What’s the story behind your name?

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Nördlingen Do you like your name?

I am not sure how to answer that question. Its not very traditional but its not very unique either. I like it but I think it doesn’t suit me much, its too short. My family and friends never call me by my plain name because it feels like I’m at school or something and I refuse to address anyone who calls me by my name. Its either my nickname or they can talk to the hand.

The story behind my name is: I am the eldest child, my later paternal grandmother really really wanted me to be named after her. My father of course sided with her. My maternal grandmother sided with them both thinking my mother should name me after her ‘3asob. Her name is an old name, not too bad but I am not fond of it. My mother put her foot down, she wanted to name me by the name she chose for me and eventually she got her way and named me.

Then when my sister was born my father named her after his mother. Grandma wan’t happy, she still wanted me to be named after her.

So what about you? What’s the story behind your name? and Do you like it or do you want to change it?

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  1. Rummy says:

    I actually adore my name very much and love it to bits. It’s not a common name and comes from Arabic history and the meaning itself is even way awesome. The story was my dad being passionate about history chose to name me the name that I have, my mother didn’t object (even though she had another name in mind and I thank God I wasn’t named that) nor did both sides of the family. They all somewhat agreed since my father from the beginning claimed the spot of being the one to name his children.

    • danderma says:

      Niceee… not common, meaningful, and historical 😀 I like your kind of name and I am glad you like it…

  2. Ambrosial says:

    I already told u the story behind my name ;p wla tabeen “Ambrosial”?! JK ;p
    My name is short too, it’s very unique, they misspell it a alot! And everyone loves it! 😀 I love my name, it suits me very well, I’m very much fond of it that I’m thinking in the future of naming my first child after me! LOL ;p
    (it’ll be fun having a junior version of me ;p)

    I love this post 😉

    • danderma says:

      OK 3lamkom kil min beysamee his kids after themselves… noo noo no 7aleema like behaviour please…
      le hal daraja your name 7elo y3ni :) I am glad you are happy with it

  3. noora says:

    mom wanted to name me Dalal, however my paternal
    grandmother suggested Noora after her mother. and both parents agreed on Noora.
    Im VERY fond of my name! I think it suits me best, o lo 3adi chan asame binty Noora :p thats how much I like my name,”hawas” much? 

    • danderma says:

      looooooool you like your name that much?
      I am glad you like it hon, but plz don’t be like 7aleema o name your daughter noora pleeeeeaaaseeeeee :p

  4. Kuwait Event says:

    hmm not sure I was the 4th one so being number 4 is not so exciting for a family already named their first dream names

    so I guess nothing special My mama game me the name so I guess I like :)

  5. B says:

    My mom wanted to name me something else but my dad refused (thank God!) because i LOVE my name now!

    • danderma says:

      That’s good luck for you! I am glad my mom put her foot down and named me what she wanted…

  6. Chirp says:

    I dont really like my name .. a7is eni yada! I was named after my grandmothers (both from mom and dads side are the same name!)
    Fa ya3ni ma et3abaw wayed.
    No one calls me by my real name .. its either chirp or charpy or some other nickname …
    Only at work do they call me by my name.

    • danderma says:

      LoooooL both grandmothers have the same name? Wanasa!
      I guess I know what you mean. Even though my nickname is derived from my name but no one who knows me calls me by my name… even when I talk to my self or speak to my self I think to myself I think of my nickname…

      one of my friends had the same name as you… on her bday they brought her a cake and they wanted to write the icing themselves, the icing made it only to happy birthday + the 2 first letters of ur name in Arabic :p and she started crying so hard maskeena inah laaa now it means something else mabi mabi …

  7. um.mit3ib says:

    I looooovvveee my name:P omy nagiitaaa w samoony;p wal7een oboy 7asbala ohwa ele emnagee:P its not that common.. w kilman mispells it, w mispronounce ba3ad.. madre laish ma7esa sa3eb.. bs akarer.. I LOVVVEEE IT:P

    • danderma says:


      aham shay oboch 3balah inah oho ele emnageeh 😀

      Haw shloon they misspell it o mispronounce it ballah? Ma yabeelah shay!

  8. Sn3a says:

    esmy 3ala mosalsal ma9ry :>
    i like it
    o GLAAAAD that dad didn’t name me the 3 names he had on mind
    ashwa enna ma kan bel dera o waddarnee;p
    so both decided on 4th name which is mine
    and yes i like it
    and no i won’t name my daughter (my name)
    en sha Allah i will name her Fatema best female name ever

    • danderma says:

      Min 9ejich? Loool wanasa!

      Good choice for a daughters name 😀 Insha2 Allah rabbi yarzegich eb koshat banat o 9bayan 😀

  9. Orange says:

    mine was taken from a tv serial .. it goes exactly with the profession I chose =)

    • danderma says:

      Wow… 2nd one whose named after a tv series!!! Do you think you love the profession because of your name?

