Are you Afraid of Having Your Picture Appear in Blogs?

Dhūlia By | June 6, 2012


I have a general rule in my blog: I don’t put pictures of people unless in very narrow circumstances. I don’t wait around for the people in the event to gather around so I can take pictures of them. When I take a shot I Read more »

The “Neighbor” Who Came Asking for Money!

By | April 13, 2012

Yesterday evening we were sitting outdoors in our tiny corridor/make shift tiny garden. Drinking tea and enjoying the post rain weather when a white car pulls out in front of us in the street and the driver honks to grab our attention while Read more »

Help! My iPhone is Eating Up my Emails!

By | March 19, 2012

Ever since I’ve crossed to the iPhone territory earlier this year I have been very happy! My iPhone is dazzling! I keep wondering why it took me so long to purchase one (it was the touch screen thing). The iPhone is like the super device that is not supposed to do anything wrong.

HOWEVER! There is one small minor problem which is unbeliveable! The mail client on the iPhone is crazy! BIG Time!

First I noticed that it didn’t retrieve my emails unless I prompt it to update and do so. Then I played around with the settings and push notifications trying to make it recieve an email the moment it is delivered to my inbox. No such luck. I would update the bloody thing and nothing will come up while my inbox does indeed have many emails waiting to be read.

I made my peace with that. So the BB would receive my emails a second before it would appear on the computer, the iPhone won’t. Emails are not everything on earth right?

Until one day it started.

I received an email that I’ve read quickly on the go. I remember being happy about it. I decided to get back to it later and read it thoroughly. Later on the day I’ve searched all the folders on my email, on the iPhone and on my pc, but I couldn’t find it. Not even in the Trash or the Spam.

It simply vanished. I couldn’t believe it, iPhone wouldn’t do that to my emails for sure right? I must have imagined I recieved it, there is no record of it coming into my inbox whatsover.

Then it happened again! And again! And again and again and again and again! To this date within 2 months of usage I’ve lost nearly 20 emails! I can’t have imagined all those emails arriving to my inbox! I am very careful when I open and close them because I am aware they might “vanish” into thin air! I searched for them carefully! To no Luck!!!

Is this normal? Is it only my iPhone? Is it every iPhone? I can live with the delayed mail delivery, but why on earth is it hiding my emails from me? This is a major catastrophic fail in an email client provided by a leading company like Apple! Do you have any solution for that? Help?

Are you Having a Hard Time Waking Up in the Morning These Days?

By | November 1, 2011

For the past week or so I’ve really had a very hard time getting up from bed. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed: 10, 11, 12… the result is always the same. I would have a very deep almost dreamless sleep and nothing on earth would wake me up. When I eventually wake up I would wake up tired and sleepy and most likely I would nap in the afternoon and sleep early that night too!

Surprisingly I am not the only one! My husband, my work colleagues, my friends… all suffering from the same symptoms! My theory is the weather: the good weather has more oxygen and the change in weather have blown off our biological clock or something? Does that make any sense?

Are you having trouble getting up in the morning? Do you have any idea why? Most importantly, do you have a solution other than sleeping early?

The Traffic Cone Massacre en Route to Work

By | October 2, 2011

Every day when on my way to work we get held up for a long time in the Jabriya exit to 5th ring road. Rude drivers usually attack other drivers standing in line waiting for their turn to get out, therefore a police car and a group of traffic cone were set up to help organize traffic and stop the angry rude drivers taking others turns.

How successful was that? See for yourselves…  Read more »

No3man the Nomad Dolly Says…

By | September 20, 2011

I came home to find my No3man dolly clad in a scarf, Tuareg Nomad style :p When I asked him why he said that since the dust has been away for unusually too long he was not going to take any chances o ‘Ga3ed Yezaheb Eldowa Gabel elFal3a’.

Ella 9ej wain el’3bar? Alf el 7md le Allah though :)

10 Things that Doesn’t Make Sense in Mosalsalat Ramadan 1432

By | August 13, 2011

1- Profanities! Malat 3leech/3leek, chalb, etc.! When did it become OK to use so many profanities in the shows? 3aib 3lekom! A bit more class please.

2- Bgara! Every mother in law calls her channa Bgara! Are there women who call their channa’s bgara and they don’t even retaliate? Nor they neither their husbands? Wain ga3deen? It is not OK for a mother in law to call her channa any name, period.

