Beautiful Takeaway Juice Bottles from Casper & Gambinis

By | January 10, 2012

I don’t know how long have Casper & Gambini’s been doing this but let me tell you, the take away juice packaging? Awsome! Never in my life have I Read more »

London Xmas Lights 2011: Covent Garden

By | December 26, 2011

One word: Magical! Can’t say anything to describe it. Pictures will tell. Enjoy! Read more »

Things 2 Get 4m London: Lush’s Snow Fairy

By | December 22, 2011

Years ago I stumbled across Lush soap store during Xmas time and I found a little pink shower gel bottle with little glitter pieces sparkling on it. I took a whiff and fell in love. It was a bottle of melted candy cane flavored bubble gum disguised as a shower gel.

Since its a Xmas special and not available year round we made sure to stock up on our favorite shower gel -big bottles, several ones, tried to eat it once, didn’t taste good btw-. Even though Lush is now open in Kuwait I’ve been there like once and I am not really sure if Snow Fairy is available during December in Kuwait. I still stock up from here. It goes really well with my favorite sugar scrub too (post).

If you didn’t try it before, now is the time. Getting the little bottles as souvenirs in a little bag with the sugar scrub, the lip tint, the bubble bath star thing, and the powder   will b spectacular as well.

My Apple Mania…

By | December 21, 2011

As a new Apple convertee I missed the ease of popping my memory card into my tablet and having the pictures transported to it where I can edit and Read more »

London Xmas Lights 2011: St. Christopher’s Place Street

By | December 20, 2011

Though I didn’t take many pictures of London this year since I’ve been very sick with a bad bout of flu I managed to snap a few unsatisfactory shots of St. Christopher Place’s decorations. The theme for this year is Disco!

Though not very Xmasy in nature but they are very beautiful indeed! Little disco balls turning around and reflecting light all over the place! The walls, the people, other hanging orbs!

The entrance from Oxford Street. Bathed in purple lights.

The other end of the place.

So beautiful <3

I’ve also posted about Xmas Lights pictures last year of Carnaby Street (post) and other London Streets (post). Always beautiful, always.

Funny Ad in London

By | December 17, 2011

Walking down South Molten Street the other day I found a hilarious ad in the window of a new hair waxing place called “The Ministry of Waxing”! Its a reminder for women to “Wear bare skin and not fur” during the Xmas holidays. The ad was complete with this addition to the poster…

After having a good hearty laugh I walked further down the road and back to oxford street when I saw this.

Even Santa is advertising hair waxing and threading! Gone are the days with hairy blonde arms I suppose, even if it was the dead of winter!

I still like the first ad better though! I wish we have such creative ads in Kuwait.

Competitions: Win a Philips Lamea

By | December 7, 2011

Two years ago as I was browsing Boots aisles in the UK I stumbled upon a new product called “Philips Lumea”. A compact handheld light emitting device that can be used at home to remove excess hair once and for all.

At first I was skeptic. It must be a sham or something like it. Could it be? A laser like hair removal at home? It was simply too good to be true. The price tag of Read more »

Gloss Salon VIP Invitation

By | December 1, 2011

Two nights ago I came home, tired and very sleepy, and I was about to turn off the living room lights on my way to bed when I saw this little Read more »

Treasury of the World Exhibition in the Amricani

By | November 30, 2011

Held in Al-Amricani Cultural Center (post) and will be open to the public in February 2012 “Treasury of the World: Jeweled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals” is one exhibition that took my breath Read more »

Winter in Q8 Means: Kites in the Kuwaiti Sky

By | November 20, 2011

We were passing by the Messilah area yesterday on F7ai7eel highway when we saw a lot of beautiful kites being flown around. Whenever winter is black in Kuwait we see beautiful kites flown around on the weekend especially if its windy. They always make me content with happiness.

Notice the round grounded kites? I’ve never seen those before! Are they new? They do look good.

I wish I knew how to fly a kite. I wonder where can I go get myself one and where can I learn to fly it?  I remember having a yellow kite when we were children but I could never get it to lift off the ground. Do you know how to fly a kite? Ever done it in Kuwait?

“Danderma” by Lamy’s Perfumes

By | October 28, 2011

I went to 52 Degrees last week to check out Danderma by Lamy’s Perfume and purchase myself several bottles as gifts 😀 Its not every day you go to a shop and find something named after you so I went with my camera to document Read more »

Announcement: Danderma’s Perfume will be Sold Tomorrow

By | October 24, 2011

Esh3endokom Tuesday?

