No for Blitz Ice Cream, Bring back the old names KDD!

By | May 1, 2011

Dear KDD,

I’ve been a fan of your products for over 30 years now. I grew up drinking KDD Chocolate milk. I memorized the word Columbia as a child even before i spoke English. I was familiar with the names Failaka and Burgan before i knew what they meant and as a result my eyes lit up in recognition in elementry school when we were taught that Filaka was a Kuwaiti island and Burgan was the largest oil field in Kuwait. All thanks to your ice creams.

But a few days back my eyes fell on the poster above and the first response out of me was NO!

I am not sure if you had customer feedback before embarking on the new campaign but frankly you should have had. Changing the design from the cute patriotic little girl and boy we grew up with to a modern design was one blow. Changing all the names of the ice creams and giving them one name that was Blitz was another blow!

Why would you melt the patriotic identity of a product much beloved by almost all of the Kuwaiti population? Why would you choose a name “Blitz” that is not even pronounceable in the Kuwaiti dialect. I cannot pronounce it even though I can speak English. It is a heavy name and not that appetizing. Do you think people would stop asking for Burgan and Failaka now and start using the word Ebletz? Do you really think when i take my future children to the Co-Op i would point at the ice creams of my childhood and tell them to choose what ebletz flavour they would love instead of Burgan, my favourite, or Columbia, their grandfather’s favourite? If they asked me what the name Ebltez mean, what would I answer with? Frankly, I do not know!

Please KDD, please consider giving our beloved ice creams their own names back. We understand the need to update the look, give the girl and boy a more modern look or like you changed the old checkered design of the ice cream covers into the one unified colored ones. Blitz is suffocating me and many other Kuwaitis and residents of Kuwait. I have yet to find one person who thought the new design and name is a good idea. They say if it ain’t broken, do not fix it. But what you did basically was like taking a beloved Kuwaiti item and cremating it.

I really wish that you would reconsider the request above. I am also sad to inform you that until you do so, I am going to stop buying the blitz range of products simply because they make me ache from the inside. It is like losing a part of my life I am familiar with. Yes, that dramatic.

Thank you so much,



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27 Responses to “No for Blitz Ice Cream, Bring back the old names KDD!”

  1. noora says:

    ppl of KDD please pretty please bring back the old names,
    No for Blitz, NO nice abadan!!

  2. Nawnaw says:

    Big big NOOOOO to blitz
    Weeee3 shino ya3ny blitz?? O laish they change it??
    Ma3endhom shegel?? Iloved their old look &old name ??
    We r uesed to them ,,
    Dear kdd people , ma3endkom salfa belli saweto

  3. Noon says:

    Eee il isim is terrible I want the old name back !

  4. Katkoota xD says:

    Noooo for Blitzer

    3aad elawaal a7laa w lh thkryaat 7ilwaa

    a7is mu layeg hatha el7een

  5. enigma says:

    I’ve said it elsewhere and will say it again,

    BRING BACK COLUMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  6. FourMe says:

    No no noooooo and HELL NO!!!

    I didnt even know which is Columbia in the new wrapper! I for one will boycott this new packaging! Dude girl n boy are a trademark! How dare you kdd?!

    • danderma says:

      What you didn’t know they have a tiny little picture of the old wrappers on each new wrapper to identify which blitz belonged to which old beloved brand? You must use your eyes girl to make an identification.

      We don’t want Blitz!

    • ilwawy says:

      al7amdulillah 3la il salama.. just realized who you were from the name :)

  7. shahou88 says:

    the name is funny hehehe and your comment in 248am was hilarious XD

    the bart Ba7boo7 HAHAHHAHAHA

  8. ilwawy says:

    do they even know what blitz means?! its a raid.. i.e. q9f!!

    hopefully kdd rep’s read blogs and they realize their mistake and resort back to the original looks.

    i sense a victory for bloggers everywhere!

    • danderma says:

      It is? I thought maybe something related to a blizzard or something, to suit an ice cream! A raid? Min 9ejhom?
      I already emailed all the departments in KDD but they ignored my emails :(

      Boycott all the way!

  9. I really do like the old names better, and I get that KDD is trying to change their product packaging, it is 2011 not 1982 😛 bs they could have kept the same characters but refined the over all look to the package, most companies do that (ex. Aunt Jemima etc) bs yea, there was no need for a name change :/
    oo ba3dain yarait lo KDD ysm3on what people have to say…i once emailed them asking them to introduce new flavors of KDD milk during ramadan (such as rose flavored milk, milk with cardamom/saffron flavor, almond flavored milk etc) wala 7ata radaw to say thanks for ur input lol

    • danderma says:

      Ee ana lebsonee yom dazait lohom el email above o feeh link 7g all the bloggers o their comments… m3a ini dazaitah for all the emails available. So much for eqtera7at o shakawee…

  10. a. says:

    DAMN. I was mad when they made the ice-cream smaller in size. Now I’m furious I loved Failka, Burgan and Columbia. Failka and Burgan are so kuwaiti like lhom ma3na and all.

    Shako Blitz?? Its tooo generic

  11. Rembie Kitty Monster says:

    NUUUUU >.<

  12. Jacqui says:

    I agree 100% I want the old names back and off with the new ones.. btw Blitz was used to refer to some violent war attacks back in World War I or II I remember studying the word however it was blitzkrieg or something like that which sucks I don’t want the ice cream to be volatile!

    • danderma says:

      Blitz was the name of a Nazi air strike on Britain!

      If we have to teach our children a violent name, at least i would have gone with ‘3azoo or invasion or something.

  13. xyz says:

    Hi there,

    I found your blog while searching for information about Blitz ice cream. I happened to have it on a short visit to another Gulf country. I have never been to Kuwait. The ice cream is so good that I wanted to know more about and I end up finding this interesting story.

    I am from India and I don’t think I would have easily identified with Falaika or Burgan. But Blitz is much too bland for a name and doesn’t have any special branding effect either. Perhaps, they should have stuck to the Burgan or Failaika names or found a name that was unique with a Kuwaiti touch but easily accessible for foreigners too.

    Anyway, it’s the best ice cream I have had yet and I have had ice creams in other countries as well. I loved the Mango with vanilla ice cream. It’s the best.

    • danderma says:

      Hi :)
      I do agree the KDD ice creams are quite good even in comparison to other ice creams in Europe for example. But if they had to rebrand so they can expand, they could have come up with a better name than Blitz! There you go, thank you! Your comment made my point exactly!