3- Speaking of mothers in law, in two serieses the channa is actually the daughter of the sister of the mother in law. You would think there is a better way for aunts to treat their channa/nephew in this society. Ay shay mo?

4- Eating! Throughout the episode they eat lunch 500 times! Ma9arat! Don’t we have any other activities in Kuwait to show for besides eating lunch?

5- Lunch is always machboos dyay. Every single mosalsal, every single lunch, its machboos dyay! Mako shay thani we eat? Maid? 9boor? M6abag Zbaidi? Marag Bamiya? Machboos la7am inzain? Min kither makalaw machboos dyay I began craving it over futoor!!!

6- In more than one series wives must feed their husbands while they are eating lunch. Every single meal. the mother in law would be watching and BAM she goes off in a fit of profanities! I never feel the urge to feed my husband, the love of my life, while we are eating lunch and if I do I wouldn’t do it in front of my parents o ana atga9a3! Wain ga3deen? Is it just me?

7- Maram is always a jealous wife o elsan.ha metbaaree minha, and the husband bends backwards to prove his never dying love to her! Erm Maram what’s your secret?

8- The excessive emphasis on money is just ridiculous! In every mosalsal there is one millionaire who people want to suck up to and the rest of the cast are poor and look for ways to exploit money off their millionaire relative. Ma 9arat!

9- Every millionaire is mean, rude, and spitting profanities all the time especially when poor relatives who are angels walking on earth ask for money. Also, the poor people seem to have no dignity at all, they take the abuse, bow their heads, and keep on as if nothing is wrong! Laish 3la Allah?

10- Every cool guy is hugging the phone at night whispering with his beloved girl. Don’t you know that people now a days use facebook, twitter, BBM, and other types of media to communicate? Le meta ey’3azloon bel telephone ballah?

My Interview in Sarab Magazine…

By | July 7, 2011

OH MY GOD! Its real and its here, sitting on my coffee table The July issue of Sarab Magazine with my interview actually sitting there!

After my freaking out about the Read more »

10 men who aged beautifully

By | May 23, 2011

Its really unfair. Women look their best when they are in their 20’s and early 30’s while men keep getting better looking as they grow older. How are we supposed to compete ballah? Its a good thing our men in the middle east do not age as gracefully as those guys. I wonder why that is?

1- Sean Connery: The strange thing is he didn’t look that good when he was James Bond. Only when he came back as an old man with a white beard did he become handsome. He is probably the best looking old man currently grazing the face of the earth.

2- Omar Al Sheirf: I think he looked dashing with fatin 7amama in black and white. I think he looks even better with wild white hair now. My favourite Arabian actor of all time.

3- George Cloony: Of course. There is no need to elaborate.

4- Amitabh Bachan: When he was s young he was like any other young Indian guy. Now in his old age he is really handsome, tall, and different. He still can dance too. His son sheefa though.

5- Robert Downy Junior: His eyes were too wide and his expression was dull. Only when he became Iron man with the wrinkles and the beard did he start looking better. I am guessing his eyes got smaller with age and wrinkles hence they look better now.

6- Al Patcino: He didn’t look that good in The God Father. Somehow he looks much better now. I am guessing the long hair is the trick?

7-  Pierce Brosnan: Somehow he looks better as he gets older. Maybe because his face is getting wider?

8- Jon Voight: I have seen pictures of him as a young man and he did not look good. Maybe because he was too blonde with too innocent an expression for a grown man? Now however he looks very good for an old man.

9- Richard Gere: I never understood how women abroad found him infatuating. In my dictionary he doesn’t look good. However, he looks a little bit better now he is older, still not good looking but definitely better.

10- Johnny Depp: The man is a phenomenon on his own. He looks like he has an anti ageing gene or something. He doesn’t grow up!

Who else do you thing look better as an older man -or woman- than they did when they were young?

Is anyone facing connectivity problems!?

By | February 11, 2011

There is something wrong going on since yesterday?

My OSN reciever woudn’t work well… if it shows anything it will only show me the movies channels. News channel weren’t working since yesterday aside from Jazeera and now not one news channel is working. Period.

My Zain ego keeps disconnecting on it’s own. When it connects it won’t allow us to view anything on the internet.

My brand new Viva internet stick thing won’t work either. I have been trying to write this post and it disconnected several times on it’s own. If i am lucky i will snatch a few minutes of connectivity before it disconnects on it’s own!