Etha ma 3ndokom shay I highly recommend that you pass by 52 Degrees on Tuesday night. For one thing its their Blue District night with live music playing and is very nice. For another, the perfume I have designed for Lamy’s perfume and has my name on it will be launched then 😀

Yes, a Danderma’s perfume! Look at the bottle, it has my name on it! How cute and pretty! I can’t believe it, I actually have a perfume named after me! I can’t wait for Tuesday night where I will go grab myself several bottles, its not everyday that a perfume is named after you y3ni 😀

Highly recommended, after all the scents are chosen by your truly 😉

Live music, yummy dinner, shopping and buying a lovely perfume named after me! What more can I ask for? Can’t wait for Tuesday night 😀

Hajj Preparations: Scent Free Toiletry Kit

By | October 22, 2011

I was told to search for a scent free 7ajj toiletry kit in Boots. So yesterday we went to Boots branch in the Avenues and asked around. After being directed to 3 different products we finally got the point across that we wanted the 7ajj package and we were given this little box.

It actually looks quite nice and compact. Its really tiny and comes with 4 small travel sized items: Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, and Deodorant. Quite perfect for a 7aj trip. Price tag? 10 KD.

So if you never bought it before or are looking for it, this is the box. When we got there there was only one more box left so I advice you hurry up and go to the next Boots branch to grab your own.

Habba Alert: 7ejab Bu Tafkha Version 2!

By | October 17, 2011

When the 7ejab Bu Tafkha came out a few years ago, the amount of ridicule those who wore it got was overwhelming, yet they didn’t care and the girls sporting the look grew by rapid numbers.

Slowly the look began to diminish. BUT…

Well in the past few months I’ve noticed a revival of the 7jab Bu Tafkha with a new twist: Part the front of your hair, pile it up high in a subtle bukla, place the 7ejab on top so it shows 1/2 your hair on top, and keep the tafkha on the very top back and make it a very big huge one! They look even worse than before! 9ar hawdaj mo tafkha! Yoboooy!

What the hell is that look? Doesn’t their heads hurt with all the weight on top? I wish I could draw a better picture but this is the most my artistic talent could get! What on earth is wrong with a simple plain 7jab? or 7jab bu kleenex! 7ar! Ya nass 7ar! Ma tkheshoon? The think is so heavy and bothersome a woman almost slammed into my car the other day because she was adjusting “Her pretty 7ejab look” while driving, tadroon el anaqa kanat ra7 tekhtereb if she didn’t fix it in the street w3liya. So this post is in her honor.

It doesn’t look like 7ejab Bu Tafkha is going anywhere soon :(

Picture of the Week: Dandelions

By | October 10, 2011

When we were little we were told that if you see a dandelion you can make a wish then blow on it. If all the little fuzzy things fly off from your blow your wish will come true. I am not sure how accurate is that myth nor do I believe in it, but till this day i cannot resist blowing the dandelions whenever I see one.

Do you blow them away or keep them in peace?

What color is Diana’s hair?

By | September 28, 2011

Whenever people start rambling on how beautiful Kate Middleton is and how she just loves simplicity and that we want khabba o loya makeup to understand her beauty, I show them this picture I have of  The late Princess Diana and they understand what I mean.

You cannot wear a simpler dress, the beauty of the late princess simply radiates from this picture, her complexion, the color of her eyes that jump out with the color or her dress, her hair, my god her hair. She is a striking beauty. THAT is a beautiful woman, was a beautiful woman.

Anyways this is besides the point. I’ve been gazing at her hair color for a while now and I’ve decided I want the same color. Do you know what color that is? What am I supposed to say to the salon? Is it one color or a base with highlights or low lights or what?

How Many Piercings are in your Ear?

By | September 26, 2011

This subject has came up in a conversation yesterday and it left me curious and thinking. 99.9% of girls in Kuwait have one ear piercing for sure. I love earrings, so much that one pair of earrings was never enough for me and I kept nagging on my mother to let me have a second piercing in my ear. When I was 20 she barely said yes before I was out the door with my baby sister, we both got second ear piercings.

Sadly my 2nd one didn’t go well and I had to refrain from wearing earrings in them. I still can’t wear earrings well in them, they itch and burn 7safa :( My mother still doesn’t like our second ear piercings.

I would have gotten a third but, well, I couldn’t tolerate a 2nd to start with fa no way a third. I would never however have a piercing elsewhere, it just freaks me out, especially the nose ring thing (khazaama). Somehow I always imagine if someone has a nose piercing and weren’t wearing their ring and they sneezed the snot would come out of that hole, plus it doesn’t look that classy either.

How many ear piercings have you got? What do you think of 3rd piercings and/or belly button, tongue, or nose piercings (khazamaa)? Would you do it?

Lovely Modern Houses: Grey & Glass in Notting Hill Gate

By | September 22, 2011

Recently I have been mesmerized by modern houses. Whenever I find one I take a moment to stand back and take a good long look at the building. This, or shall I say these, modern houses are located in Notting Hill area of London. Lovely mo? So tiny though but still lovely. I wonder how sitting in the second story would feel like with the sunlight streaming in through all that glass?

