The Butcher’s Den Steakhouse Review

buy Clomiphene paypal By | May 27, 2012

Sadābād Last week on our way to Izakaya in Al-Bida’a area we noticed that the Butcher’s Den was open, so we made a mental note to visit it the next time we were out for dinner. Read more »

In Case You Didn’t Know What Danderma Means

By | October 29, 2011

Danderma actually has a meaning. It is not a nickname for Dana, it is not a nice sounding word only, it is not a just a name. It is the old Kuwaiti word for ice cream. It was the first thing Iooked for when I bought the Kuwaiti Dialect Encyclopedia and sure enough there it was :)

If you didn’t know what Danderma meant until this post, what did you think it meant? I’m curious…

Ten Tips for New Bloggers on the Block

By | May 24, 2011

So you think you are ready to wander into the blogsphere. You did your homework, bought your own domain, created your own unique template, and set up the banners for the Ads. Let me give you some insider advice on how t o make your entry into the blogging world easier. 3o9arat my years of blogging if we may say so. Its not as easy as having a piece of cake.

1- First off be yourself. The easiest thing in the world is to copy cat some other popular blogger. But then people will always think of you as the copycat. Instead, why don’t you do something that will make the next generation of bloggers copycat you? Believe me you will be at top in no time if you are unique.

2- This is not only from me, this is from fellow veteran bloggers as well: You shouldn’t be parading your blog. The way to go is to lurk and check out blogs, comment on them and build up relationships, make your name known and your appearance noted. Have people want to check your blog out instead of asking to be checked out and having people check you out of obligation rather than curiosity.

3- Always add pictures to your post. It wont hurt to use good quality pictures with a width of 450 pixles and above. Invest in a good camera and click your world away. The competition is tough out there and new DSLR cameras does pretty much all your work for you. Show us the world through your eyes.

4- Always browse other blogs and check out the recent hapenings. Please do not blog about old and over used things, a review of chocolate bar in 2011 for example will not intrigue anyone unless you add a certain twist to it. Always try to find some thing new or unknown to blog about so it will set you out from the crowds.

5- Everyone is on the intrnet now a days so posting about news you found online or something that arrived at everyone’s mailbox isn’t really going to make people curious. Be original and post something that isn’t already out there.

6- Sometimes people get into fights in the blogsphere and comments are harshly exchanged. It happens -thankfully not a lot- but it happens. Do not get caught in the middle of a bloggers fight. You will be forced to take sides and you might regret it later on.

7- The day you get bad comments, know that you are on the right path. Congratulation. The first bad cruel comment is always the harshest. The best way to deal with bad comments is to delete them and not reply to them. Replying to them could get out of hand and result in a big mess, trust me on this one.

8- If you want to borrow a post or a picture from a fellow blogger please make a very big point at the beginning of your post that its the bloggers post. Do not post it as your on and at the very bottom say “Thanx to Flan” or “Via Flan”. 3aib. Its advisable to always ask before hand.

9- Always answer people who left comments on your blog. The took the effort and commented you should at least show them the respect of replying. Too busy? Then maybe you shouldn’t have a blog.

10- Be patients and don’t be bitter when other bloggers from your generation are recognized for their success, attending events and being praised. Until now I get invited to one out of ten blogging events and I’ve been blogging forever. Don’t whine, don’t curse, don’t accuse anyone of anything. Clam up and channel the negative energy into an effort to actually be more productive. This is what I do, whenever I am passed I think of more ways to grow better.

I hope those tips were productive. Fellow bloggers, what other tips might you want to add to the list?