U Hypocrite of a Woman!!!! People r MEAN!

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daylong Hypocricy and Prejudice Personified… That’s What u R…

Who do u think you are? No, really… who are u to treat me that way and ruin my already prolonged busy day!

Do i have no other worries in the world but You?

U want to know what happened?

I have been insulted. By a stupid hypocrite.


We saw this woman. Butootee knows her. She is married to one of his relatives.

She greets Butotee warmly “Mama how r u? Mama how are u doing” … in her greeting nothing is directed to me. But i smile and answer withu  Butootee anyways, then she goes like this…  *Im smiling stupidly in between*

Hypocrite: butooteee eshda3wa?! Our house is around the corner from u? Why don’t visit us?

Butootee: Oh one day insha2 allah…

Hypocrite: Ohhhh you come and have lunch at our house! “It was a singluar invitation. In arabic it was “ta3al ta’3ada 3ndena”… not you as in both u and ur wife…

Butootee realized what she was getting at, fa he replies…

Butootee: Oh lunch is a bit hard, you see, Daddy’s Girl is a vegeterian…

Hypoctire: Oooooh she is a vegeterian? Like my daughter? Ok *looks me for the first time in the eyem sternly* then you do not come there is no need for u to come to our house for lunch!!!!!!!



Min sejich?

Akhaf bs u have lunch at les versailles o ana madry!?

Y3ni of all the rude people i have encountered from Butootees side of the family.

Of all the rude people i have encountered in Q8…

Of all the bad things i have been told to make me feel bad, worthless, inadequate, even if im not?

This goes in the top 3!

and u want to know why she is a hypocrite?

She is TIGHT FRIENDS with my great aunt! She worked with her for 30 YEARS!

So… it is ok to befriend people and invite them to dine in UR VERSALLIES as long as they are not married to someone who is RELATED TO UR HUSBAND!!!


Wallah il 3atheem im a Q8y. Wallah il 3atheem Jenseetee Oula. Walla il 3atheem i was born in Q8. Walah il 3atheem i was raised in Q8. Walla il 3atheem im a Muslim. Walla il 3atheem i am a good moral person. Walla il 3atheem i never stole, or did something against the law, or committed a crime. Walla il 3atheem i hail from a good respectable family Wallah il 3atheem shayfeen khair wallah…

What more do u want?! and WHO R U to want something or not want something…

What the hell is wrong with these people?!?!!!

Don’t go around saying “we7da wa6aniya’ o “kilina wa7ed” o “our future we must build” o “ana q8y/q8ya” o “yalli te7eb il q8″…

Mako faida. With this attitude? With this kind of woman, o ‘3airha o ‘3airha…

I am a Q8y. I am living in my own country. I am married to a Q8y. and i am being treated like a vermin by my fellow q8ys… by my own society. My dignity is being scraped by the pavement… from people who are LESS educated than me. LESS articulate than me. and Definitely lesser a muslim than me because i DO NOT descriminate and treat people badly just for the heck of it.  

Tell me why would i want to continue living here? Tell me how would u feel about bringing children into this society? Tell me what hope lies ahead? If the older generation who is supposed to come from the open-minded era is squishing me for no crime i have committed, tell me….

***Dissoloves into a fit of tears***

22 Responses to “U Hypocrite of a Woman!!!! People r MEAN!”

  1. eshda3wa says:

    u said it urself

    LESS educated

    LESS articulate

    so why would u care what someone LESS than u thinks
    Why would a hypocrites opinion matter?

    if u listen to every moron ma ra7 etkhalseen.

    and where would u rather live ?

    in the UK?

    because there everyone is open minded and no one discriminates?!

    discrimination is EVERYWHERE
    it has ALWAYS been there
    and it will ALWAYS be there

    the only place u wont be discriminated against is euphoria

    if u find it send me a map

  2. Seattle Dude says:

    While i agree to the part that there’s a TON of fake-plastic-hypocritical-materialistic-rude-snobby-piece of rotten S*** F***S living around here.

    But then again you’d find that in most urban cities around the world.

    U want good people, thats the small town folks

  3. carly says:

    Well, I am in not quite the same boat as you, since I am an American married to a Kuwaiti, but I have experienced my share of shock and disappointment, owing to my expectations of living in a ‘Muslim’ country. Granted, I seem and do complain a lot about issues of apparent contradiction and hypocrisy in this society, but I am ready to admit they exist everywhere. When it comes to my children, I am always conflicted as to where, when, and how to draw the line between what I see as culture and religion so as not to insult any family members. What I have concluded is that it is okay to be different and raise my children according to what I feel is right. I have also found many others with the same concerns and conclusions, Kuwaitis and non; consequently, I think there is hope for the future generations as long as people are willing to act on their abhorrence of cultural practices that run counter to the true spirit of Islam. Wa Allahu Alim.
    It starts as a small groundswell and then builds from there. You must be part of the hope and change for a better Kuwait, or nothing will happen. :)

  4. Abdullah says:

    heard the word “Jealous” before?

    my dear, no need to justify a THING to anyone. these ppl do not determine your worth, who u are, where ur going to.

