Why Do We Avoid the Subject of Saving Money in Kuwait?

By | September 30, 2013


As September is drawing to a close I sit back and wonder how fast will it feel before we celebrate 2014? I didn’t care much for how 2013 turned out so far but I suppose there is still hope that the last quarter would make up for it. Speaking of which, I came upon something, a discovery if you may, when I was talking to a “friend” a few weeks back that got me pondering the matter of trying to save a bit of money from your income and the response I got from the friend, as if I had grown two heads and began spitting fire like a dragon, left me dumbfounded to say the least.  Read more »

Movie Review: Jobs

By | August 27, 2013


When I knew Jobs movie was in the cinema I wanted to go see it right away but I was put off by the unbelievable amount of bad reviews and feedbacks I got. Some said it was the movie was boring, others said the movie was all shot in a boardroom, others hated Ashton Kutcher as Jobs, other thought it was a complete waste of time, etc. I was reluctant to go to be frank, but then I’ve always had a mind of my own and different taste than everyone else so I’ve decided to go see it and decide for myself. Read more »

The Nurseries Invasion on our Neighbourhood

By | August 25, 2013


There was a block of houses, all white and modern and lovely, being built in our neighbourhood close to our apartment. I passed by everyday, thinking to myself how beautiful they were and how, if one day I ever get to build a house of my own, I’d love to have one just like those. The construction on the houses was finally complete a few months back, a ‘for rent’ sign was put over them for a few days, and then the tragic transformation began. Read more »

Armies of Crickets are Everywhere!

By | July 20, 2013

cricket2We noticed one yesterday, a lone greyish brown thing walking right past my couch as I was lounging in peace. In an instant the invading cricket was crushed underneath a pair of nearby crocs. I was astonished, where on earth did he come from exactly? Before I had the time to process that Read more »

Help: How to Kill a Lizard “Brai39i”?

By | July 15, 2013


If you find yourself in a situation where you are home on your own, ready to have some precious me quality time, only a pest in the name of brai39i -dessert lizard- decides to intrude and crash your party of one. The slimy, greyish pest with round probing eyes will zoom on the wall where your favourite couch is perched, hissing soundlessly, his tail flailing about, and you will find yourself screaming your lungs out while your legs jump to the furtherest corner of the room away from him. Read more »

Good Bye Alphonso Mangoes :(

By | June 26, 2013


The time has come to bid my favourite fruit ever, the Alphonso Mangoes, adieu. After an exceptionally long season where I’ve devoured every single golden mango that passed through my threshold, at last I can sit back and wave good bye for the imported cartons of mangoes. There are still a alphonso mangoes around but the taste has changed a bit, you know it’s time to let go. I’m also not interested in any other kind of mango, for once you taste the Alphonsos then that’s that. Read more »

Do You Give Out People’s Emails without Permission?

By | March 21, 2013

emarnI once wrote a post about people who give out other people’s phone number’s to anyone who would ask without permission first (post). It’s annoying, vulgar, and every bit an invasion on individual’s privacy especially if it’s not a business phone number. If giving out people’s private phone number’s without permission is bad, giving out their private emails is Read more »


By | January 18, 2013


You go to bed one Friday night with a head buzzing with your Saturday plans. You wake up happy and ready to start the day with breakfast outdoors. A few minutes after the sleep haze has lifted from your head you realise something is not right, there is a certain bad thing going on, and it hits you “I’ve Read more »

Magnolia Bakery’s Opening in Kuwait

By | December 27, 2012


Last week I posted about the softest yummiest invite I got from Magnolia Bakery Kuwait for their opening (post). Yesterday was the opening in Al-Hamra night and I have to say it was a night of wicked temptation indeed. What’s a girl on a diet to do when Read more »

LoFat Vegetarian Diet – Day 12

By | December 25, 2012


Day twelve started with a breakfast of waffles with chocolate sauce, fruit skewers, low fat Laban (buttermilk), and Read more »

What to do When your iPhone Goes Missing?

By | December 18, 2012


I was exausted after a long day, hungry and on a diet, and my teeth hurt from wearing my retainers. All I wanted to do was to be home, change into my pjs and fall a sleep. I did reach home, however as I was getting out of the car my iPhone slipped and fell out, through the water drain to the sewers below!!!

In my panic I tried everything to get the iPhone out. My precious iPhone, the portal to my social media life! Only the iPhone was no where to be seen and after an hour of trying I gave up. I went inside, changed all my passwords and disabled my SIM. I cried all night long and I couldn’t sleep, knowing that I will be buying a replacement in the morning for my iPhone laying deep in the sewers two meters away from me.

