Where is the Nakhla?

By | October 5, 2011

We were driving around last weekend when we saw the strangest hybrid of trees ever. It looks a dead palm tree portruding from a bushy Conocarpus trees! There were a group of them as well. Mo chenna za7ma shway :p

My new toy The Canon Eos Macro Lens

By | September 11, 2011

I’ve been wanting to buy myself a Macro lens for my Canon Eos for a long time. But I was a bit skeptic as I thought to myself I had nothing much to shoot let alone any photography experience. Two days ago I couldn’t resist the Read more »

The Bloggerettes Ghabga in Lenôtre

By | August 6, 2011

Dear Ansam threw us a very cosy very intimate bloggerettes ghabga in Lenôtre Sea Side restaurant. We received the invitations a long time ago and have been looking forwards to attending it for quite sometime. Good company, good food, modern settings, Ramadan atmosphere, what’s not to anticipate?

I was the last one to arrive and I went straight to the back of the restaurant besides the biggest window over looking the sea. A beautifully set table with candles, glass, and flowers was awaiting me and even more beautiful friends were smiling at the table patiently awaiting my late arrival 😀

I loved the purple cutlery. I think they are the same ones being used in Cocoa Room. Do you know where those are sold? I want to have an entirely new dining set at home just so they would go with them if I found them :)

Zara home maybe? Anyways I’ve said this before and I will say it again, I love everything acrylic. The first thing I bought for my marital house was a pair of acrylic vases. This condiments stand is no exception!

I LOVE this stand. I want this stand.I wanted to steal this stand.

If you know where I can buy these, or perhaps make or customize my own, please do share or I will go back and steal them :p

What’s inside them? Dates, spices, and pickles if I am not mistaken.

Every table had a wrapped up menu of the night stating what’s for dinner. Yes even dine in customers will have this exact same set menu. It starts with a selection of Lenôtre’s famous salad bar and soup. I personally think that Lenôtre’s salad bar is by far the best salad bar in Kuwait.

The salad buffet had been entirely revamped for Ramadan with a brand new look. Reminded me of the modern traditional look of Cafe Bazza! Its very trendy.

Beautifully decorated. Really beautiful. I kept snapping pictures of the decor.

There was two kinds of soup.

Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Rocca Salad, Waraq 3nab, Tabboulah, Fattoush. The works.

There was also Kuwaiti style pickles 6orshi.

There was also Qoozi.

and Kunafa.

As for how the food of the buffet tastes, well I ate nothing from salad buffet because I’ve not much of an appetite recently but its Lenôtre. Need I say more about the taste?

As we returned from the salad buffet we found our table laden with little bowls filled with more food: Harees, mini fried Kubbet yereesh, teeny samboosa, and hot fresh Lebanese bread.

How was the food? Again I tried nothing except for two tiny samboosa’s and they were filled with potatoes and herbs.

I am not really a fan of samboosat potato I think it would have tasted better stuffed with some stringy cheese or herby feta. Kubba and Harees are not my friends but I heard the girls say the Harees needs to come with cinnamon sugar.

Next we were presented with the main dishes. I took many pictures but they were all shaky! There were Sweet & Sour Chicken, Moughrabieh Chicken & Lamb, Shish Bsarak, Fluffly white rice to go with the latter dishes, and Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms in a cream sauce.

I only tried a bit of the Mushroom Cream Ravioli. I have to say it tasted really good even though I am not really a fan of cream sauces. Noon who has my exact same taste buds agreed with me.

We then went with Me Blogging for some me blogging style pictures. The girl tried maskeena but I just proved that day that I am absolutely no model material! This is my favorite picture of me so far taken from Me Blogging blog. Lovely picture hon thank you :*

As we returned to our seats it was time to be presented with the desserts and tea or coffee.

Testo Negro

Layali Ramadan with Apricot Sauce and Um Ali

Rahash and Rose Ice Cream balls

I took a spoonful of everything except the rahash ice cream. Every thing was good. My only comment is that the Um Ali was a bit cold and could have been served in a portion sized miniature bowls.

Khetamoha misk mithil ma ygoloon. Estekanat echwyha. I am living on tea and water this Ramadan! Food wise we are done, but we had two surprises in store for us that night. The first one was a draw for us to win a dinner for four invitation. My number was 7.

and the winner was… Me Blogging 😀 Testahal wallah 7bebty la3abna feha le3eb o ehe et9awerna Me Blogging style :* I stole this amazing picture min Pink Girl Blog my picture was boring :p Matgool shay 7abeeba :)

We had a very nice ghabga. My first ghabga in Ramadan 1432! It was nice seeing my favorite girls on one table: AnsamUm 3zooz, Pink Girl, Me Blogging, Noon, 7aji Dude, and FJ Bliss :)

A big thank you for MMC group for the lovely service and the breathtaking dinner setting. Good job 😀

Oh another thing, check this out…

Dine in Lenôtre during Ramadan and 10% of your bill will be donated to Bayt Abdullah. Such a generous offer! I hope other restaurants follow suit in Ramadan and after Ramadan b3d. Thank you Lenôtre!