Is it just me!? Or is anyone facing the same troubles?! Weird day!!!!

Shrimpy’s Kids Meal Gift is… a Real Life Golden Fish!!!

By | January 24, 2011

I was walking in the avenues the other day when i saw a girl walking with a plastic bag filled with water… a black little fish was swimming inside the bag o tetmasha bel avenues with the girl!

Incredilous i tweeted about what i saw and my fellow Tweeps replied that Shrimpy have an offer with their kids meal, buy a kids meal and you will get a golden fish!!!

I went online to check and sure enough there is their offer poster!!! If you buy a kids meal you will get a real life fish!

I think it’s both creepy strange and a nice idea… on one hand given kids a real life fish after they have just consumed a bigger one is like handing out chicks in KFC… plus it’s messy and kids might spill the bag content and the fishy would die :( On the other hand it is a beautiful gift that is actually useful and means something… a real life fish you can grow and play with… we had a golden fish once that lived for so long but then one of my siblings changed it’s water with boiling water and the fishy died instantly w3liya! We were all sad to see her go…

What do you think?! Would you eat a shrimpy’s kids meal if you will be getting the golden fish as a gift?!!

How will they celebrate the birthday?

By | January 18, 2011

I saw this announcement on the Life Style Channel while browsing the channel lists and i was intrigued… how exactly will they be celebrating birthdays on a channel that shows movies and other entertainment programs?

I guess one way to find out… i will try and celebrate my birthday on that channel :p

Jumble of Road Signs…

By | January 15, 2011

Jabriya is now infested with the plaque of road works. You cannot walk a meter without finding a sewer that is dug up &  surrounded by concrete thus blocking the road…

So imagine my surprise when i saw a Read more »

Do you believe in superstitions?

By | January 14, 2011

After yesterday’s post regarding cutting nails at night, i began thinking of all the superstitions we believe in around here and whether or not they have a logical explanation?

For example, at home some of the superstitions we have is if you rub one of your eyes Read more »

Book Wanted: Hind Wal 3askar!

By | December 27, 2010

I am not sure how new this novel is… what i know is it’s being sold in the big libraries in KSA… it’s about a woman named hind and the 3askar denotes the society keeping her oppressed or something. Many people are saying things about some controversial sentences that appeared in the story. Some say it’s even better than Girls of Riyadh  Now of course i have to read it for my self. No one tells me the book is very good and stirs controversy and then expects me to think oh i should leave it alone. I have a mind of my own thank you very much.

If it’s sold in KSA then it’s being sold in Dubai for sure. If it has controversal materian then it won’t make it through the borders of the land of no controversy -god forbid- … aka Q8… for fears of corrupting out innocence. Do you think i should drive all the way to Khafji to get my own copy? How sad is that?! To actually drive to ANOTHER COUNTRY… Conservative KSA of all contries b3d… to get a book to read and make up my mind about!??!?! Why can’t this book be sold in Q8 y3ni o khalas? Why can’t i stroll into a bookstore, head held up high, and buy it, read it, and toss it to where i decide think it belongs: bin or book shelf?!

I will read it… sonner than later… even if i have to drive all the way to KSA to get it. Even if i have to take a plane to Dubai to read it. They say i can order it from Neel & and it will be delivered but i have stopped buying anything on line after the whole Aramex DHL Customs fiasco so i am not sure it can be dilevered!!! If you have any other means of getting this book or finidng it in Q8 please let me know?!  

Strange Parking Entrance…

By | December 24, 2010

I was in down town Kuwait the other day when i passed by the very strange parking entrance above! I have never seen such a parking entrance before.. eshda3wa?!

Khara3ne ishwaya… i would feel a bit claustrophobic if i had to go through this entrance to be frank. Is there other places with similar parking entrances in Kuwait?!

The Bogus Upgrade from Zain!

By | December 7, 2010

Ever since yesterday when i connected my Zain’s Ego and opened the browser i get the message above. Apparently my subscription was upgraded to 1 Mbps  and they thank me for being loyal!

Good wallah… i never thought they cared to the extent of giving free updates to long time customers. My husband calls them today to ask about the upgrade… you know what they told him?!

“The message you received by mistake. Only the new subscribtions are getting an upgrade. Your subscribtion is old so you didn’t get an upgrade and you recieved this message by mistake!!!!!!”

