Instagram’s No-Nos and Etiquette By | May 2, 2012

1- You saw a picture, you liked it, you are curious, normal mo? Then first read the location, then look at the picture carefully, then read el picture description, then read the comments, then for the love of god if you cannot Google the thing, ask the damned words “Min Wain”.

2- “How much” is a very rude word. A9lan even in life 3aib you ask someone “ebcham this o ebcham that”. Don’t.

3- Instagram is about capturing the moment you are in. Ga6o yetmaqa6, yahel emlaqme6 wayha. Something funny, frustrating, sad, yummy, ele oho. It is not your flickr profile. Its OK for people to mix some pictures here and there, but do not use your Instagram to showcase your “photography talents” then complain to anyone who would listen that no one liked your professional pictures while everyone likes someone else’s iPhone picture and that people obviously have no taste that’s why they didn’t like yours.

4- Don’t preach about religion. I believe we are all grown ups who have been brought up well and know how to worship god by now. Shoving your religious believes down our throats is unacceptable. Say to yourself “Allah yahdeehom” at the comfort of your own home please o bs.

5- Say masha2 Allah! For the love of god thekraw Allah! Not only in instagram, in your daily life too! Everywhere and whatever you see, just say Masha2 Allah! If 3yonkom 7arra y3ni mafrooth min nafskom ter7moon elnass o ma tdahweronhom.

6- If you have nothing good to say, then please don’t say it. You will be blocked and people will see the exact level of class you have. In other words, 7eshmaw nafskom.

7- If you read that a person is invited somewhere and being catered food, don’t say “ask the host how much o min wain”. If you are a malgoofa, please don’t expect us to be one also.

8- If you follow a food selling business, you like their food, do not ask for the recipe. Just because you are behind the screen doesn’t give you the right to ask for the recipe y3ni. Wain 9arat hathe?

9- You see someone posting about food? Don’t go “waay basikom 9owar akel eshkether takloon”. Mo sho’3lich. A7ad gallich follow people ‘3asob? Simply unfollow if you cannot control your cravings.

10- We do understand that on Instagram there are competitions where winners with the most likes win some kind of prize. If you participate in one, please do not beg for votes by mentioning every instagram user in your pictures and saying “please vote for me” when we didn’t even know of your existence before. Its simply pathetic. If your picture is actually good, it will win! 3n el6rara!

What about you, fellow instagrammers? What would you like to add to this list?

Ma 3arafnalkom?

By | March 20, 2012

If we say something is good try it/read it/watch it, then we are dishonset and being paid to say so. If we say something is bad don’t bother with it, then we are getting our revenge and we shouldn’t say that.

If we post about events then bs ga3deen endoor o nakel ib balash. If we post about non event personal stuff then we are not important and popular and very boring.

If we post about food then we are bal3a. If we post about diet and fashion then we are superficial o ga3deen netshay7a6.

If we post about Kuwait fa bs e7na Q8yeen o nadry mako ‘3airkom edel el deera. If we post about other countries then shino ma7ad safar ‘3airkom?

If we post about charity then ana emsawya roo7y mama teresa! If we post about things we bought ga3deen netshay7a6 o why don’t you think of people who can’t afford stuff.

If we post more than 3 times a day then waaay athetoona postat. If we post less than once a day then weh shakhbary she posts bel sena e7sena!

If we post about a recipe we made in the kitchen then wayh emsawya roo7ha 6abakha o chef. If we post about food we got in a restaurant weh bs etdoor min ma63am lee ma63am.

If we post about new places in Kuwait then e7na hayteen o bs inhobee bel 9keek. If we post about blogger gatherings then e7na free o ekhtela6 o ma neste7e 3la wyoohna!!!

If we put up ads from businesses in Kuwait then weh daf3een lohom o kila el blog da3ayat ma feeh shay thany. If we don’t post about busineses then ma7ad yadry 3n their blog o mafeeh wala d3aya!

If we post photos we took then weh emsawya roo7ha photographer! If we use photos from the internet they you are a bawagat 9owar and copy right violater!

O b3dain?  Tra ana wa7da t3bt wallah! Wallah el3atheem t3bt!

