Announcement: The Cake has a name and a Winner :D

By | April 21, 2011

Thank you all for your wonderful names 😀

The name is chosen. The choice was made by voting in the Baked headquarters and the top two nominees were Pineapple Delight (by MiYaFuShi) and D’Ananas Delight (by Noura). Personally I would have gone with Perla Caramelo or Kokomo but majority rules 😀

and the winner is MiYaFuShi! The cake is now called the Pineapple Delight cake and Miya will receive the cake she named as a prize 😀

Congratulations MiYaFuShi, i will email you with the gift details.

Thank you all for participating. I am liking this competition thing so I think I am going to come up with another one very soon 😉 Stay Tuned!

12 Responses to “Announcement: The Cake has a name and a Winner :D”

  1. Noura says:

    Yaaaay! My name was considered! Lool! :p

    And congrats to MiYaFuShi!! 😀

    I think im going to order the cake and try it even thought i didnt win! It looks soo good! Thank you for having this competition danderma! <3

    • danderma says:

      Lool ee they did 😀
      Ee it’s really yummy o worth ordering :) Insha2 Allah i will have more to come!

  2. Miyafushi says:

    Woooooohoooooooo! That’s so exciting, I can’t believe I won! And I got to name a cake. Certainly looks like a delicious one. Thank you Baked for choosing me and to Danderma for the opportunity 😀 Can’t wait to taste it!

  3. FourMe says:

    HEY!!! why no one told me about this!! I was busy with doctors all week :(

    I want a cake named after me!! i deserve one.. You hear me Baked, i want one ;(

    I bet you it’ll be popular 😉

  4. Orange says:

    I had a better name !!! ='(
    ‘Pineapple Delight’ is MAJORLY borrrrrrrring =)

  5. 7amood says:

    tistahel miya.. i am glad you liked the name I chose. since i am in the U.S., i was planning to dedicate this cake to you and your blog :)

    oh well.. khairha bghairha

    • danderma says:

      aww thank you :) but i really did like the name u suggested
      btw you could have sent it to anyone in Kuwait :)