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Braces

By | September 21, 2011

1- It will shave off 10 years of your real age and make you look younger and more innocent.

2- You won’t be able to eat anything for a long time so you will loose a big amount of weight. You will be thinner.

3- Your facial features will improve: your nose and your lips and your mouth will look different and better at the end. You will look more beautiful.

4- Your speech will be corrected and your pronunciation of difficult letters will improve.

5- People with braces cannot whistle, so there is less amount of noise :p

6- People with braces cannot chew gum. Believe me, you can do without chewing gum and forgetting about it and chewing away without noticing. No gum society is a much classier society.

7- Straight teeth are easier to clean and brush than crooked overlapping teeth. Easier to clean means you will get healthier longer living teeth therefore less visits to the dentist. Some orthodontists say it even reduces the chance of having some heart related disease but I am not sure if that’s confirmed or not. Yjooz.

8- After all the pain, the hunger, the dreaded visits to the orthodontist. In the end you will have great aligned teeth. Which is step one towards the dream Hollywood smile. Just look at Katherine Heigel’s teeth while she laughs and you will know what I mean.

9- In the end since you have more confidence in your teeth you will be laughing and smiling more, you will be taking more pictures, you will be more talkative, all of which will improve your life and your confidence.

10- Every one in Kuwait is wearing braces now, young old, rich poor. Its the new Habba. It also means that in two years time everyone will have great teeth and if you have the slightest mishap in your own teeth it will stand out, badly that is.

So even though its a bit scary, the part where they take your teeth out. Even though its painful. Even though you suffer from one to two years. In the end when it comes off its quite worth it. I cannot wait for mine to come off, maybe in December insha2 Allah.

Look in the mirror, if you need braces then GET braces. There if no excuse for having bad crooked misaligned teeth now a days. No, being afraid is not excuse. There are many different treatments out there, take your pick!

My new toy The Canon Eos Macro Lens

By | September 11, 2011

I’ve been wanting to buy myself a Macro lens for my Canon Eos for a long time. But I was a bit skeptic as I thought to myself I had nothing much to shoot let alone any photography experience. Two days ago I couldn’t resist the Read more »

Things 2 Get 4m London: Moroccan Oil Hair Care Range

By | September 11, 2011

When my little sister asked me to get her the Moroccan oil hair treatment and shampoo from London I was intrigued. I haven’t heard of Moroccan oil before and I wasn’t very Read more »

Things 2 Do in London: Eat Strawberries & Cream

By | September 1, 2011

Ever since I was a little girl, one thing I enjoy indulging in when I am in the UK is buying a packet of fresh British strawberries especially if they are in season, a can of Read more »

Things 2 get 4m London: Lush’s Toothy Tabs

By | August 29, 2011

When I went to Lush today -which is one of my favorite stores in London by the way- I found this amazing new product! Toothy Tabs tablets are a replacement for toothpaste which could come Read more »

Review: B Villa, Al Bida’a

By | August 11, 2011

Remember my post about the soft opening of B Villa (post)?

Well I went to the opening with my dear friend Pink Girl. It is located right Read more »

Ramadan Hal Ehlalah Exhibition in 52 Degrees

By | July 20, 2011

Its almost Ramadan and 52 Degrees have launched their Ramadan Hal eHlalah Exhibition yesterday. Since it was also a blue district night I thought I would go yesterday night, take a look around, and then have dinner at froobie while listening to the live music. Awal shay lazim I pass by my book, a7ebah <3

I liked those little labels for the tea, coffee, and milk pots. We ask my mother 30 times which is the coffee pot o which is the tea pot in Ramadan. This would come in handy!

The box has about 6 labels and is sold for 10 KD. It comes in black or white.

Acrylic boxes with a golden cover. I liked those a lot. I would have filled them with colorful chocolate pieces :p

A collection of decorative pillows by Bibi Al-Ghanim if you wish to revamp your living room for Ramadan.

This I don’t understand. El matress embaga3 tra :S

More items artistically displayed.

JF Scarves.

Dararee3 ashkal o alwan. There was one that I liked but it disappeared 7safa, elthaher inba3at!

I was looking around when my eyes fell on this… y7leelah!

Then there was there was the section for the Perfumes. I already shared my purchases in here (post).

As we were paying those Ramadan Gift boxes were by the cashier. Perfect gift idea for your friends in Ramadan.

3ogob ma we finished shopping it was dinner time and I was starving. So we grabbed a table at froobie.

I took my usual, small plain with raspberries and blueberries as I am continuing Fahad’s the diet ninja diet.

Butootee got the watermelon one in a parfait like cup topped with honey.

We stayed until Zak Al-Mousawi finished singing Hotel California -I sang along to my self :p- and then we went home, full and content with my purchases. It was a very nice outing indeed. Good job 52 Degrees!