The Creepy Woman who Knocked on my Door

By | March 16, 2012

I had planned on spending a nice quiet Thursday evening at my new apartment alone. My husband went out to meet a friend of his. I had put on a nice DVD “The Lake House”, Settled in on the couch browsing 6alabat trying to place an order for dinner from Salad Boutique, put the iPhone away and on silent when suddenly I heard a knock on my door.

Just so you can get a picture of how invasive the encounter I am about to till you is, I have to describe my new apartment. Its a ground floor apartment with a little yard and a metal gate that we keep closed -but not locked-. In order to open it you need to extend your hand inside the gate and open the latch. Then you have to walk about 3 meters until you reach the front door. The front door has two big windows that we keep covered with a curtain.

Anyways, I heard the knock and I was startled. Who would be visiting me unannounced? I wasn’t expecting anyone and my husband has just left -and he has a key!-.

I get dressed quickly, opened the door a crack, and peered out. A young woman in her mid 20’s wearing a 3baya who didn’t look like a Kuwaiti. She spoke perfect Kuwaiti though and asked me about “How are you living here?” and “How much is your rent?” and “whose the owner of the building because I want to move flats”! She even had the audicty to tell me that “You are showing through your curtains by the way, but I thought I am a woman and you are a woman so its ok!!!!”

Excuse me?

How on earth does someone have the nerve to extends his own hand through the metal gate of someone’s house, push open the gate, walk all the way to the front door, and peer in through “the curtains?” but think its OK because she saw a woman sitting innocently in her own living room and she is a woman fa its OK?

How dare you stand there after you trespassed through my yard and opened my gate and peered through my windows to interrogate me about my living arrangements?

Is this normal? Could she possibly be a woman who was simply too curious o overly malgoofa? Or did she have another agenda in mind? Like check the place out and come back for another visit?

And how could I have been so stupid? How could I open the door to this stranger who simply had no boundaries and no shame? What if she had others hiding with her and they grabbed me? Or pushed through me to the apartment?

After I curtly answered her quesions and asked her to go ask my next door neighbors I locked the door and adjuted the curtains. Heart pounding I almost hit myself for my stupidity! When I told my husband he was furious! He said I had no business opening the door to a strange woman who just opened our gate and trespassed through to interrogate us.

Should I be more careful? It didn’t occur to me before. I’ve heard -and seen- crazy women who would barge in houses pretending to be a neighbor and ask about money but even those women rang the bell properly! No one ever had the guts to just wander inside our yard like that!

So what am I going to do? 1- Get a “Beware of the Dog” sign and hang it on the metal gate. 2- Lock the gate for good and 3- Look for a self defense martial arts class 4- Visit the shooting range more often and look into getting permits to owning a gun for such occasions!

Needless to say my evening was tainted with fear and incredulousity! I wonder if I should have called the police for her instead?

Have you ever encountered something similar before? What would you have done?

Mo Chinna Ma9ekhooha RIM with their BB Service?

By | October 11, 2011

Tra ma9arat! Shelsalfa?

For en entire couple of days I’ve been disconnected from the world! I’ve spent most of those 48 hours away from home and yet I’ve been the loneliest I’ve ever been since before the Smart Phone age! I miss my Tweeps, the ability to browse for everything and anything, my Whatsupp, my BBM, and access to my email! I miss being able to take a shot of something freaky and send it to share a laugh or a picture of some product that I need someone’s opinion on! I don’t miss my work emails though :p

I am lonely, and I need my friends and family’s support at these days especially. I am a busy person, I have put my faith in RIM to provide me a consistent Blackberry service. RIM let me down once yesterday which is forgivable. Bad things happens and it got corrected. RIM let me even further down today, the final knockout, when for the 2nd day in a row they stopped my service. Whatever mistake they have done yesterday could have been avoided today. There is no excuse this time. Strike two is strike three.

Now I am looking for a BB replacement. Sorry RIM, I am too lonely to wait for you to get your act together. Bye!

The Traffic Cone Massacre en Route to Work

By | October 2, 2011

Every day when on my way to work we get held up for a long time in the Jabriya exit to 5th ring road. Rude drivers usually attack other drivers standing in line waiting for their turn to get out, therefore a police car and a group of traffic cone were set up to help organize traffic and stop the angry rude drivers taking others turns.

How successful was that? See for yourselves…  Read more »

Is Danderma a He or a She?

By | September 28, 2011

Lets have a show of hands here… how many of you think I am a guy and how many of you think I am a girl?

