More Festive February Lights in Kuwait City By | February 19, 2013

Sidoarjo mffkc-005-14

The other day I was going on Gulf road heading to Industrial Shuwaikh when I noticed more lights were lit around Kuwait City and that my camera was in my bag sitting there doing nothing. Then I saw the picture below and I just had to stop and Read more »

Ahmadi’s Festive Lights 2013

By | February 17, 2013


Every year during the February festivities of National and Liberation days of Kuwait Ahmadi City dresses up in all sorts of lights and colorful displays and this year is no exception. Yesterday was the night when all the festive lights of Ahmadi were lit up so I decided to Read more »

The Festive February Lights are Lit

By | February 3, 2013


Every year on February Kuwait’s buildings light up in celebration of the National and Liberation day celebrations. Every where you look you see lights lights lights. I haven’t been around with my camera in a few Read more »

Happy Birthday Bu Tootee

By | February 28, 2012

My Bu Tootee’s birthday falls right before the National Day & Liberation Day celebrations. This year however he wanted me to bake him a cake but since we still have no kitchen he refused to have a cake from any where else! Nevertheless I wasn’t going to let his birthday pass without anything so I got him a cookie -he cannot resist cookies and biscuits- and a box of mini cupcakes decorated like Kuwaiti Flags from little treats. Its not only his birthday we are celebrating after all!

Maskeen when he saw the cupcakes and the cookies he was so happy! No birthday is a birthday without some sort of cake! The candle I used was supposed to be letting sparks out but it failed and barely a spark was there :(

Happy birthday my Bu Tootee o 3oqbal 100000 senna :*

Picture of the Week: Free Kuwait

By | February 26, 2012

Kuwait is free, was free, and will be free insha2 Allah until the end of days.

Thank god 3la ne3mat el amn wel aman wel 7oryah. We will never forget this date, not 21 years later and not a 100 years later. Ever.

Butootee’s 31st Birthday Cake…

By | February 27, 2011

Last week we celebrated Butoote’s 31st Birthday! He is ooooold 😀

Since there was just the two of us to celebrate, i passed by November’s Bakery on my way home from work. I selected a tiny red velvet cake covered with cream cheese and i asked them to write Happy Birthday on it… then we made some chai 7leeb with hail o z3fran and lit one candle only… the cake was GOOD! and it was so tiny and cute and more than enough to last two poeple for a week! I have captured it’s beauty in a series of photos below… check them out! Read more »

Kuwait Towers Lights Display…

By | February 24, 2011

Yesterday as we were having dinner in Lenotre… we were sitting by the window and we saw the reherseals for tonights fireworks and lights display on Kuwait Towers! They were so beautiful! I took a video and i took some pictures but the picture quality while trying to zoom from far away wasn’t that good… i was told that those lights and fireworks display are designed by the same people who designed the lights and fireworks display for Burj Khalifa’s opening in Dubai!

It’s going to be a spectaculat display tonight judging by what i saw yesterday! Check my humble and fuzzy pictures… Read more »

How are you spending the vacation?!

By | February 23, 2011

I heard a rumor that we will be given a half work day only tomorrow… i am not sure about that… but the festivities will start for sure on Thursday…

What will you be doing during the festive holiday? Going to the fireworks? Hiding at home? Joining a maseera? Catching a plane? Watching the military display? There seems like a lot going on and i am not really sure what is the best option to get the most out of the vacation this year!

What are your plans?

February in Q8 Means: Burj El Ta7akom Blazing with Lights!

By | February 22, 2011

I know February is here when i look out my window and see burj el ta7akom ablaze with festive lights 😀

Though i have to say i liked last year’s lights better (here)! These lights dance but are not colourful… i will try to shoot a video of the lights’s dance…

February in Q8 Means: Ahmadi’s Extravagant Festive Lights…

By | February 21, 2011

You feel the Kuwaiti spirit in February when you pass by Ahmadi and see the extravagant light displays they put up! It’s is unparralled in any other Kuwaiti city! I had been there last weekened and i had snapped some of the 2011 festive lights to remember on my blog… Read more »

February in Q8 Means: Strange Orange Flower?

By | March 18, 2010

I noticed that in some places when i see Nowwair i see this new orange

warda right next to it… how Pretty!!! Chanzain all new flowers are as big and colorful as this one 😀

A childhood memory from before 1990…

By | February 26, 2010

2-3 years prior to the darkest 7 months in Kuwait’s History… this song was very popular… so popular i had a cousin of mine decide that for the national day vacation we were to present our family with a dance we would perform while playing that song…

She forced me and her sister to train on the dance she choreographed… we whined while she barked orders and drilled us into perfecting the moves and on the national day our two families gathered in our house… her father brought the huge black video camera, and we wore traditional black q8y thoubs and danced to it… happy and feeling as patriotic as ever even though we were 7 & 8 years old…

No foam was involved… no plants, animals, or humans were hurt in the process… and every one was extremely happy!

Happy National & Liberation Day… may Kuwait be always and forever Free… and may all it’s haters burn in the fires of their hatred hell!

February in Q8 Means: Burj el Ta7akom Blazing with Lights!!!

By | February 18, 2010

I look out my window to see sparkling display of lights on Burj El Ta7akom… and i know February is Here… such lovely eye candy!

I wish you all a happy weekend filed with lights and joy 😀

February in Q8 Means: Spraying with Foam Has Begun!

By | February 11, 2010

I go out the door this morning only to find my moms car sprayed with two lines of foam from head to toe -or bumper to bumper- with the bloody dreaded foam! She was in the Avenues last night which means spraying has already started! We are still in the first 10 days of February! Why are we getting sprayed already?! Isn’t it bad enough that we have to get sprayed at all? People can’t you control your children? your brothers and sisters and friends and nephews? Lee Meta y3ni? I wish spraying people with foam becomes ill legal so at least we can live foamless! Urrrrrrrrgh!