Bo Throos’s Day with Danderma…

buy modafinil online south africa By | May 27, 2012

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Bo Throos is a very cute cuddly toy that’s been making a lot of fuss on instagram lately. His mama, alnoury, lets him spend each day with a different person, and last Friday was my day :) His visit started by Bothroos shyly arriving at our doorstep. It took a while to get my husband to coax him inside the house. He was very shy indeed, check the picture above. Y7leelah. Read more »

A Toy’s Story: Time Goes By So Slowly

By | October 14, 2011

Poor old man, all alone on his favorite chair looking at the clock. Wondering where the best of years had gone by, too quickly, and why the time had suddenly come to a stand still when he is all old and lonely.

Make the most out of your youth, don’t waste anytime. But remember those who are old and lonely and waiting for your company.