"Rice" by Lenotre… La Y6oofkom!!!

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Congo {Democratic Rep} After an exciting & fulfilling dinner experience... the hand sanitizers

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We were checking out the new pizza place in Avenues when we saw “Rice” and stopped in our tracks…

Rice from the outside

Rice from the outside

The design of the place is very very modern and done in beige and light gray… i liked the design instantly. When we read the menu we decided to try it right away!

First of all it is by Lenotre. To me, anything by lenotre is worth trying.

We sat at the open area and not inside, and within minutes many people started to trickle in.

This place offers a new & innovative concept, which is, u order a “Tray” with five elements. There is the rice, a little jeder of rice, then there is the salad/yoghurt thing. Then the accompanying main, pickles, and something else i didn’t quite get. Followed by sweets and Chai Fa7am!!!!

Some of the combinations were “Veggie byriani, Murabian, Bariyani, Rozz Imfalfal with kobba bel laban, Shesh Barak and Rice, 3eesh Bajela o Shbent with Marag Sabzi, 3eesh o Maraq Bamiya (ee walla), 3eesh Zereshk and Kebabb…)… A whole page of side orders is available too… salads and rices and kobbeeb and stuff…

The menu is nice and straightforward. The dishes eyshawgoon. As in, it is good good q8y-like food like you get served at home in nice portions, but in a very modern way!

Now u have to go when ur hungry, say after work without breakfast. Not for dinner. The food is yummy.

I ordered the veggie byriani. Bu Tootee did not order anything but Laban with mint cause he can’t eat. and it was GOOD byriani. No kidding. It is like something from an old q8y house in a modern plate. Those yummy squishy potatos jumping every other bite blanketed by the yoghurt…. mmmm i could get out of work now and go have it again.

now this is a place to take visitors to when they come to q8 looking for some q8y food! Or if ur family wants to go out and is not really in the mood for junk food. This is food worth eating out for.

Best thing is?

When i was done, i felt light. There is no Ghee in the food. food is tasty, light, and airy! No grease stains in my plate after i was done, no feeling of sluggishness and oh-my-stomach-what-have-i-done-i-cannot-breathe feeling at all…

I am definitely going back! I want to try the roz imfalfal thingy and the 3eesh bajela o shbent thingy!!!

Funny thing? a man sitting next to us with his friend and their wives infa3al while eating… he was elderly, maybe 60? O he was eatings tons of tabasco and spices… so he removes his ‘3etra o 3qal while all of us are watching… and hands them to his wife… o continued eating…!!! Now thats a sight!

Rice is locaten at the Avenues Phase II. Right next to the Butcher Shop and Opposite Johnny Rockets…

The Tables

The Tables


Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper





How to eat? By Spoon, By Fork, By Chopsticks, or By Hand!!!

How to eat? By Spoon, By Fork, By Chopsticks, or By Hand!!!


My Veggie Byriani Tray: Byriani Rhaita, Byriani Maraq, Lemon Pickles, and Some Powder

My Veggie Byriani Tray: Byriani Rhaita, Byriani Maraq, Lemon Pickles, and Some Powder


One GoooooooooD Pot of Byriani!

One GoooooooooD Pot of Byriani!


Yummy & Light Rhaita!

Yummy & Light Rhaita!


The lemon pickles if u like to eat them... i don't

The lemon pickles if u like to eat them... i don't


My Tea :D in the Modern Istekana :D

My Tea 😀 in the Modern Istekana 😀


The Dessert: 3othmaliya

The Dessert: 3othmaliya




After an exciting & fulfilling dinner experience... the hand sanitizers

After an exciting & fulfilling dinner experience... the hand sanitizers

0 Responses to “"Rice" by Lenotre… La Y6oofkom!!!”

  1. 3anooda says:

    looks really nice

  2. Lonely_ed7 says:

    ya3ny madry 3anech ya3ny .. ana ma garet el review yet .. bs leesh et7eben et7edena 3ala el shar o et7e6en reviews 3an akel o ma6a3em .. ma tadren ena e7na ebser3a nestaslem o nahgem 3ala el akel!!

    bacher kel qora2 blogech e9eron mtaan eb sebetech .. wen betro7en men rabech :p

    bel 3afia .. i’ll give it a try someday :)

  3. Ra7aLaH says:

    eyshaweeeeg! 9eeej 9eeej anything by lenotre is worth trying! yebtehaa!

