Bazaar’s Eating in Kuwait Guide 2016… and Me

By | January 22, 2016


I have a shelf in one of my bookcases that I’ve dedicated to books that come in a special “collection”. It contains the surviving copies of my old Mickey magazines, my 1001 nights stories, copies of my own two Dathra books, my collection of Ikea catalogue dating back to the start of this century, and my collection of the annual Bazaar eating in Kuwait guides from 2008 onwards.  Read more »

My Interview on Bazaar’s Magazine

By | September 30, 2011

Guess what? I have been interviewed for the October’s the Truth or Dare section of Bazaar Magazine. Even though its not October yet but my interview is now available on Bazaar’s online edition! To read my interview onlino you can click here (link) or you can grab a hard copy of the October’s magazine and read it while sipping your morning coffee and smelling the distinguished printer smell of Bazaar Magazine’s papers 😀

Thank you Yasmine El Charif for this opportunity, I loved it :*

My interview on Qortuba Valley Blog

By | July 10, 2011

Guess what? My fellow bloggers in Qortuba Valley Blog sent me an email requesting an interview with me for their Interview With a Blogger segment!

Since I am becoming experienced in the art of interviews of course I said yes :) I still can’t wrap my head around why people want to interview me or if there is anyone actually interested in reading my gibberish. But I have a total of 3 interviews under my belt and I think I am getting better at it!

To read my interview please click (here).

Thank you Qortuba Valley for the opportunity! I truly appreciate it :)

Q&A: Danderma!

By | April 1, 2010

Blogger Q8y Boy, the owner of the Avenues Blog invited me over to participate in the Q&A series of posts! Of all bloggers to choose from…  I am the third blogger to be interviewed after Frankom & P0ach! Wanasa! I must be a little popular then 😀

By the way Q8y Boy is a young blogger whose blog has been on my blogroll forever 😀 He might be the youngest q8y blogger i read for out there and his posts are in fact interesting!

To get a glimpse of my 411 please visit my interview here and let us know how i did 😀

Thank you Q8y Boy for making my weekend 😀