    No need to be upset, live your life to the fullest. Being worried, bothered, over-thinking must be eliminated.

    The ball is at your court to forgive, forget and move beyond this summer cloud of misery.

  5. Aishah says:

    all i can say is this is the society were living in we are being judged for no reason at all!! and i know of mothers that teach their children to judge others! imagine that :O
    I have a distant realtive(lets call her T) that “wallah il 3atheem” judges our other cousins by the way they look and how they dress and she is proud to even say it! we were once in a party T was all dressed in a designer dress and then a girl “M” from a wealthy family came in bas wa3alaya her style shway u can say Dathirand T was all smiles and dancing with her and sticking around her alot and then a cuzn of T’s from a middle class family she also wasnt that elegant and T avoided her :O she was like “umbai shiftay shlabsa hailigiya!!” oh my god the nerve of that girl!! how could she insult her cuzn infront of everybody just because shes not as wealthy as M is, she practically hated her ya3ni shobh ma3tarfat ina shes a member of the family !!!

  6. even sweeter says:

    she is so jealous!!! she needs a life walla…

    just ignore her comments!! its the best thing to do!!

    shitsawen jealousy exist everywhere!! la jad istakhafaw ahal lekuwait!

  7. Q80 BOY says:

    wtf is wrong with her ??? omg at least invite u for tea or desert, malich shi8il feha, she’s jelous cause u have the best blog in kuwat, write the most intresting posts in kuwait and watch the best t.v. show in the world (DHW). Have fun and enjoy ur life !!!

  8. intlxpatr says:

    *dries your tears* Sweet Danderma, you are surrounded by people who love you, and God Bless Bu Tootee, he stood up for you and insisted his rude family member take notice of your existence.

    Dance, dear one, dance for joy that you are not going to have to spend a grim lunch making small talk with this limited woman.

    You have a life. You have a heart for adventure and you enjoy your life and take good care of yourself and your husband. This poor woman, to be so in-your-face rude, she must be wickedly unhappy. Pity her. She sees you, so young, so happy, so fresh and smart, she sees you with your handsome husband and she starts to feel old and dried up and it makes her jealous and mean.

    Your best revenge? Be very very kind to her. Say only nice things about her behind her back. Pity her. 😉 (She’ll HATE it!)

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    No not the UK… i have seen with my own eyes the prejudice and discrimination. Still coming from strangers is way better than coming from people ur supposed to know…

    I was thinking more like move to the moon or to a farm somewhere with no other people around!!! Chanzain walla ako Eutopia chanzain…

    Seattle Dude

    Yes they are every where… but they are increasing rapidly in Q8 :(


    Ur married to a q8y?! Well, god help u. It must not have been easy for you… if im a q8y and im suffering… i cannot imagine how they would treat u…

    I truly hope that ur a lucky one whose husbands families are open minded and actually respcet americans.


    Jealous? y3ni im maybe one third her age? how come she is jealous from me?!??!?!?

    I really really really wish i could have treated her as rudely. Unfortunately my parents taught me to tread the elders by respect :(


    3ad as.hal shay bel deniya inah wa7ed yekshakh… just copy something from a style website or runway o khalasna

    y3ni shino hal quality il 3jeeb? Hailigi o dather or stylish?!?! b3d hathee ‘3air 7ala…

    Even Sweeter

    Ishloon jealous o ana one third her age?!?!??!
    bs sej istakhafaw il nass… y3ni it7e6een doobich doob yahil as’3ar min 3yalich (ilee ihe ana!)

    Madry shino tabi y3ni… ymkin tabene a’3ali6 3leeha 3shan she bad mouths me to the rest of the family…

    Q80 Boy

    Ay dessert… tadri if i come in into le versailles a la hypocrite ra7 yenhedem o tentehee il denya…

    Loool she is an oldish lady i do not think she knows what a blog means :p

    But really ?! Best blog in Q8?!?! Awwwwww thats soo sweeet!!! thank you… you totally made my day 😀


    Thanks Hon *Hug*

    Ur right… the good thing is if there ever to be a lunch, i do not have to sit through and force my self to have small talk and behave…! Thank God!

    I don’t want to be kind to her. I literally want to yell at her and tell her what i think about her frankly in her face!!! Then maybe rip her head off or something :(

    Can’t i do that?!?!

