Do you Guys Recycle in Kuwait?

By | August 21, 2016


And why not?

I’m assuming that quite a large percentage of people in normal households of Kuwait would say no. After all, should they even consider recycling, where would they take their recycled garbage to anyway? Garbage sorting and collecting isn’t that exciting nor that maintained in  households where house help exists. Sure, when we travel and we are forced by the laws of the country we are in we do indeed recycle, as painful sometimes as it seems, and they say its better for the environment and I’m not negating that for it must have a tangible effect on the planet of entire countries enforce them, so why not here in Kuwait?  Read more »

Vegetarian Options I wish for in 2016 Kuwait

By | January 21, 2016


To start off let me clarify one thing, this is not an ad. I’m a vegetarian living in Kuwait, a foodie, and I love eating out. I do not believe in house help or enslaving humans in the name of housekeeping, therefore I have to fend for myself to find something to eat after working for eight hours a day and returning home by 4 P.M. I am not shy to say I love eating out, we are the capital of 8000+ restaurants after all! Why Kuwait isn’t the capital of the culinary world still is beyond me, an overdue movement that I hope should start soon. Read more »

My Newest Buys at the f2o Shop

By | June 13, 2013

On f2o’s instagram account I saw that there are new summer sketches to be printed on T-Shirts and other things so I passed by, a tad too late for many of the designs were already sold out. I did manage to get me the gorgeous Afro Dude loves Sunkist T-Shirt above and Afro Dude loves KDD ice cream sandwich in black below, I think the ice cream sandwich is becoming the classic star of summer 2013 for some reason. It is that good. Read more »

A Lost Kitten’s Happy Ending

By | January 6, 2013


Yesterday afternoon I woke up late. It was a Saturday and my husband was out running errands. I was thinking about my lazy Saturday and my breakfast when I heard my husband call out to me”Come, come see the baby cat outside!”. Read more »

f2o’s Mahbooba Cartoon

By | July 24, 2012

Its no secret that I am a big fan of Fatima Al-Othman and her amazing designs “f2o Designs“. I love them so much I’ve had her illustrate my cherished Dathra and her two -and insha2 Allah third- book covers (post). Most of us have seen Read more »

More Loyalty Cards from Businesses in Kuwait

By | May 14, 2012

Last October I posted about my wishing we had more loyalty card schemes from businesses in Kuwait (post). All over the world you can get rewards for becoming a loyal customer by being given a card where you can collect points. I Read more »

Stealing other people’s work is NOT acceptable!

By | May 6, 2012

When you work hard, for years, to create your own brand and reputation in the market. When you create something out of god given gift. When you are successful and loved, you are bound to find copycats popping Read more »

The Adoptive Kuwaiti Couple who Make Me Proud

By | May 1, 2012

I was browsing Instagram yesterday when I saw a comment by New Q8 Bride on one of the pictures regarding her sister. Minutes later and I realized not only her sister is the spitting image of her –twin likes, really- but she is young, married, and has a small little boy Hamoodi who is adopted.

Yes you read that last word right, adopted. I had to do a double take at the pictures on Instagram and her blog. If she didn’t use the word “adopted” I wouldn’t have though for one second that the boy wasn’t their own biological son. I saw the huge birthday party they had for him in her father’s house, the gifts, the way the boy is hugged with all the love in the world, not only by the couple but also by her father. I was so touched that a child in Kuwait can find a family to welcome him and give him a life he deserves with adoption.

That baby is so lucky to have found you, Um Hamoodi & Bu Hamoodi. This is not brave, this is beyond brave! She is the first person in Kuwait that I know of who had adopted a child to be frank, shameful to say the least given that Islam doesn’t ban adoption, on the contrary. What is banned in Islam is giving the adopted child your last name but not the actual adoption.

To be quite frank I don’t think the families in Kuwait have the emotional sophisticating needed to love a child who is not their own. People are barely tolerant of their own children, throwing them for nannies to raise or letting them scurry off as they please just so the responsibility of raising them doesn’t become a burden. Or if there are multiple siblings they don’t divide the love and attention fairly among them. Of course this can be found all over the world not only in Kuwait per say but again I think times are really changing indeed.

By the time I asked for the girl’s blog address I had tears streaming from my eyes. There is even a youtube video which made me wail. I would understand a woman wanting to adopt a baby given the maternal instincts some women have can become unbearable but for a young man to go along with it and actually want it? For them both to face society with the baby and have to answer to their looks, disdain, prejudice, and sheer leqafa? It’s the bravest thing a young Kuwaiti couple has done so far.

Um & Bu Hamoodie, you and your families have my full respect. You showed me that even though we feel like the world around us is falling apart, there is still hope with people like you who actually make a difference. May Allah bless you o Allah ybal’3kom ib Hamoodie me3res insha2 Allah :)

You can know more about her adoption journey on her blog (link).

