I received a lovely bouquet of flowers today <3

Schwandorf in Bayern By | April 28, 2011



I came home after a long work day, to find something strange and unusual waiting for me…

Bouquet? For me? Sej? From who?

Um mit3ib? A congratulatory bouquet of flowers for me from Um Mit3ib? Because of the Dathra book?

I can’t tell you how happy I was. Um Mit3ib? I love you <3

Shofoo esh7alatah my bokeeh min Um el Sana3 wel tharaba wel nezaka…

I’m speechless, and a bit tearful. Ma7ad tethakarne o barakle ib bouquet ella Um Mit3ib :’) In the summer she sent me an amazing noq9a o now this amazing bouquet.

Tabeen tetshay7e6ain? I’ll give you something to brag about, awal neskha et6ob el q8 will be yours, signed by me, shrayech? 😀

Thank you my dear. Ma7ad emdale3ne o ma36enee wayh ‘3airich :* Wallah we miss you like mad.

8 Responses to “I received a lovely bouquet of flowers today <3”

  1. um.mit3ib says:

    Fine im waiting for my copy:P bs ham aby iBook !!!

    w 3alaich ib alf 3afya;p im very proud!

    • danderma says:

      Walah yehemech awal ma yenqebel iBook mara7 agool 7g a7ad ella entay 3shan itkoneen awal w7da 3ndaha

      Thank you sweety you are very kind to me… ma as.tahal hatha kellah walla… akhjaltom tawatho3ona :***

      • Jacqui says:

        Ooo anaa 😛 I just got my shipping notice I am supposed to get my book on Saturday or Sunday can’t wait I think I might actually be the first with it hehe.. I want an iBook version too! 😛

  2. Zaina says:

    um mit3ib! raja2an lat3awreen galbna :(

    we miss u and ur blooooggggg :(

    Danderma, tistahlain kil khair :*

    • danderma says:

      Thank you sweetheart :*

      EEE we want her back :( mo rathya terj3! At least ana a7a9el le boquet o a’3rath bs bajee e sha3b shloon 3leeh msakeen?