Why these questions? What’s it to you?

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http://artedgeek.com/wp-admin/ALFA_DATA I am amazed by people who, if you tell them about a new business or a new place in town, would ask you ‘Who is the owner?’ before you could even continue your story about the place. Their excuse actually being ‘I don’t buy from a place without knowing who the owner is!’

Why? What difference does it make if you know who the owner is or not? What criteria is used to determine if this shop/restaurant/business is worthy of your blessed acceptance? Why do you care?

At annoys me to no end when some one makes a big deal. Laish el legafa y3n?. Can’t you accept things as they are and live and let live?

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  1. ambyyyy hehehehhehehe soooo truuuueeeee

    its like something in the jeans so something thats everybody have to ask that

    not to mention the common question for a single girl
    1) t5arajtyyy
    2) tzawajtyyy
    3) esht’3altyy
    4) maa 7malaaat

    OMG i love you for this post =D

  2. Ambrosial says:

    Really? I thought such question would be asked after trying the “new place” out…

    • danderma says:

      at least people with decency would do so. But to decide weather or not a place is worth trying based on the owner is plain ridiculous

  3. Asmuzz says:

    May be they want to know if they’ll receive a discount or not in the future!

    • danderma says:

      Maybe… although not everyone offers discounts for people they are acquainted with.

    • 79ai9 says:

      hehe mo bas discount, some go by on a credit base :p 3ad if u own the place or shop Allah yi3eenech mita yidef3oon and if u remind them oooohhh… GOOD LUCK lol!

      • danderma says:

        sej?! 3la bu they know the owner they bel ajal?
        Hmmm that explains “El Dain mamnnoo3″ sign :p

  4. 79ai9 says:

    ee don’t even get me started fi hal mawthoo3 :p

    • danderma says:

      mo9akha eb9ara7a…

      • 79ai9 says:

        a similar situation happened to me when i opened up something and it was an eye opener to me as (at that time i still saw people in a better light than what they really r) o il9ara7a 3iraft mino ili 9ij yi7ebni o happy for me o mino ili munba6 chabda.. so that’s how i took it-its jealousy o 7iqd.. their problem not mine :)

  5. ShoSho says:

    Really? I didn’t know that hmmm.. knowing who this shop belongs to doesn’t stop me from going there or buying from them..

    • danderma says:

      exactly I don’t really care or ask… be ako naas melageef lazim kil shay y3rfoonah.

  6. BYB says:

    Now if they know the owner, that’s a whole different ball game:

    Chem ajar alma7al?
    how much do u make per day?
    chem 9afee rib7ik al7een?
    min wain yibt albitha3a?
    I dont know, may be its just me, but until the company is open for share holders to buy into, i dont think its something to be asking about. Sa7?

    What ever happened to “Allah ywafgik inshallah” and “atamanalik kil khair”?

    • danderma says:

      haw? sej wallah yes2loon chithee? Mo china 3aib? Its like asking someone how much is your salary!!!

  7. Jasmin says:

    Four question I hate to be asked in KUWAIT ,but people are asking and asking)

    1.Which country? or what country ? or What is your nationality…there are so many phrases for this question…and this is the first question before any conversation cos the conversation is going to be build up on answer you give to this question
    2.When I answer this question (i must what should say) there is another shocking question after this: Can you marry me from B&H ? And usually there is excuse why they want to marry someone ,like i want to help someone to live better life hehehe funny..
    3.What about Russia and Russian language ? Can you understand it ? bty B&H and Russia there is about 3000 miles between, and no any connection with B&H….
    4.Are you Muslim….aaaaaaahhhh..usually i answer to this question (no I am Jew…what kind of questions are these….

    I just don’t understand. When you come to my country and my town for me and my fellows are enough to tell me your name and then it can pass a days no one will ask you these kind of question because we thing during our gathering you are going to tell us about yourself thing you want us to know….bty this is by city enjoy looking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drElJvpT9c8


    • danderma says:

      LoooooooooooooL they want you to bring them brides from B&H? Really? loooool
      People are quite nosey in Kuwait I agree… I am sorry you have to endure that but even we Kuwaitis endure strange questions from other Kuwaiti’s and foreigners. The other day on the phone an expat didn’t believe I was Kuwaiti and kept asking me if I was in fact one… repeating the question over and over until he had an earful of me… why do you care about my nationality? You must care about work and not nationality!

  8. Jasmin says:

    :) yes they want me to bring them brides and when i aksed can you bring me a Kuwaiti bride it is like i killed someone, with face they are showing me “how can you ask something like that ” :) so as i understand it is not possible to get Kuwaiti bride for non-kuwaiti :) am i right.

    But beside all these questions and things i love Kuwait very much and I love Kuwait people. NOT all are the same as usual there is + and – everywhere we just need to figure how to work with + and with – and it will be OK.
    Thank you Kuwait and Kuwaiti people for all you gave me and giving me…
    best regards

    • danderma says:

      looool yeah the daughters of Kuwait are more sacred that the daughters of B&H i suppose… you want other countries girls to be brought to you like sheep but you don’t like the same to be done to your own sisters. Men!!!