Wallah?! What’s with the thank you for being faithful? How can i be a loyal customer when old subscribers don’t get an upgrade while new ones who you don’t know how loyal they are getting ones?! It’s like some one is sticking his tongue out at me and saying “Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah no upgrade for you!!!”

Lakin ilsharha mo 3lekom. El sharha 3la ile lel7een meshterek wyakom!!!

Why am i getting rude comments on my London posts?!

By | December 6, 2010

Getting rude and disrespectful comments goes hand in hand with blogging. if anything it means that you are going in the right direction for you have triggered someone to attack you.

What i don’t understand though is why the volume of rude comments significally increases whenever i start posting about London?! Why Q8y people are taking those posts as personal insults against them is beyond me!!!

It’s not like i am saying you flan X don’t know London or you flana Y ma etdeleen London. It’s not like i am the first Q8y or Khaleji or Arabi to set foot in London. London is filled with Q8ys who live/study/work/visit there and know it like the back of their hands. I am just another one of those. I have a camera and i take pictures of whatever i do when i visit there and post it in MY BLOG!!! That’s it!

It’s my blog and i am FREE to post my memoirs and my experiences and my trips and my purchases and share them with friends, family, and the rest of world. Ma feha shay y3ni! It’s not like ini ga3da atshay7a6 3la el awadm o I am not saying that i am Christopher Columbus who discovered all things London and you didn’t. and to think i am posting about London because you are clueless and i am not is something from your imagination… lakin i guess inah kil min yshof il nass ib 3ain 6ab3ah… mo?

To you… you know who you are. Grow up and get a life. Elle 3la rasah ba67a ye7asesha welle mo 3ajbah any of my posts, London or other, the solution is to simply click the X icon on the top right corner of this page, no one is forcing you to come here and you cannot expect me to write whatever posts that make you happy… understood?!

Pancakes in a Can from a Vending Machine in Japan!!!

By | November 8, 2010

I have found this invention in an amazing travel blog i have stumbled upon recently and thought i would share it with you!

Hart, a blogger who is currently living in Japan, found the above Can in a Drinks Vending Machine in Japan (post link)! Now if the Japanese are known for something it’s their innovative creativity! The can has a liquid drink and when dispensed it is actually heated… and when drunk it tastes exactly like what a bite of pancakes with maple syrup and butter tastes like, la o hot b3d!!!

According to Hart its too sugary… but then it is still something different than what we are used to! Many people wouldn’t mind trying it!

I wouldn’t try the drink to be frank, sounds too sugary for my taste :S  But don’t you wish you had similar vending machines in Q8? and Would you try this liquid Pancakes in a Can drink?

El Qerqe3an Mita?

By | August 23, 2010

Ams cham kan min il shahar? 12 Ramadan  mo? Laish 3yal el yahal already ga3deen yegarge3oon o dagaw 3lena jaras il bab o ‘3anaw 3lena wee9 wee9 fee betkom ja3ame9?

I am sorry but mo china Qerqe3an starts 13-15 Ramadan? S7 wella ana ‘3al6ana?

Laish 3yal il showare3 matrosa yahal iygarg3oon? In Jabriya o Surra o Qurtoba for sure?

Is there someone responsible for it y3ni? Wella el nass mesta3yela? Wella il yahal ma yadroon? Why do you let your kids yegarge3oon when it’s not gerge3an yet? Laish il 3ajala ana mani fahma?

Wella ako a national change in Qerqe3an timing? Please update us 3shan we prepare our selves o our kids for next year dam il wath3 chithee…

Ma yokom yahal yegarge3on ams? or et3arfoon 3yal imgarge3een ams?

By the way gabel la itchaykon 3la your Qerqe3an event invitations in Facebook or etgalboon ib sowar il gerge3an making groups… shraykom you Like my recipe on the VIVA competition facebook page? Chinkom ma36ene gerge3an! To vote first like the viva page by clicking here then like my recipes here and  here… Thank You 😀

Do you Stare At People Who Brush Their Teeth?

By | August 2, 2010

I am at work, i take my tooth brush and tooth paste and go to our bathroom, which sadly is shared between two departments, i squeeze a little paste on my dry brush and start brushing vigorously, looking around, trying to finish up fast before someone comes in…


Bayga booga? 3amla 3amla?