Safi’s Gluten Free Goods

By | April 16, 2012

Around 2 weeks ago on Instagram Safi’s bakery have announced that they will start providing Gluten Free bread for their customers. I was so so HAPPY! Especially given that the Read more »

Review: Hashtag Burger

By | April 1, 2012

In a dark alley right besides Solo Pizza Neapolitan sits a little burger joint sporting a very hip identity of not having a name or a sign on the door, the name is Read more »

The Free Kuwait Campaign in London Website

By | March 29, 2012

A few years ago I wanted some picture of Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion of 1990. I searched the internet high and low but to dismay I barely found anything. I was really surprised no one took the initiative to archive that crucial period of Kuwait’s history. Then Mr. Adel Al-Yousifi published his a website named The Evidence (link) which documented that dark time with photographs online.

Now Mr. Adel is back with another website, the Free Kuwait website (link) which documents the events and efforts of the Free Kuwait movement and campaign in London where Mr. Adel was during the invasion. We were in London too. My father helped out by designing many logos and posters used in that time. I wrote about his designs once when they were showcased in an exhibition in the avenues without giving him any credit or mention here (post).

In the Free Kuwait website you will see memorabilia, documents, events, and most importantly pictures of the Kuwaiti in London during the invasion. If you were in London or know someone who was, take a look and browse through the endless pictures. I spent an entire day going through the pictures and checking my family  and even my classmates during the invasion.

So go ahead and take a look. The experience is epic if I may say so. If you recognize someone please email the website admin on with the picture number and name of the person so they can add the name in the caption. They need to identify as many Kuwaitis as possible.

So go on, check and remember that we will never, never, ever forget. Forgetting is not an option. Read this story on 2:48 AM’s blog and tell me if forgetting is possible (link) wan If you haven’t been around to witness or remember, then you have your chance now.

A List of Restaurants Providing Gluten Free Items

By | March 17, 2012

I received a comment on my blog asking me for a list of places in Kuwait that offer Gluten Free items. So I thought I would make the list in a post for all to refer to. If you know anyplace that does offer gluten free items let me know so I will add it to the list.

  • buy cytotec pills no prescription Firin Bakery is a gluten free bakery specializing in cakes, breads, fatayer, etc.
  • cheap beer lyrics Al-Ra7a Stone Mill have a great selection of gluten free bread and fresh fatayer as well.
  • Amir Al-Omara bakery have also gluten free bread. Tel: 24862007.
  • Pizzetta added a gluten-free menu for gluten intolerant diners. Just ask for it.
  • Prime & Toast also added a gluten-free menu for their gluten intolerant diners.
  • Carluccio’s offer a gluten free menu and pastas for gluten intolerant diners.
  • Munch BBQ can provide the BBQ grill with gluten free pizza.
  • Organica Pasta & PIzza can offer gluten free pasta.
  • Crumbs Bakery can bake gluten free cake if provided with the gluten free flour.
  • Sugar & Spice Bakery can bake gluten free cake if provided with the gluten free flour.
  • Madam Sucre offer a gluten free menu for their delicious cakes.
  • The November Bakery are developing gluten free desserts at the moment too.
  • The Sultan Center offer a huge selection of gluten free products on their shelves.
  • Milk cafe offers a gluten free chocolate cake on its menu that is very good.
  • Chocolate & Macaroons Macaroons are gluten free.
  • Froobie frozen yogurt guarantee that all their frozen yogurt is gluten free for sure.

  • Come to think about it the list is not that long but its a start. I really hope more restaurants provide at least gluten free pasta in their menu options. Again if you know of any place with gluten free options please let me know so I can add it to the list. Much obliged :)

Esther’s Attic Charity Shop

By | March 15, 2012

Have you ever seen a poor broken Asian worker standing by the traffic light in this cold or the dust and thought to yourself that there must be a way you can help them out that extends beyond giving them the spare change in your purse?

A charity under the name of operation HOPE whose objective is to purely serve the domestics within the country -does NOT represent any political or religious agenda- has launched a second hand store project under the name of Esther’s Attic.

Esther’s Attic is the charity resale project of Operation HOPE. Esther’s which started operations this January, functions like a thrift store where all sale proceeds are used to fund the operation HOPE’s community initiatives and endeavors.

For example this week has Elizabeth Taylor visiting in the form of a beautiful charcoal sketch portrait at an unbelievable price. Sitting next to it is an original copy of “ The taming of the Shrew” selling at Kd 1 only!

Post our national day sales, the boutique has donned several treasures from clothing items, household material, baby wear and other knick knacks. With clothing ranges showcasing some vintage mix and match items to some dated silk and satin blouses, designer jeans and an array of geometric patterns.