This morning however a friend of my husband tells him that his brother’s iPhone fell through the storm drain too and he called the Ministry of Public Work’s hotline and they came and fetched it for him. Skeptic, he called the hot number 112 and he was transfered to a guy called Sameer. Within one hour of his call this morning workers from the ministry came to the drain, opened it up, fetched for the iphone and took it out! Its now sleeping safely at home waiting to be reunited with me once more. Big fat PHEW!

I am lucky my iPhone was retrieved. I feel so relieved and I think it will still be working since I kept calling it all night and it was connecting. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to use it again after submerging it in Clorex. In my case, one of my nightmares of losing my iPhone became a reality last night and in my panic I kept searching online on what to do. My worst nightmare would be if my phone wasn’t lost in the sewers, it would be if it was stolen by some thief. In anycase, here are the steps I found on the net -and I followed- to react in case your iPhone was lost or stolen:

  1. 1- Before you disable your SIM, you can go to iCloud.com or to any of your other Mac devices and try to locate your iPhone. In order to do so of course you should have enabled the Find My Phone feature and iCloud on the iPhone itself. If you haven’t, do so NOW. You never know what might happen in the next 5 minutes. I mean it, NOW.
  2. 2- If you locate your iPhone in a familiar place and you can retrieve it, fine, do so then. If you can’t or if it was stolen. Use the Wipe iPhone using the Use my iPhone app which will wipe all the apps and data from your iPhone and no one can use them otherwise.  You can retrieve your data from your iCloud and your backups.
  3. 3- Now call your telecommunication company and have them disable your SIM. After you’ve tried to locate it and wiping your iPhone clean. May I also suggest that you act swiftly and quickly in case you thought the iPhone was stolen? Panic will make you go lightning bolt fast.
  4. 4- Change all your applications passwords, starting with the iTunes one. Its a big drag but if you are serious about identity theft and don’t want anyone tweeting/instagramming/facebooking on your behalf, you should. Some applications like email allow you to revoke access you’ve given to the iPhone, do revoke all accesses when the option is given.

And basically that’s it, that’s what I’ve done myself yesterday. If you have anymore steps to add to the list please do share. May you never experience the loss of losing your prized iPhone or its peers. Big thanks to the Ministry of Public Works and to Mr. Sameer for their unbelievable swift service, I’m very grateful and deeply impressed.

Halloween 2012 in the London

By | November 1, 2012

I’ve been away from my beloved blog so long I feel like I’m about to dust cobwebs off the wordpress panel. I am putting together this post now while watching Halloween III and with the rain pounding on the window. The mood couldn’t have been any creepier I suppose so Read more »

The New 52 Degrees and their Ramadan Exhibition

By | July 17, 2012

Last week I received a Ramadan gift and an invitation to attend 52 Degree’s Ramadan exhibition for home accessories and dara’as (post). What I didn’t expect though is Read more »

Bs 3ad! Enough Already with Instagram Competitions…

By | July 8, 2012

Since 3/4 of Kuwait are now on instagram, I’m sure all of you had encountered the infamous, most annoying comment of last week: Please like 9orat el3o6or ele eb profily.

Dear companies, we realize that the use of Social media outlets have been great for your business. I personally salute you for being modern and on trend. I don’t blame you for holding out competitions at all but please, for the love of god, I beg of you DO NOT have competitions where people with the most number of likes win. PLEASE!

First, its unfair. Some pictures are truly horrible, simply an eyesore that lacks any creativity. Yet horrible pictures win because the person who submitted it is either very popular, have a huge extended family, or simply a shameless beggar who would stop at nothing to harass people, over an over and over and OVER again, for a like.

Why don’t you choose the best pictures yourself? Its not hard, gather the pictures, have 3-4 people from your management vote on them and announce the winners instead of having us, the poor instragrammers, ruing the day you have decided to hold a competition and counting the day until the competition is up.

And you, you beggars, have you no shame? No dignity? Really wallah? You think your horrible picture deserves to win what exactly? A bottle of perfume? Can’t you go and buy it yourself? Its not a Rolls Royce, or a Park Lane penthouse. Have you no regards to other people’s feeling? A bottle of perfume is the price for your own dignity, now that’s it?

If you’ve been annoyed by those instragrammers asking for votes, don’t be shy let it out here.