If you read my blog then of course you would know my gender. The problem is when people who do not know my blog and hear the name “Danderma” they automatically assume I am a guy! A guy, a his, a sir, a man! I don’t know about you but what part of the name Danderma is masculine exactly?

At first it was OK. I laughed it off. But now I feel like I have two personalities: Danderma the Dude and Danderma the real girl! Danderma is a SHE not a HE… SHE! Do I have to dress my blog in pink and put a ribbon on top and add a girl’s name to my nickname to be considered a female?

So the next time you decide to address me, email me, contact me, reply to my comment, talk to me, tweet me, retweet me, quote me, facebook me, remember this… I am a SHE not a HE. Do your homework! Make that very insulting mistake again and you will be ignored. Make it twice and you will go on my black list of blocked people.


The Thieves of Our Neighbourhood

By | September 13, 2011

It amazes me that at this time and age I am writing this rant. But it is there and its happening and its pissing me off! Simply unbelievable!

The most basic thing that happens when someone knocks on your door to deliver something is to check who is it for, right? If it is not for someone you know in the household then you won’t accept it. Or if its taken by mistake you try and contact the sender to take it back to be dilevered to its rightful owners. Basic human ineraction.

Unfortunately we are plagued by a neighboring house who is constantly mistaken for ours since both our houses are in the same street with the same number. Many many MANY times we have gotten their deliveries, magazines, invites, or food noqsas by mistake. Every time we redirect the deliveries to their house. We do not accept and indulge in deliveries that are not meant for us.

Once the delivery person had moved on before we directed it so my mother called all the neighbours to try and get their number to let them know that their “Frozen Ramadan Kubba” was at our house. Only to have a raging woman scream at her that we are causing all this trouble for them and we should go to the baladiya to change our house number. My mother calmly asks the lady to go to the baladiya and change their house number if they had to, and that if they want their frozen kubba -two days before ramadan- they should come and collect it.

Guess what? Many have told us that they delivered this item or that item to our house, only to discover it had never made it. Not once, not twice, many times! They simply take our deliveries for themselves. How could they? I don’t know in what world are we living in but its simply called stealing! People who steal are called thieves. This is neither very ethical nor very neighborly at all.

I guess some diseases are not curable, one of them is the lack of manners in our stealing neighbors. What can we say or do? My parents have a strict “neighbors are a red untouchable line let them be” rule. Even though they steal our stuff maykhalif yeraan o yeraan! Ma9arat yeraan! 3tawyat el freej mo yeeran

7esbya Allah wa ne3ma el wakeel! Mako ella chithee! Maybe one day they’ll move o neftak minhom! With neighbors like these who needs enemies?

Do you have bad neighbors? How do you deal with them?

My Husband’s Crazy Culinary Ideas!

By | June 28, 2011

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you would recognize the strange purple pasta above. No I didn’t make it, my beloved husband Butootee made Read more »

The mysterious house is a… Restaurant!

By | June 19, 2011

FINALLY! We have been wondering -and frankly secretly agonizing- about what this building was going to be for YEARS! Yes years on end… I marvelled at the beauty of the modern design of the building, I imagined it a funky house, a stylish Villa Moda like store, a fruniture store, a catering store, a haunted house. It was a shame to see its beauty go to waste by standing there empty for years…

And today, finally, we saw a sign. It says some kind of five star Eastern restarutant? I hope for the building’s sake its more Le Notre and B+F than Dawwat. At least now we can breath a sigh of relief,  its about time our curiosity’s flame has been extinguished, 9ej Legafa bs shinsawee b3d.

Have you been passing by this house and wondering as well? Do you know why it has been standing there all these years?

Help: Where to have a facial after CosmeSurge’s Horrible Service

By | May 30, 2011

I go to have a facial once every six months. I love the way my skin feels afterwards when I am done, soft and glowing. I was due to have my facial last week but I had so much to do so I booked it for 4 PM yesterday in Cosmesurge.

I love their service and their facials. Its not my first time there. If you asked me where to have a facial before yesterday I would have recommended it for you without a moments hesitation. Now I am asking you to recommend me a place for a facial.

I went in yesterday at 4. The receptionist looked confused because the woman who will do the facial was not there. She told me to wait in the waiting area and I did. I read an entire newspaper, I played with my blackberry’s games till the battery died down. I heard snippets of ‘Did she call?’ and by 4:27 I’ve had it.

