It wont hurt to use good quality pictures with a width of 450 pixles and above. Invest in a good camera and click your world away. The competition is tough out there and new DSLR cameras does pretty much all your work for you. Show us the world through your eyes.

4- Always browse other blogs and check out the recent hapenings. Please do not blog about old and over used things, a review of chocolate bar in 2011 for example will not intrigue anyone unless you add a certain twist to it. Always try to find some thing new or unknown to blog about so it will set you out from the crowds.

5- Everyone is on the intrnet now a days so posting about news you found online or something that arrived at everyone’s mailbox isn’t really going to make people curious. Be original and post something that isn’t already out there.

6- Sometimes people get into fights in the blogsphere and comments are harshly exchanged. It happens -thankfully not a lot- but it happens. Do not get caught in the middle of a bloggers fight. You will be forced to take sides and you might regret it later on.

7- The day you get bad comments, know that you are on the right path. Congratulation. The first bad cruel comment is always the harshest. The best way to deal with bad comments is to delete them and not reply to them. Replying to them could get out of hand and result in a big mess, trust me on this one.

8- If you want to borrow a post or a picture from a fellow blogger please make a very big point at the beginning of your post that its the bloggers post. Do not post it as your on and at the very bottom say “Thanx to Flan” or “Via Flan”. 3aib. Its advisable to always ask before hand.

9- Always answer people who left comments on your blog. The took the effort and commented you should at least show them the respect of replying. Too busy? Then maybe you shouldn’t have a blog.

10- Be patients and don’t be bitter when other bloggers from your generation are recognized for their success, attending events and being praised. Until now I get invited to one out of ten blogging events and I’ve been blogging forever. Don’t whine, don’t curse, don’t accuse anyone of anything. Clam up and channel the negative energy into an effort to actually be more productive. This is what I do, whenever I am passed I think of more ways to grow better.

I hope those tips were productive. Fellow bloggers, what other tips might you want to add to the list?

10 Tips for a Successful Diet

By | May 14, 2011

Since I’ve been dieting for the past 20 years and given that I have gained some weight recently I am recapping on my diet rules and I want to share them with you…

1- The moment you wake up in the morning drink a cup of water, sipping slowly. Drink at least 8 cups during the day because fat burns better in the presence of water.

2- When I am starving, I drink a cup of water first. Sometimes the body mixes up the thirst and hunger signals and it will fill me up until its time for my next meal.

3- Do some exercise. Why? Because if you don’t do any exercise you will be tempted to cheat. Exercising suddenly eliminates the crazy craving and the effort you put into it makes you feel guilty about eating and cheating.

4- When you are really hungry and cannot take it any more, drink a medium Turkish coffee. You will feel full for hours, as we say in Q8 “tachbed”.

5- If you are eating toast don’t make it into a sandwich, it will finish quickly. Make it a two open faced sandwiches. Also tear off tiny pieces of bread and eat them instead of taking huge bites so they will last longer.

6- Pinapples are my best friends. They burn fat like a snap and they taste amazing. It works for me any ways.

7- If I have to eat out I stick to having salads from the menu without the dressing. I add a little splash of vinegar and a tea spoon of olive oil and enjoy it.

8- Diet drinks are an absolute no-no. There are some studies that says that they actually prevent weight loss. No Diet coke for me. Water is more than enough.

9- I shall eat nothing artificial: No biscuits even if they are low fat. No cornflakes. No Low Fat or Diet food. No dried soup. If it ain’t natural or packaged in the factory from natural sources -milk mathalan- I am not going to put it in my body.

10- When I feel my stomach is rumbling in hunger, I feel happy. A dietitian once told me that when I hear the rumble it means my body is actually burning the fat right now. Burn away my body, even If I keep tossing and turning all night in hunger.

10 Simple Rules for Asking a Blogger for a Review

By | May 12, 2011

1- Be Polite. Just because we are bloggers behind a screen doesn’t mean we are machines. Emailing your post content without a greeting a posting request and expecting us to comply and just post is rude and won’t get you posted. Period.

2- At least say hi or hello, this is a must. An email without even a hello is rude. Plus, addressing the email to the blog owner directly goes a long way, not necessary, but is strongly appreciated.

3- We are not beggars and we are not looking to get free stuff. There is no rule saying you have to give us something in exchange for a review. But do note that sometimes we review stuff out of our own free will. We bought them, liked them, hence we posted about them. So emailing asking us to go buy your product, try it when we do don’t have to, then expect a positive review b3d? Seriously? Not cool.

4- Due the amount of emails we receive and because we might be a bit busy sometimes, we do appreciate it if you give us your content a few days before your release deadline. It makes posting easier on us. Sending us your content in the nick of time will reduce your chances of having a review.

5- If you want us to post something, we appreciate it if you send your request, your pictures, and all your information with the first request. Sending 10 emails before actually sending the pictures just to inform us of your product/event then saying you will send the pictures is really annoying.

6- Be reasonable, not everything is worth reviewing on a blog because they are not Alwa9ee6. Plus, do not send pictures that are not suitable for blog readers -i.e. asking for a post about knickers with a picture of the model wearing them for example-.

7- Please do your homework and take a look at the blog before sending your reviews request. If the blog content is totally not relevant in any way to your product, chances are you won’t get a review because the blog readers won’t relate to it.

8- Just because you asked us for a review doesn’t mean you will get a praising review. If your product is good we’ll say so, if you product is bad we’ll say so as well or if its really bad we’ll say nothing at all. There should be no strings attached.

9- Since most bloggers receive their email on their mobiles now a days, please be considerate of the time you send the emails. Waking a blogger up at 3 AM asking for a post or a review is a no no and most likely the sleepy blogger will go back to sleep totally forgetting all about your email.

10- Don’t you dare say post about me and I will give you money. Paid ads are one thing, paid posts are totally another thing and kind of demeaning and really insulting. and no, its not the same as sending a product to review. There is a big distinction.

10 Tips for: Surviving the Heat of the 50 C+ Summer!

By | June 27, 2010

1- If you don’t have to go out during the day… then DON’T. Period. Start  the outings an hour after the Sun has set.

2- If however, u have work/school/college to attend to… first invest in a good quality window film for your car. It is invisible, a bit expensive, but it protects your car and keeps a good % of the heat out of ! Totally worth every fils… my car has LLumar on it and i regret not doing it earlier.

3- Before you head out the door, make sure you have a very cold bottle of water with you, sip a little and keep sipping throughout the journey…

4- If you are walking under the sun… have some Read more »