Special Maryam’s Divine Brunch on the Rooftop!

By | January 25, 2016


A while back, OK a few months back, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited for a “special” lunch cooked by the one and only Special Maryam, the amazing young chef who is makes the luscious bagels and melt-in-your-mouth fresh pastas of Maria Rustica and, the one behind the menu of the one and only Bao, which I’ve had the pleasure in sinking my teeth into several times and if you’ve read my review you’d know how much I’ve enjoyed it.Lucky me headed to a “secret” rooftop in Kuwait City, on a 31st floor overlooking a dazzling 360degrees view of Kuwait’s capital. Read more »

Movie Review: The Flowers of War

By | June 10, 2012

It was the weekend and we had nothing better to do so we looked up the movie listings. a Christian Bale movie was on so we decided why not? Went to see it without much expectations especially given Read more »

Book Review: Bar6aman el Nuttella by Fatima Al-Owwa

By | May 9, 2012

While I was browsing jarir shelves looking for whatever book I can buy here I was pulled by the name of this book, The Nuttella Jar! Now who wouldn’t want to read about something with a Nuttella jar? The book however looked so tiny and it was a collection of short stories so I thought it might not worth buying. I put the picture in Instagram and asked whether I should buy it or not.

I did, and I’m glad I did. You see short stories are an art and not every writer can pack an entire story in a few pages where the message is loud and clear! The book has 12 stories, all about poor crushed housemaid in a certain moment during their lives. The one with the Nuttella jar was actually so good, the description so accurate it makes you understand why the thing is so universal.

My personal favorite was the one with the little girl working as a housemaid who really believed the rats could grant her a wish, Cinderella style, after being allowed to watch the Cinderella movie in Dinsey channel.

The writing is light and flowey, in a mix of Arabic and Egyptian dialect, and I found myself laughing outloud with every other page. I truly enjoyed this book. The one downside is that it has only 12 stories and I wanted to read more!!! I would recommend it for a quick light read, especially during bedtime when you cannot afford to read too much or you will be late for work the next morning, then this is the book for you.

Book Review: Sister by Rosamund Lupton

By | January 17, 2012

I adore books in all shapes and types and kinds. I have an entire book unit filled with unread books that keep piling up. Last year I bought this book, Sister, which was a Sunday Times Best Seller and it was on my shelf waiting forever. As past of my new  resolution to read at least once a week in 2012 I picked up this book but couldn’t  put it down!

Describe it in one word? AMAZING! So well written, the characters so deep and the feelings just jump off the pages straight to your heart. You laugh, you wonder, you ache, you weep, and you feel the danger. I always believed that a good book is a well written one but the ending is what makes a great book. The twisted ending of this book is one to love indeed!

Highly recommended! Now I know I bought a second book by the same author but I am not really sure. Must look for it. If you love book you will not be able to put this one down, trust me on that one. You can find it on Amazon (link).

Mo Chinna Ma9ekhooha RIM with their BB Service?

By | October 11, 2011

Tra ma9arat! Shelsalfa?

For en entire couple of days I’ve been disconnected from the world! I’ve spent most of those 48 hours away from home and yet I’ve been the loneliest I’ve ever been since before the Smart Phone age! I miss my Tweeps, the ability to browse for everything and anything, my Whatsupp, my BBM, and access to my email! I miss being able to take a shot of something freaky and send it to share a laugh or a picture of some product that I need someone’s opinion on! I don’t miss my work emails though :p

I am lonely, and I need my friends and family’s support at these days especially. I am a busy person, I have put my faith in RIM to provide me a consistent Blackberry service. RIM let me down once yesterday which is forgivable. Bad things happens and it got corrected. RIM let me even further down today, the final knockout, when for the 2nd day in a row they stopped my service. Whatever mistake they have done yesterday could have been avoided today. There is no excuse this time. Strike two is strike three.

Now I am looking for a BB replacement. Sorry RIM, I am too lonely to wait for you to get your act together. Bye!

Aramex, this is where we part ways!

By | July 21, 2011

2003 was the golden year for internet shopping in Kuwait. The days where I was in Aramex’s office daily picking up huge shipments with competitive prices from all over the world, going home and enjoying the contents. Every thing was smooth and easy. I even subscribed to Vogue and Marie Claire magazines and I got them monthly, promptly using Aramex.