I stood up and headed for the door. No one stopped me, no one called out for me. I am a very busy person. I got off work at 3:30 PM, I had to go home and prepare lunch. I barely squeezed the time to indulge in a facial in my hectic schedule and I was dead tired. I wasted 27 minutes of my life waiting for someone who wasn’t there yet. and no one even offered me a glass of tap water while I was waiting in the reception rooted like a palm tree.

No one called me afterwards to say that she is here. No one called me to reschedule or to apologize to ask why didn’t I miss my appointment. I wonder if I was the one who was 30 minutes late to my facial, would I still have an appointment?

Therefore I am NOT going to go back. As much as I love their service and treatments and I am a faithful customer who spent two endless summers going back and forth for treatments there, they have lost me yesterday.

Now please can you recommend for me a new place with an amazing facial? A medical place please, I do not do facials in spa’s or saloons no matter how good they are. Period. Help me!

Finding underwears in the streets

By | May 22, 2011

When I was in the Bairaq Mall last week and as we were about to get into our car I saw a weird thing underneath the back wheel of the car parked next to ours. I did a double take and got closer only to Read more »

Why these questions? What’s it to you?

By | May 4, 2011

I am amazed by people who, if you tell them about a new business or a new place in town, would ask you ‘Who is the owner?’ before you could even continue your story about the place. Their excuse actually being ‘I don’t buy from a place without knowing who the owner is!’

Why? What difference does it make if you know who the owner is or not? What criteria is used to determine if this shop/restaurant/business is worthy of your blessed acceptance? Why do you care?

At annoys me to no end when some one makes a big deal. Laish el legafa y3n?. Can’t you accept things as they are and live and let live?

The word is tweet… not ta’3reed!!!

By | March 24, 2011

Since every one is on Twitter now a days and since it has become the latest trend in our society… and as someone who has been on twitter for almost 3 years… let me tell you something very important…

The name is twitter. The terminology is “Twitter, Tweet, and Tweeps”

There is no arabisation for it. No there isn’t. It’s like Facebook, or Telephone. You say facebook in Arabic conversations and literatures and not ketab al wajh. Same thing for telephone. So please do not get all smart and say a’3ared o ta’3reeda and jmoo3 il mo’3aredeen… tra mo ‘3a9ob oho… it’s twitter mo soog il 7amam! If you use those halaga terminologies it only means you are a new comer and ma3a el khail ya shaqra…

O mafeha shay if you say tweet o twitter the way it was intended. It’s not like you love our Arabic language so much you can’t imagine not speaking in it… the English use the word Coffee from the Arabic Qahwa… i think you can use twitter and tweeps and tweet in exchange… please 3n il halaga… ryal 6ool il bab yegool ‘3aradtaw o a’3ared o mo’3aredeen… shino hatha!

God i miss the old days of Twitter :(

Why am i getting rude comments on my London posts?!

By | December 6, 2010

Getting rude and disrespectful comments goes hand in hand with blogging. if anything it means that you are going in the right direction for you have triggered someone to attack you.

What i don’t understand though is why the volume of rude comments significally increases whenever i start posting about London?! Why Q8y people are taking those posts as personal insults against them is beyond me!!!

It’s not like i am saying you flan X don’t know London or you flana Y ma etdeleen London. It’s not like i am the first Q8y or Khaleji or Arabi to set foot in London. London is filled with Q8ys who live/study/work/visit there and know it like the back of their hands. I am just another one of those. I have a camera and i take pictures of whatever i do when i visit there and post it in MY BLOG!!! That’s it!

It’s my blog and i am FREE to post my memoirs and my experiences and my trips and my purchases and share them with friends, family, and the rest of world. Ma feha shay y3ni! It’s not like ini ga3da atshay7a6 3la el awadm o I am not saying that i am Christopher Columbus who discovered all things London and you didn’t. and to think i am posting about London because you are clueless and i am not is something from your imagination… lakin i guess inah kil min yshof il nass ib 3ain 6ab3ah… mo?

To you… you know who you are. Grow up and get a life. Elle 3la rasah ba67a ye7asesha welle mo 3ajbah any of my posts, London or other, the solution is to simply click the X icon on the top right corner of this page, no one is forcing you to come here and you cannot expect me to write whatever posts that make you happy… understood?!