People in Q8 have the weirdest reaction to people who brush their teeth “outside” their homes! Some people glance, disapprovingly, out of the corner of their eyes at your reflection in the mirror… some stand, mouth gaping open in amazement and your audicity to brush your teeth right there and then, some snicker at you, very few people ignore you… and then you overhear two yapping girls dissing you behind your back for “brushing your teeth at work” with a couple of “waaay ambeeeh” and a sprinkle of laughter…

Fact 1: Ma ho 3aib, wala 7ram, walaho dangerous, wala smelly, wala disgusting.

Fact 2: SHE and HER and YOU must be brushing your teeth at work after having breakfast.

Fact 3: I am not baring skin, or doing something hideous like shaving my legs in the bathroom. It’s just a simple hygienic practice intensified by the fact that i wear BRACES and that half my teeth are decayed and the other half is falling off… i really cannot afford NOT to take care of my teeth.

Fact 4: Kaifi! Ok? KAIFI!

If you are someone who stares at an innocent person brushing her/his teeth in a public bathroom… tra ma 3ndokom salfa. It’s teeth brushing, not smoking pot!

Did someone ever stare at you for brushing your teeth outside your house?

Would you try this drink: Tang's Lemon & Pepper!

By | July 1, 2010

While browsing the shelves of our Co-Op i saw this Tang bag. I am not a fan of Tang at all but i thought it was strange to see a Pepper Shaker on the Front… i usually see fruits like mango strawberry…

I pick up the bag wella it says ‘Lemon & Pepper’ EW Esta’3far Allah! Laish 3ad?!

The thought of the combo made my stomach churn and ache immediately… i turned it around to see the ingredients… maybe they meant it as a line of salad dressing or something… but it said the drink mix “mo7alla bel sukkar” so sugar is included!!!

Am i missing something here? Is it like a new habba drink or something?! Have you tried this comibination before? WOULD you try this combination?!!!!

What's Wrong with Cinescape Show Times?!

By | May 27, 2010

A while ago i wanted to watch madry ay movie… and i coudln’t find reservations in a *decent* cinema. Killa ya Laila ya Ajyal…

I thought it was because of the movie. I have been away for a while, now Shrek III is out, it is a Big Deal y3ni… i try to reserve but…

What do i find?

If i want to watch it, i must either go to Laila or Muhallab or Ajial! No where else! If i want to upgrade and go to 360 i must go to the VIP theatre and pay 6 KD!!! and There are not shows in the Avenues!!!

Laish?! What are we supposed to do y3ni? This is not the FIRST movie that has this strange allocation! Either we go to Ajial o Laila or we pay 6 KD for the VIP in 360 and Avenues or what?! Stay at home?! Why?!

and what is showing *regularly* may i ask in the Avenues?

The Egyptian Noor Einy? Jack Hunter?! The Indian Movie Kites?! Iron Man 2 which was out a month ago?! NANNY MCFEE!?

Min 9ejkom wallah?! The new global movie Shrek is out and those are in?! Why? No really why?! Give me one good reason why i cannot go out for lunch in the Avenues or 360 in the Weekend and watch the LATEST Shrek III which is out across the world… WHY?!

La 7awla wala Qowata Ella Be Allah!

Lost in Translation: A hilarious Menu!

By | May 6, 2010

Ok i am not going to say which restaurant this belongs to, one day you might come across it…

But the menu is a disaster! Chock full of typos! A mine for LIT posts… i have a select *few* 😀

Lets have a laugh shall we? Read the Read more »

OSN New Reciever Sucks… STRIKE 3!

By | May 2, 2010

Around 7 pm every day… i sit on the table with my main meal of the day. I switch on my tv, and i watch an Egyptian Series i like and follow on Rotana Zaman… Sometimes i flip between Rotana Zaman and Spacetoon Power to watch Conan between Rotana ads…

But last Thursday, i sat down, ready to eat and enjoy my day… when this FRIGGIN message appeared!

Apparently 3/4 the channels in the reciever were not working because there is NO SIGNAL

and i call Show time… they advice me to cut off the recievers main power and restore it’s settings to default.. which meant ERASING my FAVORITES for the THIRD TIME IN ONE WEEK!

Yet the message didn’t go away… now it’s been like this for days…

Eshraykom bel happiness ele i am living in? They say no Nile Sat channels would be available for at least 2 months and that there is nothing they can do for me. They can send a technician but i have to wait until Sunday… and that they cannot give me back another card to use on my old heavenly reciever… basically it’s their way or the highway!

Do you think 7mayat il mostahlek deals with such cases?!