  4. Stand-Alone~ says:

    hey, in my trip to kuwait i passed by this, i saw the menu bas mazagi ma kan rice!! it sounded really intersting,, and i liked the decore of the place.. maybe next time inshallah when i come there i will eat in it =)

  5. eshda3wa says:

    i should check this out wana hungry

    tawni maklaaa!

  6. Jam3iiya(L) says:

    you deleted the post? about the hypocrite?

  7. Zabo0o6a says:

    Yabeela awadey omey tjarba , m3a iney mo men rabe3 el3yoush !

  8. Daddy's Girl says:


    It is really nice!!! Though i do not like home food lakin this is so good it made me eat!!!



    3ad wallah khoosh ma63am! chinah akil beet… a7san mathalan min kentucky fried chicken…

    gather up a group of shabab o ro7aw!


    3ad sej eyshaweg… ya rabi hal lenotre sho’3olhom ‘3air!!!


    Wanasa u came here!??!?!
    3sa bs istanastay!?!?!??!?


    Ee walla do 😀 wanasa it’s good food o it feels like playing barooi all at once 😀 little platetaat o jeder is’3airoon wanasa…


    No it was published a day earlier sorry about that… it will be published again at 3:45 tommorow insha2 allah


    Ooooh insha2 allah ya3jebha… agool tawah 7g eshda3wa wanasa china ga3da tel3ebeen barooi!!!

    O ako a whole page of sides if u don’t want rice u can have something else 😀

  9. Silver says:

    omg looks amaaaazing. chan zain i was in q8 to try it:/

  10. Daddy's Girl says:


    Insha2 allah laman terje3en il Q8 bel salama itjarbeenah 😀

  11. nbq says:

    going to try it out in an hour for iftar… looks amazing.

  12. Daddy's Girl says:


    3ad perfect for Syaaam!

    Plz tell us how it went… what did u try?! Ana meshtahya aroo7 akil 3eesh bajela o shbent malhom…

  13. nbq says:

    Well… I ordered the Shrimp Masala!
    I wanted to take photos, but my hunger got in the way ;p

    Anyway, here’s my review.

    Location and furniture is good; although I wish they’d ban smoking out right or at least dedicate some outside areas for non-smokers (right now, inside for non-smokers, outside for smokers).

    The food: I realized after the main course arrived that only a month or two ago I had ordered the same meal “Shrimp Masal” but at Le Notre!!! The only difference was in the presentation style and the condiments of course.

    It was an ‘ok’ meal. The shrimp had a bit of a ‘fishy’ after taste (needs more marination?) and the masala sauce was a rather runny; I would have preferred it to be thicker.

    Another point is, the rice portion can be enough for two. So, I wish they allow you to order the main course separately without rice (I realize that goes against their concept of one tray with everything, but still). For example, my wife didn’t feel like ordering a whole tray, but she would have liked to try some of the other dishes, but she only wanted the main dish without the rice and condiments. They didn’t allow this :s. (the waitress said what they charge for is the main dish, the rest are ‘included’ lool).

    One thing I noticed, as you mentioned, the whole food had a ‘healthy’ taste to it. No noticeable grease/oil.

    Going back to the starters, my wife ordered Fatoosh salad, the Mushroom soup and the cheese sticks. Fatoosh was great. Soup was ok and the cheese sticks were uncharacteristically ‘healthy’ tasting and not soaked in oil; almost like it was oven backed instead of fried. And the cheese they used felt fresh, but a little bland (like cottage cheese?). Again, ‘healthy’ style?

    For some reason, the soup and the cheese sticks weren’t hot enough (still, the sticks felt fresh). We had them reheat the soup.

    One thing I was disappointed with is that I was expecting to see a more international variety of rice dishes instead of only local/indian styles. I thought I’d see some Chinese and Japanese styles at least (jasmine or sticky rice would have been nice; even if as side orders).

