VIVA’s Iphone 4 Social Networking Event

Gyál By | April 26, 2011

Yesterday I was invited to attend VIVA’s social networking event held yesterday to celebrate the new collaboration between VIVA and Apple and its first result: The official launch of the Iphone 4 in Kuwait.

The event was held in Chocolate & Macaroons Pop located in the Avenues phase II. I’ve never been there before. We were greeted at the door by the wonderful May Al-Subaie who was life a sweet butterfly flying from one table to another with a smile on her face greeting the guests and introducing them to each other. Almost all the guests were bloggers by the way.

The event started with a speech from Mr. Salman Al-Badran, VIVA’s CEO. First he highlighted the positive role played by the bloggers in contributing to the rise of the social media in Kuwait. Then he announced the news that VIVA is now the official reseller of the Iphone 4 in Kuwait. What does that mean?

It means we would no longer wait forever for the Iphone to be released in Kuwait, or waiting to get the perfect deal since everyone around is selling it for phenomenal prices. There would be no need to buy it online either or ask someone who is travelling abroad to stand in the Apple store queue to get their hands on your next Iphone.

It also means there is a specialised workshop and technical support available for the Iphone users. Everything is official now. For more information regarding the VIVA plans for the Iphone click here.

Then the generous CEO announced that everyone is going to get an Iphone 4! Sure enough, at the end of his speech we were given a VIVA goody bag.

and inside is the Iphone 4

There was no SIM card inside, and i was told it was unlocked! Pretty cool eh?

As the bags were being distributed we were served dinner. We choose the dishes from a set menu on our table.

and as we waited i took some pictures of Chocolate and Macaroon Pop

Because I arrived late there were no tables available inside so we sat in an outside table. I think I blinded the eyes of bloggers Freej & Kaifan with my camera flash as I tried to take a picture at the interior of the restaurant -sorry guys-. Then we were transferred to a table inside and we were served dinner. I had the pleasure of sharing my table with two amazing bloggers; MeBlogging and PinkGirlQ8.
I also saw Mark & Nat, Ansam, P0ach, Omarker, and His & Hers. I was told that ilSul6ana team, Q8blend, and 360 dewan were there as well but I didn’t see them.
Some of the dinner dishes…

If there is one sad thing about last night, its that our table didn’t get the macaroons with the VIVA logo I saw on other bloggers tables o wanted to try them 7safa :(
Thank you VIVA for such a wonderful evening, we had a great time yesterday. Special thanks goes to May Al-Subaie for being a wonderful host last night. We wish you and VIVA all the best in :)
Iphone 4 is officially launched in Kuwait by VIVA starting today 26th of April. If you would like to know more about their Iphone packages please click here (link)

4 Responses to “VIVA’s Iphone 4 Social Networking Event”

  1. Mark says:

    hey! why didn’t you say hi?? I tried to meet all the bloggers there but once i got home and started checking twitter i realized i missed out on meeting a lot of bloggers

    • danderma says:

      I was standing by right your side by the way when the CEO was speaking. I wanted to say hi but i left for a little bit then came back wella you were gone :(

  2. Mohd says:

    How come i didnt see u :(

    i was sitting with Kaifan5 & Fereej in the beginning then i went to meet others.

    i was on the second table on the left (inside).

    Inshallah Next time we should meet.

    • danderma says:

      ana o pinkgirl were the ones sitting on the outside table then we went inside…

      I saw two guys come in after us and they were directed to the table by the window to sit with Kaifan and Fereej… hathola intaw?