      • Orange says:

        Not names after a tv series, but names after a character in the series.
        And yes, it’s nice when people I deal with, read my name card and point out the obvious =D

        Waiting for the book signing date !

  10. Tahani says:

    I was named after my aunt from my fathers side, i dont think there was any real debate over my name, however i really dont like it, i can see other names suiting me better lol

    • danderma says:

      Your name is kinda retro… not many are called tahani now a days 😀
      What do you want your name to be?

  11. a. says:

    I’m first born, first grandchild in my maternal side of the family, and the first grandchild to carry the name of my paternal side of the family. Surprisingly no one fought over my name. My parents chose it because they liked the meaning and thats it. My name is sort of unique, my fam has a thing for unusual girl names ;p

    And a big congratttts on ur book :)

    • danderma says:

      Thank you sweetheart 😀

      ‘3areeba no one fought over naming you! My paternal grandmother wanted to name me because I was the first child born to a son of hers hence why it meant a lot to name me after her… you know I would love it if I had a unique name…

  12. giggles says:

    i was named after my father’s grandmother and i like my name 9ij ena when i was little people would make fun of it la2na it’s unique and awal mara yesme3on feh but i don’t care. so far i only heard of three other girls that have the same name. it’s so cool to have an uncommon name :p

  13. noora says:

    esara7a ina the guls commenting here shaweqooni! kilkom unique names! qololna ya 7afeth :p Im expecting, o mako shay ebali. b3d ethnich danderma hon lol

    • danderma says:

      Ee ana b3d wedi a3aref shino el asamee… lool el blog blogich 7bebtee ekhthay ra7tich… wanasa you name your baby after a name of someone who commented on my blog imagine 😀 20 years down the line your baby would be commenting in whatever there is to comment on saying my mom chose my name after reading a post in Danderma’s Blog :p

      • a. says:

        Lol ok I’ll give you some of the asamee il unusual in the fam (gd thing i have family barra lq8 ;p) and some names I like: layan, judy not jude, taraff, reham, elzain (not so unusual, but a twist on zain or zaina), juwana, dima (idk if its unusual).

        • danderma says:

          Judy, taraf, reham, alzaim, and dima not very unusal

          layan o juwana are… what does Juwana mean?

          • a. says:

            The first four ma 9adaft wayd nas that have those names y3ni two at most. Idk what juwana means I’ll ask, its a pretty name thou.

          • danderma says:

            Very pretty.. maybe its from Juwan which is another name for pearl?

  14. Curly Curls says:

    I Love my name .. i didnt always .. but i do now
    My father Claimed the naming task ofcourse and he named all of my siblings except the younger two. im named after someone that i consider to be my higher role model in life .. so even tho when i was younger i wasnt fond of my name .. ive grown to love who ive been named after .. and now i cant be happier to have my name :)

    • danderma says:

      I am glad that you have grown up to love your name 😀 Especially if you are named after an amazing person

  15. 79ai9 says:

    well growing up my mom always wanted to call her eldest girl 9ul6ana :S sorry bas thank God she didn’t chan 6il3t bi6ar and the whole 3eda waray! Alf el7imdillah she changed her mind during pregnancy and called me after her mom :) i hated it while growing up cuz i’m the second girl out of 9 named after granny mashallah so it was frustrating bas now-it’s so me i can’t c myself with another 😀

    • danderma says:

      Ee I don’t like to be named after grandmothers where 10 other grandchildren are named after her. Eshda3wa change eshwaya!

      But I am glad you love your name :)

  16. LOOOOOOOOOOOL kanaw emsameni Sara till the next day then they changed it IL7IMDILLAH and i was named 3ogob ma shafaw 7alqa badwya;p o il7imdillah i love my name so much ..a9lan etha ma kanaw esameni this name chan samaita binti;p

    • danderma says:

      LooooL 😀

      Zain ashwa I am glad you like it. I am surprised that many people do like their names!

  17. Shouq says:

    hope it’s not too late to comment…
    My Father chose the name, being the first granddaughter from the paternal side, both my parents put so much effort into chosing a poetic name. Critria were for it to be short, never used before in the family (which is big), has a useful meaning, can’t be deformed (mathalan Fatima/fatoom, mariam/maryoom). Mom wanted to call me somthing else & ashwa she didn’t (she named the boys & Dad named the girls).
    …I hated my name growing up, no one at any school was called Shouq & I was called every stupid variation of the word.
    At Uni I discovered how unique it was (the only Shouq in Uni of Bah for 4 yrs), my love to my name started then =)
    only issue I have is when dealing with non Arabs :-s

    • danderma says:

      I am glad to see you back sweetheart :)

      Your name is amazing! I like it very much! Laish they make fun of it? Madry 3nkom bs bel q8 it isn’t that weird. Bs 3ndena it can be deformed ‘Shouq Shawaaqa’ :p

  18. syla says:

    hi my name is syla from k.s.a i lake my name and nik name my friend call me lele lele is short for syla put differently about me