    The coal tea was a nice touch. They used regular Lipton tea bags, but it still had a distinctive faham/coal ‘flavor’? I doubt they actually used real coal though? I wonder how they got that flavor?

    All in all, nice atmosphere and selection (although some are a bit pricey over 6 and 7 KD, but that’s mostly for fish/shrimp dishes I guess, which is subject to market fluctuations).

  14. nbq says:

    by cheese sticks I meant the cheese Rolls.

  15. Daddy's Girl says:


    Good review 😀

    Very helpful indeed especially that we do not go near the sea food dishes…

    They do not do the main dish alone?!?!?!?!?!?

    O ilee ma yabi yakil y3ni?! el bajee yenga6?!!??

  16. […] is a link i found talking about the resturant with pics, from a fellow blogger, Denderma Posted by Abdullah Filed in Food Tags: Avenues, new, restaurant, rice, […]

  17. nbz says:

    the style of presenting / serving food with five elements on the tray is the traditional indian thali style.

  18. Daddy's Girl says:


    True, it has the essence of a thali style servings. But it is nothing like thali…

    I had numerous vegeterian thali’s and i had vegeterian byriani tray at Rice. The resemblance ends with the dishes assembled on a tray concept.

    and as far as im concerned, thali doesnt not end ur mean with 3ethmanliya and chai fa7am!

  19. Q80 In Denver says:

    Ok So I tried it .. Here are my thoughts:-

    we ordered Shrimp masala, 9ayadiya, and Risotto with truffle. The Shrimp masala was so good .. 9ayadiya didn’t taste good b9ara7a .. this is the first time in my life to taste a “Chewy” fish!! don’t try it, and lastly their Risotto was O.K except they need to put less parmesan cheese cause it’s over powering the taste!

    My Notes:
    1- I was kind of shocked to see the restaurant in the food court! Not a great place to sit in .. they have a few tables inside but it’s very difficult to get one .. wallah 7aram!

    2- The service is really really really really really really really really SLOW!

    3- When it came to the desserts, it said that it’s the chef’s dessert or something like it, but I was shocked to know that the chef chooses what HE wants you to eat! WTF!!? “3ala amrek 3amy!”

    4- When we arrived we were 3, so they asked us to wait for 15 min. There was a table in front of us that sits 5 people and it was EMPTY. 10 Min later we are still waiting and the same table is still empty! we asked about it and they said ooh it’s made for a party of 5. really? so we need to wait for a table that takes 3 to sit? and yeah, a party of 6 came in for 30 seconds with no reservation and took a table in front of our eyes!! I was pissed and wanted to leave!

    Overall, the restaurant is good depending on what you order. 7/10

  20. Zabo0o6a says:

    Me likey , i went there twice this week 😛
    Mom loved it as well !

  21. Daddy's Girl says:

    Q80 in Denver

    Chewy Fish :S
    Thank god im a vegeterian!!!!

    I agree the location is really sad. U have all of the avenues to choose a place and u chose this?!?!??!

    I guess u went at a time when they are busy. When we were there two waiters hovered on our heads the whole time. It was only when more people arrived that we could take pictures in peace discreetly because they were not looking at us anymore?

    Loool in the menu it did say the chef’s choice of dessert but when it was time for dessert they asked us “We have m7lbiya or kanafa which one do u like?” fa we chose the kanafa… 😀 i do not think they have another dessert dishes available on them o maybe one of them was already finished fa 36ook il mawjood … like on a plane.. chicken of beef ?

    What time did u go ilee it was all that busy!?


    3leech bel 3afiya 😀
    Shino 6alabtay?!?!?!?!?

  22. Q80 In Denver says:

    @Daddy’s Girl

    Chanzain sawoolena Chicken or La’aM (La7am) choice thing :p They said the Chef will choose not the customer!!! I was like aaaaaaaaaa HUH? oo Taboony adfa3 oo ana a’97ak ba3ad! :p As for the time that we went to the restaurant, yes it was packed but it’s definitely not an excuse for what happened .. and Yeah I remember something else, why would the manager serve the food!? Why did they hire waitresses in the first place if he’s going to serve everything by himself .. It’s very stupid and unorganized!