By | June 8, 2011

To the guys of 52 Degrees for giving me the opportunity of a life time. For everyone who took the time and effort out of their lives to come and support me. To everyone who stood there and took pictures and uploaded them into a post for me. To everyone who stood in line and waited patiently while I rambled on just to get my humble signature. To everyone who couldn’t make it and bothered to apologize to me. To everyone who promised to make it and had their plans unravel at the last minute. To everyone who tweeted about the event. To everyone who posted about the event. To everyone who told others about the event. Even to everyone who totally ignored me as if I didn’t exist :)

To FourMe for enduring my rants and my DHL pickups. For Lfto72 who pushed me to write this book and believed in me. For Jacquie for her lovely invitation and the live coverage of the event on Twitter. For Pink Girl for taking care of my camera, being the 1st there, and video taping my speech. For Chirpy who was a big supporter of mine and bought almost all the Dathra books :p For Shosho526 for her support and the 2nd live feed of the event. For Wajd, Dalal, and Hamad who stuck around till the end, giving us a fabulous time. For Yours Truly who listened to my rants over and over. To May Al-Subaei and the rest of the VIVA social media term for their support and the huge flower bouquet almost as tall as me :) To the lovely couple Waleed & Shaikha for the lovely card and chocolates 😀

To my fellow bloggers Ansam, Anony & ZoweyEnt Ya, Um 3azooz, Pink Girl,Q8RainEdge of ImaginationQ8 Path, Our Family Nest, Chirpy, Feryah, Sara D., Some Contrast, Banana Q8, Q8 Blend,  Inspirations by Sara D.965 MallsFroyo NationThe Side Talk, Beet El Zain,  B&D, Bluetiful NostalgiaQ8Blend, Confashions, Swera,  Omarker, Chocolate & ChocolateGrapevine Kuwait3ateejaChill Out Kuwait, Bint El KuwaitBlog 37, Desert Blvd., and Khaleejesque,

To my fellow tweeps Dwan87, Noora2601Shayouma, Eshda3wa, BlackTulipNosaJust NoonCrowsy, ShikhaMahChillPillBoxiiEsperanza, eng3zizmutawa, Beebz98, Omniflake, bent_eldeera, iH2Omelon, Alhamad27aji DudeTrendyandfunky_, AlnouryTweets, MiYaFuSHi, Shouqi, KuwaitEvents, Swaira83, Q80Boy, Nunu_San, Zainab, AIG, ShahadAlHerz, AveDominusnox_ , Crowsy, QueenZee88, Qortuba, MeBlogging, Rayom_, halmansour ,ananyah,  uptill1, hbj68, Mariam_Alsaraji, enReem, WithSummerLove, Fajooori, Ophy80,  itsPinko, Ghada85, SamarAlbader, 79y9, M7sinAlhashem, Jariibb, Hamda_ab, Dear_Romeo_, NasserAlMutawa

And to everyone I missed, I am sorry I did bs dar rassi…

To you all, I thank you from the deepest place in the very bottom of my heart. Without you, my success is nothing.

March in Q8 Means: Freaky Butterflies!!!!

By | March 8, 2010

Suddenly overnight, wherever i go, i see the freaky orange buttefly looking at me, flying and fluttering it’s nasty wings at me, challenging me…

Yesterday as i got out of work, the weather was nice, i almost but ran to my car because of those butterflies flying around all around! I swear they were conspiring against me… i get in my car and i suffocate, i cannot open the AC since it’s too cold, and i cannot open the window to enjoy whats left of the good weather because those friggin butterflies are flying EVERYWHERE like dandruff on the shoulder of a jet black jacket!!!

The bad thing is, the birds seem to have taken prozac just to challenge the butterflies in their mania! You are birds not butteflies you cannot run a race in the streets! Go to a field full of flowers or something! Leave us in Peace!

One of those butterflies was waiting for me as i got out of my house today! Eshtabeeen! I almost went back inside because it just won’t stop fluttering infornt of the door!

I wish there was a giant fleet to take the ALL DOWN! When do these die?!

and yes i am afraid of any living animal, be it small or large…

Growing my Own Basil Plant… Basilica!

By | January 27, 2010

I have always fancied my self cooking on the stove, then reaching out to my sunny window sill and plucking some fresh herbs right out of their growing pots… then sprinkling them on my pot and feel that my meal will be as fresh as it can be!

Needless to say when i saw the Read more »