 Esther’s Attic is located at the Operation HOPE premises ( Rumaithiya Block 9. street 92, house 23) and are open every Saturday from 10 am – 1pm. If you want to help out by visiting or donating you can always contact operation HOPE via their website -just wait a bit for the flash to load- (link) or by emailing them

Carrotina, Life with Cacao’s March Highlight

By | March 15, 2012

It’s been a while since the last Life with Cacao monthly highlight! I think the last one held was back in Ramadan (post)? Anyways Life with Cacao is back on track again with one new highlight for the month of March. It was sent to my apartment in Life with Cacao’s signature box a few days ago.

With the following message.

Inside was two boxes containing a Carrotina cheesecake prepared by the owner of Yummzy Bakery Ms. Abrar Al-Dakheel.

One box contained the carrotina while the other contained the decoration of the Carrotina. Sadly we couldn’t assemble the Carrotina on a plate with the decorations since we still have no sink to wash the plates until next Saturday.

However, the Carrotina itself did not need a plate to be enjoyed. Its description according to the brochure is “A fluffy and moist carrot cake, topped with a layer of cheese-cake and finished by a tangy cream cheese frosting”. It also had a mint leave on the bottom and half a walnut on top to decorate it.

How was it? It was really good, light, moist, and very tasty indeed! Well done! The only thing I have to say is that the frosting had a tangy lemon taste to it. I usually like the lemon taste in frosting but in Carrotina’s case the carrot cake is already distinctive it didn’t need the lemon touch. It was a bit too much. It was gone in a matter of minutes.

Good job Abrar and keep up the good work! Thank you life with cacao for remembering me in your March highlights :)

Carrotina is now available on Life with Cacao’s menu for the month of March. Life with Cacao is located in the ground level of 360 mall. For more information regarding Life with Cacao or to contact Life with Cacao to showcase your product as a highlight or check Life with Cacao’s facebook group (link) or follow them on twitter (link).

Using an Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag

By | March 11, 2012

Last December I’ve decided that it was about time I get a little more environment friendly and use a non-disposable shopping bag. I bought myself a London bus shopping bag and I kept it in my handbag but I never got to use it. Then I came back to Kuwait and moved apartments and forgot all about it until I unearthed it last week and used it for my grocery shopping instead of using plastic bags!

When you turn down the plastic bags, in Kuwait especially, and demand you use your own bag you are greeted by bewilderment and ridicule! You would think that I’ve decided to torture a bird by pulling its feathers one by one! Eshda3wa! I know a lot of Kuwaitis have gone eco-friendly before me. I know more and more people are using their own shopping bags now. There is absolutely no need for workers to make a fuss and for customers to stare at me like I am insane. They should grow up and maybe join in too!

Anyways I am more than happy with my cool environment friendly shopping bag. If you have never used one you should, don’t be shy! If you do, way to go! Show me your bags I want to see 😀

Review: Firin “Gluten Free” Bakery’s Goodies

By | December 14, 2011

A few months back I read a tweet about a new bakery that was going to open soon called “Firin Bakery” that specializes in Gluten Free baked goods! Needless to say I followed them immediately and even drove all the way to their branch in Hawali to check them out but they weren’t open yet.

Months passed and I totally forgot about the place until I went to Pretty Little Things exhibition (post). On my way out I was handed a goody bag with a box of freshly baked good from Firin Bakery -even though they weren’t participating in the exhibition-. The next evening I was starving and I decided I better try them out, so I made my self some tea and sat down with the box planning to eat only the two mini cupcakes, maybe take a picture or two for this post.

The thing is, erm, well you see I thought they being gluten free and all wouldn’t be that soft or good like usual cakes. I was very much mistaken. Within minutes I had eaten the mini chocolate cake, the mini carrot cake, the BIG apple cake slice, and the top of the blueberry muffin. Nothing was left to take pictures off except the remains of the bluebery muffin. I polished off the box, literally!

Forget the gluten free part. The cakes were very good and very dewy and moist and brimming with taste in comparison to other cake makers, gluten free or not. I enjoyed every single bite and I am planning to go back for some more! The fact that they are gluten free thus not made with wheat meant they were a tad lighter than other cakes and muffins!

I am so glad and so proud of this bakery. Finally! I will go back for a more detailed review soon insha2 Allah! Meanwhile if you are interested you can order from firin bakery by visiting their website or by calling 2266100. Just stay away from the carrot cupcake, it tasted a bit weird.