  10. newbride says:

    this is kuwait llasaf , ana shway 7ashtnee swalef chthee bas ana 3a6eetehom 6af wa7da mn ahaal zoje kil swalfeha a9eeleen o ma nakheth ay a7aad o el 3ayltnaa o a9lnaa o fa9lana ok ana mo a9eelah bas am well educated el7mdelaah metrabyaa a7san tarbyah o 3aysha a7san 3eesha bl sena asafer akthar mn 3 times o ehyaa 7adhaa el khobar welb7reen astgfar alaah even her honymoon kan b dubi

    3ashan chthee a7saan shaay 6aaf walah bl 6agaag

  11. Daddy's Girl says:


    Lo kanaw ahal zoji a9eleen chan no3an ma 3athart.hom becasue it would be nothing personal. The a9eel part is very very important to them it’s a crisis…

    Lakin laman ahal zojee ilee mo a9eleen o yekonoon akthar 3ayla bel q8 mitzawja min barra il 3ayla o min barra il q8, americans o europeans o indians o pakistanis o ahal il sham kilhom… rarely do u find a country they did not marry from, laman itshofeen chithee o 3lay ana bs ilee big X o ana bent il deera… hatha shay ye7err!!! il7een hal 7reem kilohom ilee makhzeenhom 3adi… ana mayseer?

  12. people have a tendency of being idiots sometimes…

    no scratch that…

    all the time

  13. aws says:

    el7igran ega66i3 elmosraaan..

    you’re allowing her to do just what she was aiming for… hurt you…
    she wanted to hurt u, and by allowing her viscious remarks to sink in you are actually making her win.. now u don’t want that to happen do you ?
    you should laugh at her , laugh at her wicked heart, laugh at her attitude problems, laugh at her inferiorities, and feel grateful you are not like her .. then thank god for that !

  14. 3anooda says:

    you have been awarded with the “i love your blog” award by 3aneeda on March 14th 2009


  15. NuNu says:


    darling, really u shouldn’t care much about her, your husband is great with u, isnt this the most important thing right now?..you shouldn’t pay much attention 3ala ele galeta halemkharfa..inshalla ur kids will be raised in the right way :p mu bs entay ele u thought this was inappropriate 7ata i7na fa there is hope ;p

  16. *F says:

    Hi :) I was trying to find your email on the site but couldn’t locate one. Can you please email me? Thank you.

  17. Daddy's Girl says:


    Q is, do they know they are idiots or do they pretend to be only?!


    Thank god ini not like her… allah yesa3edha 3la 7sabha!


    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Honey Thanxxxx :*
    Right on time too… when im feeling so smashed 😀


    Eee walla imkharfa… madry ishfeehom il nass yannaw !!!


    I emailed u back 😀

  18. Dee says:

    dandermmaa it seems that you run into too many small minded ladies , walla 7athich chethe bs not all of kuwaities are chethe! oo one day ra7 yestw3bon how you’re a good loving wife oo that all wat it will matter to them , jst keep beeing nice to them o as long as butooti is on ur side then you’re the luckiest woman ever mashallah,tara ya3ne Kuwaiti guys dont stick to their womans side most of the time!!

  19. Daddy's Girl says:


    Sar li 5 years khedma as a good loving wife o shayla waladhom sheel. L at2amar wala at6alab walakoo faydaaaaaaaa…

    Ya raitnee min hal 7reem ilee kila tabi tabi tabi o it6ayenn 3eshat il ryal itkhaleeh yel3n il sa3a ilee tezawaj fehaa… ymkin chan sert khoosh admya then :(

    loooool hathee ymkin awal marra in his life he sticks by my side!!! Against them. If she was his direct aunt chan ma radd but because ishwaya ib3eeda sawa ro7ah kilish…

    Read this post… this is how it usually is with him


  20. 3anooda says:

    ambaih sorry i didnt read the post last time when i commented – im really sorry – but i guess the award did come at the right time

    ive seen this kind of treatment wayid. and i always say then if its an older woman then i would say 7aqda. everyone loves bu tootee and seems to think that u dont deserve him. bas huma shako. dont let anyone get in the way of your life and relationships.

    aham shay inich miqtan3a ib 7ayatich oo ib raylich. oo howa if he has ur back then u are fine. if u feel he doesnt have ur back all the time then just talk to him and tell him that as a sign of respect for u his wife, he should back u up in front of people. 3ashan if he doesnt, then they will get even more ammunition against u

  21. Intlxpatr says:

    Danderma, this might not be a Kuwaiti way of thinking, but it works. NEVER NEVER NEVER say a bad word about Bu Tooties family. Not to him, not to anyone, except in this blog where you can vent and no one ever knows.

    Here is what happens; if you criticize anything about his family, or anyone, he is forced to defend them. If you say only nice things, or nothing, then he is free to say the bad things himself, and you can murmur how kind he is, what a good husband he is.

    I promise you. It works. You’re a smart woman. Think about it.

  22. Daddy's Girl says:


    Ohom lo yatrekoonaa fe 7alna o yekhaloon ara2hom il sakheefa for themselves and not show me ini ana unwelcome in their perfect family, il denya itkoon ibkhair…


    nononononono i do not tell bu tooteee any of this…
    A man, no matter what nationality or upbringing he has, can listen to u once, twice, maybe three times. Then he will grow tired, he will always have his family on a pedestals even if they were the mansons family!!! he will eventually get bored and accuse u of seeing the bad lining and why don’t u give them a chance etc. etc.

    If i did not have this blog to vent, i might have been sitting in a phsyciatric clinic by now!!!