What to Do When Your iPhone’s Screen Breaks

By | June 25, 2012

Yesterday evening I was trying to shoot a video with my iPhone so I was trying to balance it on a narrow table when it fell, face down, on the ceramic floor. I picked up only to gasp when I saw the screen was shattered! Read more »

Book Review: The Two Weeks Wait by Sarah Rayner

By | May 21, 2012

The first book I read by Sarah Rayner, One Moment One Morning, was very good. It was sad but it had a certain type of story that people can identify with. The ending was good and provided a kinda happily ever after ending. Read more »

Help: Stray Cats Invaded my Doorway!

By | May 17, 2012

Since before I was born Kuwait’s streets were infested with scores of stray cats. Everywhere you went, there must be a group of cats sitting around the garbage can tearing it apart to have that Zbaidi leftovers from lunch, a couple of

Read more »

Picture of the Week: Sarrayat

By | May 14, 2012

The weather has been acting up lately, all because its the season of “Sarrayat” which is equivalent to the Kuwaiti Monsoon season. This year however its raining mud! Big fat muddy rain drops that makes everything dirty, the sky is almost always tainted with yellow, and flu is attacking everyone!

Though I’m not looking forward to the summer, I hate summer, but I do truly wish this unstable weather would pass. I’ve had the flu since last Thursday and I am not getting any better for five days now even though I’m on antibiotics! At least in the summer we can hide inside the house with the AC all day long, happy and healthy…

Stealing other people’s work is NOT acceptable!

By | May 6, 2012

When you work hard, for years, to create your own brand and reputation in the market. When you create something out of god given gift. When you are successful and loved, you are bound to find copycats popping Read more »

Habba Alert: Black Henna Fingertips

By | May 1, 2012

Last year it was the Henna glove (post), this year it seems to be the Henna fingertips in blackest of black.

I’ve seen several pictures online and on instagram of stylish girls sporting the black henna fingertips in black. Some keep the fingers black, others paint the nails some crazy vibrant color that will shine against the blackness of the finger tips. I couldn’t use any of those pictures since they are the people’s own y3ni so I drew my own version :p Excuse my artistic talents but I guess the idea is clear.

What do you think? Myself? Well, ever since I was a child I’ve loathed henna. I hated the smell, the way they made pouches out of your hands covered in fabric, the tint of orange, the mess. I might have been the only little girl in the 80’s who ran a mile away whenever I saw or smelt a whiff of henna. Never a fan, never will be.

As a child one of my aunts told me, in order to get me to put henna on, that heaven smelled like henna and I started screaming hysterically that I didn’t want to go to heaven. I didn’t calm down until I was told I had the option to not smell henna in heaven. God only knows how true that is.

Anyhow back to the moment. I have to say I liked the henna glove better. Black fingertips look like something had caught on fire and was burned badly. Its kinda scary unless you are going with a goth look which, for the love of god, don’t since only 0.5% of Kuwaiti girls can pull that off. I wonder how it would look on an bright orange tan though?

What do you think? Would you go for the black henna fingertips habba?

Picture of the Week: Kiwi

By | April 30, 2012

Though its a “negative calorie” food that aids in weight loss. Though it has a gorgeous green hue that I adore. Though people like it and eat it with a spoon or drink its juice. I cannot stand it.

The taste, and seeds, of the Kiwi scratch at my throat in the exact same way the Kiwi skin scratches against my hand. I love most fruit kinds but I have a really hateful relationship with Kiwi. Its best fruit partner, the pineapple, is my friend though.

Do you like Kiwi? Or does it scratch at your throat as well?

Ten Things I Hate About Kuwaiti Exhibitions

By | April 23, 2012

http://hiperduct.ac.uk/marketing-essay-writer-websites 1- The Salamat: The cause of 90% of the crowding in any expo! Two women with their entourage meet in the middle of the narrow aisle and start kissing and saying hello and exchanging the gist of their past 25 years since they’ve last met while people are trying to walk around them to no avail. You have to wait until they are done. Plus, try and talk to a seller for a complete 5 minutes. You can’t because at every minute and so she will stop, say hello, and chat for a while, then come back and you have to explain what you want all over again. Urrghhh!

buy gabapentin no prescription 2- The Babies: You know an exhibition is already crowded with stampeding women. Why on earth would you bring kokash yahal with you? Its hard enough trying to walk between all these women let alone push your baby in his pram. Also, why do you need two maids for one child? Pushing and shoving the crowds so the baby is safe and unscathed? Can’t the two maids entertain him somewhere else? Bs kafi elnafas on the poor child!

