I am going to grow an Alphono Mango Tree.

By | April 20, 2011

Why can’t i grow an Alphonso Mango tree? Who says i can’t?

What’s so different between the weather here and in India or Egypt?

Heat? Hello! The sun rays? Well i don’t mind keeping it indoors, on my side of the bed if i have to! A large pot? Well cross that bridge when we reach it let the tree grow first!

I want an Alphonso mango tree. Kaifi. I will try and grow myself one. I have heard from many people that Mango trees do grow in Kuwait. My husband swears they had one in their garden when they were growing up.

Have you ever heard of a mango tree grown in Kuwait before?

P.S. Don’t tell my husband or my mother. Its, erm, a surprise 😉

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  1. Kuweight 64 says:

    LOL…wouldn’t that be wonderful…! Just love alphonso mangoes…the fragrance, the taste and the great mood it can create.

  2. Chirp says:

    ahoo 3a6eeni raqam umich bafatin 3alaich :p

    I think anything is possible well .. almost anything! research it and try!

    Oo Indias weather is wetter than Kuwaits, they have rainy seasons, and Ma9ir has the nile so they have a good irrigation system I think, but all in all I think you may be able to plant on in q8 if you take care of it.

    Good luck!

  3. nemo says:

    I was chatting today with one of colleagues at work (he is from the town where they grow alphonso) and he was telling me that just last week the government told his family (one of the farms owner) that they will work on a nuclear plant in their area which means that we will not have alphoso mangos after 5 years :( that’s so sad, his family and all the other people over there are now complaining and signing a petition to prevent what’s gonna happen.

    • danderma says:


      golelah e7na 3la atam el este3dad we sign the petition with him! bs let him say the words

  4. 965malls says:

    This is something that I have to follow :) I just love Alphonso mangoes even if the ones we have here don’t have the same exact yummy taste as in India.
    Good luck in your gardening project! Oh and I’ll keep it hush 😉

  5. Standy says:

    mom has a mango tree that she grew in her garden,, the mango is yummy =D

    and if you do grow i tree, i am so coming to live under it!!!

  6. N says:

    hahahahhahahahha… you do realize it will be some years until you see its fruit, right?
    but I love the idea!

    • danderma says:

      maykhalif elmohim en7a9el shay 6al elzman wlla ge9ar! Allah y36eena 6olat el3omor o inshoof 😀

  7. Noura says:

    Hi danderma,

    i’ve been a fan of your blog for such a long time and i read your blog daily. i very recently created my own blog all about baking and life and it would mean alot to me if you would check it out ?? like i said i just started so i dont have alot of posts but alot of them are inspired by ur blog cause your one of my favourites that i do read. so pleaes can you just take a look ? and feedback would highly be apreciated! sorry to take off of your time. thank you so much! :)

    oh, and i love mangoes so much so if you do end up growning it please update us ! 😀 ^^

  8. YUUUUUUUUUM 7adaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dooooo it!!!!!!!!!!! takhaylay e7na nan6er this month aw bidayat shahar 5 khalti etyeblina min ilHind!! sh7adnaaa we grow it here ourselves wait for nothing!;p

  9. a. says:

    My parents used to bring them all the way from pakistan in crates ;p
    Try growing them. My uncle 3nda mzr3a and mashallah it grows fruits and vegetables but because of our weather akeed you have to regulate whatever your growing.

    • danderma says:

      Ee ana i will try just a little one and see how it goes insha2 Allah tekbar o et6ale3 manga sej <3

  10. when we were kids, my brother and I used to plant every seed that came across us…from tomatoes, cucumbers etc lol and they would actually grow and we pick them out and stuff….so one day we decided to plant a mango tree lol with the help of our maid we did, but of course..it never grew :/
    so would be interesting to see if it does grow, they r yummy n nice to have them grow in ur own home…good luck! 😀

    • danderma says:

      wait a minute.. you grew cucumbers o tomatoes o you actually got fruit?! Sej?

      As a child i remember once growing carrots in the garden but that’s about it

  11. noon says:

    a7em, if u did ill pass by every week to pick up some 😛

  12. Dr.Mohammed says:

    Hey there ,
    am from Kuwait , Mishref area.
    i have 2 full grown mango trees that give us alot of Mangoes.
    1 tree is Alfonso and the other is Owaisi. Even our neighbour have a larger mango tree that produes about 400 mangoes per year.

    also , in my garden i have Papaya , orange , rasberry , blackberry , grapes , Banana , gueava …oo looz o roman o teen

    if u want any advice , email me.

    • danderma says:

      You have those growing in your garden masha2 Allah? O they produce stuff and all?
      I am so going to email you for advice! Thank you!

  13. nasser says:

    Hi Danderma, I came across your subject and have noticed how badly you wanted to plant a mango tree… let me tell you, yes you can plant a mango tree it just depends on where you plant it in your garden… be careful from the wind when you plant the tree, it will damage it and make the growing process slow, just try to plant it in a corner where wind doesn’t flow or hit much. also total sun exposure is not good for the mango tree so try semi-shady area… another thing if you want to plant start planting on September… and you can find mango trees in the nurseries “mashatel” and some of them sell big sizes where you can enjoy the mangos the spring after you plant the tree. I hope you find my information useful.

    • danderma says:

      They are available in the nurseries?! I didn’t know that!
      thank you so much! IT is very useful indeed!

  14. Sanjeev says:

    I have tried to grow Alphonso mango in my house in Jakarta Indonesia. Due tothe excessive rain, the trees grow well but bear no fruit. In India, I have a few Alphonso trees which started to give fruits from the third yeasr of planting. I think that it needs a dry spell to produce flowers and good amount of water when the tree bears fruit.

    • danderma says:

      Hmm if that’s the case then there might be a chance for Kuwait as there are plenty of dry spells throughout the year. Mostly and almost exclusively dry spells that is…