Review: GroupXen Concet Store, Al Tilal Mall By | April 17, 2011

I was invited to a private viewing of the newly opened concept store of GroupXen in Tilal Mall yesterday. I went with my camera and i have a lot of pictures to share with you in this post. In their own words they describe themselves as a “Diverse bundle of companies ranging from architectural design to interiors, furniture,event planning, media, and retail”

GroupXen is located in Tilal Mall with two enterances. The main entrance is located on the outside opposite Al Faris Jewellery store across the street.

You go inside and walk through a long candle lit corridor to the reception area of the store where we were greeted by the designer the amazing Ms. Farah Al-Babtain.

As you come to the reception area your eyes take a double take. You don’t know where to start first for there are many beautiful things to look at every where!

The first section on the left was the Xen Events.

Do you have a party? A recception? A qerqe3an? Gift wrapping? Xen Events are happy to help you out. They have samples of their work displayed and i would have to say i loved it so much! Quite different.

They display alone makes you want to invent an occasion just so you would be able to come, stare, and choose!

Wrapped GODIVA chocolates for reception or wedding presenting. There was also a lovely customized Shabka Box that i forgot to shoot.

The next time i need to wrap a gift i know where i will be going.

When you finally manage to tear your eyes away from the Xen Living section you get to gaze at the Xen Flowers section on your right..

The flowers were lovely and giving off the most fabulous scent. The arrangements were unique with an oriental twist.

The lovely flower arrangements were scattered all over the store sections. Take for example the ones on the reception desk.

After Xen Flowers comes the Xen Living section.

Unique furniture pieces are on display. Designed and made by Xen Living. Me Likey <3

The Xen Living section leads into the Cupcake Boutique section which has it’s own entrance on the inside of Al Tilal Mall.

I’ve always admired the Cupcake boutique’s innovative and unique designs. The first time i heard about it was in 2007 and it combined two of the greatest trends at the time: Track Suits and Cupcakes!

Not only are the designs gorgeous and unique, the quality is good and when you wear a piece you would know that not every one on planet earth is wearing a similar one. I like it’s exclusivity to the Kuwaiti market.

Yes exactly!

The new SS2011 collection is now available in store.

The designs are just too beautiful.I so want to buy my self a cupcake embossed something but i am too fat. I promised my self i will come back when i lose some weight to reward my self 😉

The Muhra section hosts the Muhra collection of evening gowns.

I love the Arabian designs of the place, the poetry written on the ceiling, and how it all blends in with the whole store without feeling out of place!

The Muhra Section Flower Arrangements.

The Fitting Room. By the way each Muhra item is a unique one of a kind piece only. There are no two pieces of the same design made.

After the Muhra section you go via a corridor to the Mizensir section.

I am a sucker for a beautiful scent I was instantly pulled towards the glowing golden globes and the spraying bottles.

If you are a fan of Jo Malone you will love this brand! The scents are different and sophisticated.

Beautiful arrangement as usual by the glowing golden globe. 

The last time i was in Liberty in the UK I there were a perfumes brand I loved that was very similar to this one. It was new to Liberty but I am not sure if it’s the same brand. The vanilla scent is to die for. I couldn’t resist the Orchid Chocolate room spray! It had to go home with me that night.

I am the first person to purchase a Mizensir by the way. As i was paying i was given the guest book to write a message and i did 😉

My elegant bag carrying my purchased room spray <3

When i went home i sprayed my bed sheets with the amazing room spray and now i am making this post while inhaling the amazing scent reminding me of the fabulous evening I’ve had. Very Xen indeed 😉

Thank you dear Farah for your invitation. I wish you all the luck with GroupXen. I wish to see more creative Kuwaitis getting their ideas out like you did 😀

GroupXen is Located in Al Tilal Mall, Shuwaikh. For more information you can check their Facebook page (link) or their website (link).

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