Salad Boutique’s New Office Meal Box

By | October 1, 2013


I’m a big fan of Salad Boutique, always been and always will. I’ve ordered their salads on many occasions before, either to take with me for a gathering or to simplify salad making for gatherings held at my place. I don’t usually order them for my own meals though since the portion is too big and it takes me several days to finish one salad which ends up old and wilted, and wilted salads are not that fun per-say. I always wondered why they don’t introduce individual portion salads suitable for one person and they didn’t until last week when they launched their new corporate solution menu.  Read more »

Pray for Bahrain!

By | March 16, 2011

I spent hours yesterday going through pictures of Bahraini people that are injured or killed. I couldn’t sleep last night.

I saw a man’s intestines coming out from a whole in the side of his body. I saw another young man’s brains literally blown out of his head. Scattered on the street. His eyes glassy and open staring into nothingness and the man carrying him crying his eyes out! The screams of the nurses as he was brought into the hospital will tear your heart out… it’s horrible… horrible… it’s a catastrophe! I can’t post it hear… google Ahmad Farhan and see!!!

I don’t know who is he, what he was doing, or how did he die. I don’t really care. All i care about is that he is a human being, a khaleji, and a  Bahraini, and that he died the worst possible death ever. No one deserves to die like that. No one.

What kills me is whenever i close my eyes… i associate those pictures with Bahrain. A country i truly love to my core. A country i escape to whenever i want peace and quite. The country where i had breakfast while watching a wooden dhow gliding across the gleaming blue waters and i felt a sense of peace like no other. The country where i walked the streets in the wee hours of the mornings following the carts of bubbling hot aromatic halwa being delivered to it’s stores… the country where i had shopped and laughed and sang and ate… the country where i celebrated my husband’s birthday in a restaurant in 3adliya while a couple of wise Bahraini men in the table next to  us were sadly discussing one of the many Kuwaiti political fights we had at the time…

The country full of history, culture, and kind people… the kindest people in all the gulf states… Bahrain is like a miniature Kuwait, and what is happening there is killing me. The terrorized screams of the female students in the university of Bahrain i saw on youtube made me bowl like a baby the other day… That Bahrain is now in turmoil… those Bahraini people are dying the worst possible death there is… Bahrain, not Afghanistan or some other remote place we don’t know… it’s Bahrain… THE BAHRAIN 4 hours drive away by car…

Pray for Bahrain…the least we can do if we can’t do anything is to pray for Bahrain and the Bahraini People :'(

Help: Where to Cut my Hair in Dubai & Bahrain?

By | August 21, 2010

First i would like to remind you to vote for me in the VIVA competition.  In order to vote you must first Like The VIVA page then you buy isotretinoin mexico Like the recipes… click on link 1 and link 2 to vote. and you don’t have to be a Q8y to vote by the way.  Thank You :)

Most of us in Q8 go to Bahrain or Dubai in the weekends being so close by and thanks to Jazeera and Wataniya Airways. I i found a salon that would give me a killer haircut or highlights i wouldn’t mind spending a nice weekend  in Dubai or Bahrain and pamper my self with a makeover… several comments on the previous post asked for the same thing…

Now if you live in Bahrain or Dubai or you do get your hair done in either place… please let us know where to go? Clean, Professional, Respect their Appointments with modern hair styling please.