Amricani Cultural Center… A Place to be Proud of in Kuwait

By | November 30, 2011

I was invited by the media team of Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya (DAI) to attend a special blogger’s night held in the historic Amricani Cultural Center, once known as the Amricani hospital, which has recently transformed by DAI to become a cultural and exhibition space and is Read more »

Pledge: Help Little Mariam Get a Kidney Transplant

By | October 18, 2011

I recieved this pledge from a dear friend of mine. A very sick and in a critical state 3 year-old little girl, Mariam Al-Shammeri, is currently residing in Al-Jahra hospital with a kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant. They have a donor already but they are in need of 7000 KD to get the operation done and to pay the donor and the family doesn’t have that kind of money.

I’ve heard that 4000 KD out of the 7000 KD have been collected. Which means there are only 3000 KD to go. If you want to donate something or know someone who would, you can do so through 9andoog E3anat el Martha by contacting Ms. Manal Al-Bezee3 Tel: 99390638 and she will arrange for the money donations to be collected.

Killa fe mezan 7asanatkom insha2 Allah. God Bless you.

P.S. If you want to share this post on your blog or twitter please feel free to do so.

Fabulous News: Abdul Kareem Got a Sponsor!!!

By | October 10, 2011

Many of you, hopefully most of you, remember Abdul Kareem. The brave little boy whose cancer was threatening to cut off his leg and his life if a knee replacement surgery that is not available in Kuwait (post). We wanted to spread his story in hope that some generous soul would be willing to sponsor him for his surgery and save both his leg and his future.

The good news is that many people have responded positively. The even better news is that Abdul Kareem has got not one sponsor, but many! Yes, many generous souls were willing to fully sponsor Abdul Kareem’s treatment paying a full 30,000 KD! A sponsor was chosen and Abdul Kareem will be OK! He will be taken to Jordan, he will get his knee surgery, and insha2 Allah he will live a long happy life with two legs. Who knows maybe he will become one hell of a football player too!

Thank you! Every single one of you. Every one who spared a moment to read about Abdul Kareem’s ordeal, every one who tweeted about him, every one who repeated his story to anyone who would listen, everyone who came to me asking to gather up money for Abdul Kareem, and everyone who already gathered up money without being asked and was ready to fight for Abdul Kareem’s leg and right to live.

My fellow bloggers? Do I need to thank you? I think you are as proud as me today. Thank you, everyone of you, Thank you 7aji Dude, Pink GirlBlog 37, Q8 Stig, Frankom, Fashionista Q8, Kaifan 5, Fro Yo Nation, Dear Romeo, UCFQ8, The Side Talk, The Mask Tales, Qurtoba Valley, Triple Sisters, Um 3azooz, Q8 Path, Couch Avenue, Nezar’s World, Crazy Yet Wise, Oleana, Shit we come up With, His & Hers, Pices Chick, Grapevine, Hi Kuwait, Banana Q8, Ansam, Halloum, Q8 Blend, and everyone I have forgotten!

Q8 Rain especially, you are an angel. It wasn’t for your idea to go to NBK’s Children’s hospital in the first place then no one would have known about Abdul Kareem’s case.

Pledge: Help Save Abdul Kareem’s Leg

By | October 5, 2011

When the bloggers went last Monday to the Kids Cancer Party at the NBK hospital (post) and (post) each had a different view on their experience to share. All of them however agreed that the most touching story was the story of the young Abdul Kareem. This brave smiling boy has cancer in his leg that is spreading around. In order to save his life he is faced with two options: Get a knee replacement surgery or have his leg cut off.

So why can’t he get a knee replacement? Because they say its not available in Kuwait. However, he can have it replaced in Jordan where the operation is available there. What is the problem then? Well Abdul Kareem is not Kuwaiti and the operation will cost him 30,000 KD which his family doesn’t have.

How is this possible? The medical services in Kuwait doesn’t include a knee replacement operation! Why is it available in Jordan and not in Kuwait?

We thought about having a charity run for Abdul Kareem to help gather the 30,000 KD for him. There are two problems though: 1- The money has to come from one place and not from multiple people, god knows why! I think maybe money laundering rules apply here? and 2- Abdul Kareem has no time. His leg amputation operation is scheduled for next week :(

By next week, Abdul Kareem will lose his leg because a knee replacement surgery cannot be performed in Kuwait. By next week, Abdul Kareem whose family doesn’t have 30,000 KD will be able to live but with one leg only. He is just a little boy with a big smile whose already endured chemo until he is stick thin. But he will have to suffer for the rest of his life because an artificial knee cannot be spared to save his leg.

We can’t gather up donations for him, we would have tried. But we can do is spread the word. Maybe there is someone out there who is willing to help out. Companies maybe? Rich people with big hearts and 30,000 KD to spare? You can help Abdul Kareem by spreading his story, tweeting or posting about it until it reaches someone who can help before its too late. Its the least we can do for this brave little boy with a big smile despite his pain and misery.