How to activate the 4G LTE on your iPhone?

By | March 14, 2013

avfgltepmif3I’ve been hearing amazing things from people in Kuwait who are subscribed to Zain and already are using the 4G LTE technology so when my mobile service provided VIVA enabled their 4G LTE service I called them at once to check how to activate it and if there are any extra charges. The service is for free with no extra charges, all you have to do is send an SMS to activate it and whenever you are within the LTE range you will be connected. These are the steps I followed to enable the 4G LTE on my iPhone 5 in case you didn’t enable it already.  Read more »

Viva’s Gergai3an Gift

By | August 6, 2012

Last week on the Gergai3an day I received one huge heavey clear plexi box chock full of chocolates from Viva. Read more »

Amazing Ramadan Gifts :D

By | August 1, 2011

As I type these words I feel overwhelmed with the amount of sweets surrounding me :p Since yesterday and every bell ring brought me one package after the other.

It started yesterday afternoon when Read more »

Event: VIVA’s Manchester United Night

By | July 30, 2011

On Thursday we were invited by VIVA to attend a “Sports Event”. The nature of the event had an air of mystery surrounding it so we went with high expectations to Read more »

Are you a Blogger?

By | July 14, 2011

With tons of events scheduled to take place soon by VIVA, this is a shout out to all blogger who are interested in VIVA’s events to contact VIVA by emailing . You don’t want to miss out on VIVA’s events, I can vouch for that one myself 😀

Movie Review: X-Men First Class

By | June 2, 2011

I am a HUGE fan of X-Men and of Wolverine in particular. I have enjoyed all 4 previous instalments of X-Men and am always thirsty for more. Therefore when VIVA gave me the chance to preview the movie 2 days before its official release in the USA I could not WAIT to see it 😀

The sad thing about the movie is it was censored to bits like a shawerma :( Haw we been in abroad we would have been more caught  in the action I suppose. Other than that the movie was really good considering its movie number 5. But I liked the Wolverine movie (#4) a bit better.

This movie explains a lot about the history of X-Men. How they got their nicknames, how Xavier got handicapped, the friendship between Xavier and Magneto, and why Mystique was so faithful to Magneto. I liked the character Azazel this time he is my new favourite X-Man (so what if he is bad?). O Wolverine made a very short, very angry, very Logan appearance 😀

It is a good movie. One I would buy on DVD and watch again for sure :)

VIVA’s Movie Premier Night

By | June 2, 2011

I was invited yesterday to attend VIVA’s second social media event attended by many bloggers and famous tweeps on Twitter. This time the location was different: It was in 360’s VIP cinema for a preview of X-Men: First Class movie TWO DAYS before its release in the USA and before anyone else in Kuwait!

That’s the scene that greeted us when we got to the cinema… a white carpet, video cameras, and many familiar faces. Me & Bu Tootee got in line and when it was our turn we were given VIVA badges and were asked if we wanted to do an interview?

Bu Tootee made me do the interview! How was it? Sowad wayh. Te3archabt in the middle of it, I got a strange accent like Ross’s Scottish one in his lecture. Thank god it won’t be aired. I am so not a camera person :p

When we went inside the VIP area was packed with tables and attendees were standing and chatting on them. We grabbed ourselves a table and we were served with canapés and drinks while we waited for everyone to arrive.

A very good idea by VIVA was to provide red mango frozen yoghurt for the event. Cinescape should really consider providing frozen yoghurts in their concession stands. The staff were very friendly ya7leelhom :) Butootee took some while I didn’t because I didn’t want to irritate my throat :(

From 6-7 PM it was mingling time while bloggers s met and chatted with each other while munching on snacks and waiting for the movie to start. I went and got us some munchies for the movie time…

Then I spotted this coffee machine and of course I wanted coffee with my M&M’s instead of just water!


While we waited I chatted with PinkGirlQ8, TheSideTalk, Moody, and P0ach 😀 Nice to meet you guys there :) Also I met two amazing young social media professionals from Ghaliah technology, it was nice meeting you girls 😀

After a little introduction Mr. Mohammed Aqua and Mr. Mohammed Al-Yaqoub explaining the effort they went to to have this premiere we were led inside the two adjacent VIP theatres where we found white VIVA bags on the lush VIP chairs.

So we settled in and had a blast :) How was the movie? It deserves its own review in the next post insha2 Allah 😀

Thank you VIVA for such an amazing night  and in particular a big thanks to the spectacular May Al-Subaei for inviting us and for her big welcoming smile 😀


VIVA Thanking the Bloggers who attended their social networking event

By | May 3, 2011

Since I had stopped reading newspapers recently for my own sanity, I didn’t know that VIVA had placed an ad in the newspapers thanking us for attending their social networking even the other day (post).

I was really surprised! VIVA thanking us? No, VIVA. Thank you for inviting us and showing us a great time -and giving us an iPhone 4 b3d-. The ad was a pretty decent move on VIVA’s part, I am glad I’ve been a loyal customer to VIVA ever since day one :)

I found the ad on page 13 in Alqabas news. I also think the icons of the blog were a clever idea, I like them a lot.

VIVA’s Iphone 4 Social Networking Event

By | April 26, 2011

Yesterday I was invited to attend VIVA’s social networking event held yesterday to celebrate the new collaboration between VIVA and Apple and its first result: The official launch of the Iphone 4 in Kuwait.

The event was held in Read more »