Danderma The matchmaker?

By | November 8, 2010

I spy with my little blogging eye… a blogger and a bloggerrette with so much chemistry… they would be perfect for each other!

and since i know them both on personal level… my hands are twitching! I want to send them both an email asking them why won’t they consider getting serious and getting married? Social wise there should be no problem. Age wise and interest wise as well…

But then wouldn’t that be legafa from my side? How would you feel, my fellow blogger or my fellow bloggerette, if your good friend Danderma who knows you came and told you that you would be perfect with blogger X and that you should seriously think about getting married? Chemistry is there and Ages are right… so why wait? I want a palace in Heaven! It’s merely a nudge y3ni in your direction… nothing more nothing less… if it works it works… if it’s not ma3a alfe salama no damage done…

Shraykom? Do you think i should that matchmaking project? Would you feel ok if Danderma tenqeleb the q8y bloggers kha6aba 3la el beginnings of year 2011 o o starts matchmaking all around? Do you know any two bloggers that you think will be perfect together o wedkom tetlegefoon like me?

Traffic Jam in Jabriya Caused by… Ice Cream !!!

By | May 30, 2010

It was Thursday. Jabriya. The ugliest, busiest roundabout in Jabriya. and it was rush hour time when people returned home from work.

A long line was forming. Cars were honking thier horns. In the street leading to the roundabout near Shanakel/Sable/Co-Op the left lane was not moving AT ALL. It is a two lane street.

You want to know why?! Cause Baya3 il Bared is standing on the Roundabout, and 7athrat Janab the Drivers were getting themselves some ICE CREAM! Ee Wallah! ICE CREAM! We are stuck, we cannot move. The whole bloody lane is backed up… because of ICE CREAM?! It is NOT the TIME NOR the PLACE to be trading in ICE CREAM! AUUUUGH!

I wanted to call 777 for the ice cream dude but i didn’t know if they dealt with such matters. Should i have called?!

Do you want to buy the ''Amityville Horror' house?

By | May 25, 2010

It’s now available in the market… price tag $1.15 Million b3d…  click here for more

Hypothetically, would you buy a house with such history?! You wouldn’t catch me in the same state as the house, let alone buy it… kafee 3lay my light flickering ghosts! Brrrrr

Would you eat this pasta?

By | February 23, 2010

My beloved husband Butootee is a very talented man… but cooking is not one of his traits… One day i was taking a nap and woke up because of a strange smell… i open my eyes to find the above plate of pasta, lovely unusual colors… but i did not think it looked good enough to eat so i didn’t… esp. after i saw the mess he made in the kitchen :S

Needless to say he was very disappointed and he moped around afterwards… Would you dare eat this pasta?

STOP Advertising on the Street Signs!!! O b3dain?!

By | February 21, 2010

When you wanted to announce that you kill animals in a Halal way for ppl to eat… didn’t you find a better place to hang it than on this road sign? Seriously? Why? Are you advertising a cure for cancer?!

I took this while waiting for my turn at the Surra Roundabout… those signs are there for a REASON!!! The “business” owner should be fined for this! Vulgarism should not go without punishment! Thanx to whom ever partially peeled it away! Urrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

It's just a simple sandwich :`(

By | May 27, 2009


I don’t know what else i can do. I think she is doing it on PURPOSE!

Here is the story… It is  between me, the waiter at the sandwich store @ work and i will call her L, and the poor mutated sandwich… Take 1: Monday Morning at 7:40 AM

*Daddy’s Girl is calling the restuarant below*

Read more »

6alat o Shamakhat Ashoooof?!

By | May 12, 2009


Yesterday, i was standing in the middle of the food court in the Avenues with butootee, trying to decide which muffin/cookie/sweet to smuggle in to the movie wolverine, when butoote’s Zain phone line rings…

He has his zain line on an old phone with no saved names and he usually answers without knowing whose who…

Butootee: Aloo Read more »

While im shopping… Please DO NOT FOLLOW ME!

By | August 24, 2008


I love shopping. Theraputic, indulgent, and the guilt that comes after spending all ur money o maxing out ur credit cards are amazing!

Yet i hate, no let me rephrase that, i LOATHE  shopping in Kuwait! Why!? Min kither il Malaqeef… Read more »