They raised their prices, over and over again. They suddenly discovered the Kuwaiti customs and made a big point of having shipments stalled there. All the while I stuck by them, made excuses for them, even stopped buying stuff online just because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of the Aramex frustration.

I am sad to say that this shipment that would be arriving sometime in the next  millennia would be my last with Aramex. Not that it would matter to them seeing that many depend on them still, but in my case I have had enough.

I order stuff and have it delivered via FedEx or DHL, it arrives in 2 days WITH CUSTOMS! The last time I ordered with Aramex it took the shipment FOREVER to arrive because it was continuously taken off the plane in New York.

I ordered my birthday gift for my self, a ton of cooking books to prepare for Ramadan and my new diet (post). It arrived to my Aramex mailbox on the 15th of July, Shipped out of New York on the 17th of July, arrived to Dubai on 18 July and has been stuck there ever since!

I’ve been calling, over and over, every day they tell me the shipment is supposed to arrive this morning to Kuwait, then its just customs. Yet the shipment is still in Dubai. On Tuesday 19 July I saw the Activity Update “Shipment forwarded to Ardia, Kuwait” so I was happy. I called Aramex’s office at 6 PM to make sure it was in Ardia so I can go pick it up only to get the answering machine that they are closed.

Weird, I call over and over, I know they close at 8 PM not 5 as the answering machine said. I drove all the way to Ardiya and reached there at 8:30 PM to find them open saying they close at 9. I ask to pick up my shipment and they say its just being forwarded to Ardiya from Dubai, it is still in Dubai and didn’t make it here. Well excuse me, you could have explained that on the PHONE had you picked it up.

They also told me it was arriving on the plane tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th.

I called yesterday morning they told me it had arrived in Kuwait, but it didn’t go to customs yet. OK fare enough.

I call today, and GUESS WHAT! Apparently the plane was overstocked with passengers luggage, which has priority, and my shipment was taken OFF THE PLANE! Since there was no other plane coming out of Dubai that day, the shipment is STILL IN DUBAI SINCE 18 JULY!

Are you kidding me? The same fiasco again? When is it getting on a plane insha2 Allah?! So you are charging me 42 KD which I’ve already paid online for a shipment when you don’t even have your own plane and have to rely on commerial planes?

What do I need to do to get the bloody shipment out of Dubai? Go there my self? Take it out and get it home with me? Seriously?

By the way I asked your operator on the phone today when it was supposed to be rescheduled, and she kept me on the phone for a long time, too long a time, very long in fact that a user came to my office, I showed him something, and he went away while I was on hold. I hung up the phone later on not knowing what would become of my package. Knowing you Aramex, I am not surprised with your delayed services. It will not arrive before Ramadan. It was a Birthday gift, but its my really for I should have ordered it a month in advance because your shipping means hitchhiking for luggage space availability on airplanes in the summer time when all the planes are logically full to the brim with passengers. Yes, its my fault, not yours.

Good buy Aramex. I am so sad to say this, but truly good buy. Just deliver this shipment and that’s it, I promise you one more user will be lost so less shipments will come your way. Maybe then you can provide a better service for your exaggerated prices.

Oh and please don’t ask me to email you, I already did. Unless you can have my shipment out of Dubai and at my door tonight, then don’t bother.

Farewell, the Avenues Phase II Fountain. You will be missed :(

By | May 13, 2011

May seems to be the month of good byes! First the KDD ice creams of our childhood were gone, next the old frappucinos of Starbux are changed, and now the phase II fountain in the Avenues is gone as well.

I love this fountain! I loved sitting in Casper & Gambini’s and having breakfast there, or sitting in Starbucks and sipping a good frappucino while watching the beautiful colourful fountain display. I love being mesmerised by the sparkling coloured droplets of water dancing up and down, dissolving all my stress and worry with their movement. The last time I was there took the pictures shown above.

I am really sad to see it go but I guess they are paving the entrance to the Avenues Phase III. If only the fountain didn’t have to be destroyed. Such a painful sight :'(

Book Review: The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson

By | May 15, 2010

Have i mentioned before that i adore Dorothy Koomson? Only once before regrettably.

I have read and loved every one of her books. I love her style of writing, i love her jumbled story telling time line. I love the slaps of reality in between the lines: this is life take it or leave it.

So when i found that there was a new Read more »