3- Elseller Elmayga: She sits there displaying her stuff but she looks at the crowds with the aloofness of a queen. Whenever you approach and try to make eye contact she pouts, fishes her phone, and pretends to be distracted. Erm why are you here then if you don’t want to sell to customers or interact with them?

4- Eldewaniya Booth: Some sellers will invite their friends and/or family over. Gather inside the booth and turn it into a mini dewaniya: sowalif o 7abb o chai. If you say “law sama7tay” they all stop talking, turn their heads over to you slowly with killer looks, how dare you interrupt their “salfa”. Elsharha mo 3lekom, el sharha 3lay ele bashtere minkom.

5- The Recycler: She buys stuff from all around Kuwait, IKEA for example, knit a crochet net on top of it, and sell it for 10 times its original value! We know it’s available in IKEA for 1 KD! Or a piece of cardboard thay you cut as a door handle and you can do in your local markaz 6ba3a for 10 KD!!! Eshda3wa! I’m all for supporting creative business but some things are just too much.

6- The ATM: Given that we have one million exhibitions held in Kuwait already I wonder why they don’t facilitate payment by Knet or a one stop payment or something. The ATM line is always too long on the lone ATM machine! Maybe they can have a service where they collect your purchases to a collection point where you pay before you exit and take the bags at once. That way you don’t have to carry your bags around b3d, mo?

7- Elmalgoofa: She is a fellow customer who has no respect whatsoever to the conversation you are barely having with the seller. You would be talking and she would interrupt “law sama7tay law sama7tay hatha shinooo” or “ebchaaaam” or 3adi jedan she acts be 9amt but she grabs whatever you are holding or whatever you are standing next to. Why the hell don’t you wait your turn like I’ve waited mine? I always let them get their way because otherwise I’d make a scene and quite possible strangle elmalgoofa ele ma ta9ber!

8- ElMo7aqeq: She stands by your side patiently waiting her turn, thank god for that, but then she kills the time by holding a mini interrogation session: Sheybe3oon? 7elween moo? Esh sharya? Entay min bentah? Metzawja? 3ndich e3yal? Wain teshta’3lain? Dasha ma3rath ana wella ta7qeeq? Esh hal legafa intay b3d? Wallah 7reem elQ8 could do well working as interrogators!

9- The Stinky Booth: Elnass yayeen embakhereen em3adeleen emzahlegeen, o 7arr, o crowds, o khanga, o you pass by some food booth that cooks the food by the fryer or 7ameesa or displays something so smelly “fish?” that your eyes water and you curse yourself for passing by. Can’t you have done your cooking at home or operated an delivery business mathalan? 9oba’3na!

10- The Parking: Elmoshkila el azaliya everywhere in Kuwait. There is no parking when you try to get in. When you do find a parking you spend an hour trying to get out of the expo. If you go with Valet parking they take one hour to get your car while you are standing there in the lovely weather with your purchases and heels if you are wearing them. Mako fayda :(

What about you? What do you hate about the exhibitions in Kuwait?

When Men Spit During Traffic!

By | April 23, 2012

You know what really makes me go insane with disgust in traffic?

When a car driver opens up his door, leans out, and lets out a big drizzle of saliva araf ya2refah!

Thats even worse that throwing rubbish out of the car window! Is there a particular reason why you cannot keep your act of spitting inside your own bloody car? Why it needs to graze the asphalt of the street in front of all the disgusted commuters out there? Why you need to spit in the first place? Is it a lack of napkins? Is it a manly gesture? What the hell is it you disgusting oaf?

Whenever I see one of those uncivilized drivers I feel like ramming my car against theirs in repercussion! The sad thing is that even Kuwaiti men driving decent cars are doing it, in all ages, and not only Asian drivers!!!  The question remains: WHY!

There should be fines for such vulgar acts in public! 500 KD and above G63! G63 g63 g63 g63 G63!!!!!

The Man Who Came Knocking on My Door to “Check the Water”

By | April 17, 2012

My husband bid me good buy and went out to meet his friend on Sunday night. I put the news on and snuggled into my warm bisht at home. A few minutes had passed when, at 9:05 PM, an urgent pounding came on Read more »

The “Neighbor” Who Came Asking for Money!

By | April 13, 2012

Yesterday evening we were sitting outdoors in our tiny corridor/make shift tiny garden. Drinking tea and enjoying the post rain weather when a white car pulls out in front of us in the street and the driver honks to grab our attention while Read more »