The Avenues Summer Carnival

vocally By | September 2, 2013

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When I first set foot on the Grand Avenues during the Avenues construction site visit, I could almost imagine a European like walkway lined with cafes and international shops. Then when the Avenues did finally open and became the place to be in Kuwait, it did feel like you were travelling every time you walk down it’s vast corridors. Last week, Read more »

New Blog Sponsors: Aqua Tots

By | June 2, 2013


Please join me in welcoming Aqua Tots as my new blog sponsors and just in time for the summer swimming season! Aqua Tots are an international franchise with more than 30 indoor swimming centers around the world dedicated to providing an ideal environments for teaching children how to swim safely. With 8 swimming levels, they take in children starting at 6 months old up until 12 years-old. Yes, babies can learn to swim to and Aqua Tots is the place to teach them.

For more information about Aqua Tots you can contact them by calling +(965) – 6027711, check their website (link),  follow them on Twitter (@AquaTots_Swim) or on instagram (@AquaTots). Their location is in Khaldiya block 2 St. 29 in the Women’s Cultural and Social Society building.

I’m Not Called Danderma for Nothing…

By | May 22, 2012

There is a good reason I chose Danderma as my nickname -many good reasons actually-. The main reason however is my never ending relationship with ice cream. I can proudly say that I am totally, hopelessly, ruthelessly, head-over-heels in love with anything ice cream. Read more »

New Photography Course with Tahani Al-Ayoub

By | May 20, 2012

Remember when I began to wail about needing a photography course (post)? Now I have the answer in my email. Professional Photographer Ms. Tahani Al-Ayoub is now offering photography courses. I for one am waiting to register in one, it would be a great way to spend the summer doing and learning things that are beneficial and tick them off my wish list.

To register you can visit her website (link). Thank you Tahani, looking forward to your course indeed.

Summer in Q8 Means: Brai39i Time :S

By | May 20, 2011

We are still in May, yet when I came home a few days ago I found this disgusting gray brai39i perched on the wall besides the front door waiting, biding his time g63!

I am afraid of all animals, but the brai39i in particular makes me sick to my stomach. Its just too slimy and too gray… Isn’t it a bit too early for Brai39ia now? Don’t they come out in July or something? G63!

Oh and Butootee couldn’t kill him, he ran away! I suppose he is lurking around the outside of the house somewhere… brrrr

Summer in Q8 Means: Terror time! The Brai39iya are back in action!

By | July 13, 2010

Last night while we were in Caribou’s drive thru reading the menu…  this little fellow was reading the menu with us and jumped from one item to item b3d… we haven’t seen one in quite a long time! I think it’s this time of year again when they finally show up! Needless to say he followed us to the cashier window and played all around while we were paying by Knet and scared he would decide to join us in the car… chan 9rakhna shayel lee el salmiya!

When was the last time you were terrorized by a Brai3i?!

10 Tips for: Surviving the Heat of the 50 C+ Summer!

By | June 27, 2010

1- If you don’t have to go out during the day… then DON’T. Period. Start  the outings an hour after the Sun has set.

2- If however, u have work/school/college to attend to… first invest in a good quality window film for your car. It is invisible, a bit expensive, but it protects your car and keeps a good % of the heat out of ! Totally worth every fils… my car has LLumar on it and i regret not doing it earlier.

3- Before you head out the door, make sure you have a very cold bottle of water with you, sip a little and keep sipping throughout the journey…

4- If you are walking under the sun… have some Read more »

10 Reasons Why: I Dread Driving in the Q8y Summer!

By | June 13, 2010

1- When you enter the car… be it day or night, parked in the shade or under the sun, it is exactly like entering a furnace :S

2- Even with the best of cars… the AC will not start blowing cold air until you are 2 minutes away from your destination.

3- Unless you wear gloves, you will be scalded trying to touch anything: Door handles, steering wheel… etc. etc. Same goes for opening the  house door or any kind of door.

4- If your car seats are made of leather… and you are wearing short sleeves/skirt/shorts… be prepared for your skin getting burned upon impact.

5- You would like to drive fast enough to escape the sun… yet you are really not supposed to. The friction cause by the hot asphalt will shred your tires… you must drive slower than usual under the hot sun :S

6- Because of the heat… people are much angrier and very irrational… avoid human interaction on the road, it could get very very ugly.

7- For some reason people think it’s ok to stop their cars in the middle of the road to grab some ice cream or cold water bottles… so what if it was in the middle of a busy roundaboubt causing a  horrible traffic Jam?

8- When you need to fill your tank, even at night time, you will need to turn off your car engine(and the AC)… those five minutes are equivelant to an hour in a sauna room. My advice? Fill your car 1 KD at a time…

9- Drive thrus are out of the question. If you have to open your car window -to take a parking ticket for example- it is torture and there is a good chance you will have two mismatched arms color wise…

10- When you are FINALLY home, flushed from the heat and sweating all over, you run to have a shower and cool off… but you will find that there is nothing but scalding hot water… even if your father had shut the hot water off and kept the Water Tanks in a brick room on their own. Only hot water in the summer comes with the territory.

Summer in Q8 Means: Raqqi!

By | June 1, 2010

The must have fruit of the Q8y summer! You know summer is here when you bite into a sweet and juicy piece or Raqqi and you feel nourished after a long hot day 😀

Happy Start of Summer Every One! Meta El Na7sha?