Top 20 Kuwaiti Blogs according to Alexa

By | May 11, 2011

Khal enwanes roo7na eshwaya. Even though I believe the Alexa rank is way overrated and is not a real measure of how a blog is popular but it doesn’t hurt to check it every once in a while.

So lets see, according to my calculations on Alexa for May 11 2011 here is today’s top twenty Kuwaiti blogs. By Kuwaiti I mean blogs from Kuwait regardless of their nationality. There are a lot of gaps in the numbers though and most likely there are many blogs that have a better ranking so if you know of any let me know please.

  1. Q8Ping 105
  2. Meenakon 201
  3. Frankom 204
  4. 248am 206
  5. Aboflan 211
  6. ilSul6ana 214
  7. Kumail 445
  8. HiKuwait 489
  9. Chraimba 491
  10. Crowsy 539
  11. Kuwait Music 545
  12. 965malls 576
  13. HisHersq8 620
  14. BananaQ8 751
  15. PinkGirlQ8 811
  16. Hornet 838
  17. Ansam518 840
  18. Danderma 914
  19. 360Dewan 1145
  20. P0ach 1166

38 Responses to “Top 20 Kuwaiti Blogs according to Alexa”

  1. Crowsy says:

    Thank you for the statistics danderma :)

  2. Dear Romeo says:

    can’t believe there are some blogs that I’m hearing of for the 1st time
    congrats Danderma, very soon youll be at the top

    • danderma says:

      Ee I believe ako even more blogs but I’ve never heard of them so I don’t know their rankings… Allahoma zeed o barek… Imagine me on the top? Naah but thank you hon 😀

  3. Yeh Yeh Yeh 3al baraka 3al baraka :) Good job and keep going :)

    • danderma says:

      Allah ybarek feek 😀
      Yalla post more 3shan you go up in your rating :)

      • Wain ya em3awda .. It’s time consuming oo I’m really missing my co-writer :/

        • danderma says:

          wainah your co-writer? I agree its very time consuming. It helps if you arrange several posts in advance o schedule them so you always have something on the blog…

          • ga3ed ya’7eth Masters :/ I might swap him with someone else soon inshallah. Wallah 7ady busy and that’s why having a co-writer would help to carry some of the weight off

          • danderma says:

            Wagtah el7een masters! Hal ayam every blog feeh 2-3 writers… I recommend Just Noon, you and her have similar taste buds as mine and you both can take amazing pictures 😀 Shrayek?

  4. Pink GirL Q8 says:

    Thank u Danderma :*

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  6. q8ping says:

    شكرا دندرما .

    وبالتوفيق للجميع انشالله

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  8. Sweet says:

    مدونتي ترتيبهابالكويت 865 وعالميا 509,527 وقبل اسبوع كانت 780 بس ما شاء الله التنافس عالي بالكويت .. زعلتوني ليش ما ذكرتوني عشان مدونة كيك وحلويات هاها مدونتي كيك وبيك

    مبروك للكل وان شاء الله دائما تكونون الاوائل في كل شي

    • danderma says:

      7yatee sorry bs ma kint adry 3n your blog… wala yhemich testahlain… a3adel il lista b3d shwaya

      • Sweet says:

        تسلمين عزيزتي دندرمة كلك ذوق والله .. ما تعدلي ولا شي كافي انك رديتي علي ان شاء الله مافي فرق .. الله يجزيكي الخير ويبارك لك وان شاء الله تصير مدونتك من الخمسة الاوائل ومدونتي بعد …

  9. Zhgaan_blog says:

    عمل رائع جدا منك اخوي دندرمة .. ويستاهل كويت بينج الصدارة

  10. banatzayed says:

    wow how can i do the same for Emirati blogs

    • danderma says:

      للأسف لازم تشوفين كل البلوغات بلوغ بلوغ و تدخلينهم في أليكسا واحد واحد
      سووا توب تين و قولوا حق باجي المدونات يجيكون على روحهمز… اللي ايي و يقول انا ترتيبي كذا حطوه باللستة


    I wouldn’t be proud, this award pretty much lists the ” Top 20 blogs that will sell-out for freebies)

    Congratulations, you sell out.

  12. 965malls says:

    Many thanks Danderma – God bless

    assumption is the mother of all problems and misunderstandings.
    check your facts first, these blogs are this and that. some bloggers are there for the busimess and that’s ok, and some others simply love to blog.

  13. narine says:

    awww really appreciate this hard work. Yes indeed it takes a lot of effort to check each and every blog one by one.

    Thank you Danderma! :)

    • danderma says:

      you are most welcome hon, you deserve all the best, and congratulations 😀

  14. Ryan Whitaker says:

    basing rankings on alexa is like asking Paris Hilton to do a review on Car engines. Alexa , to begin with is not a notarized blog / website ratings or rankings engine. It simply provides rank based on several extrinsic and completely unrelated factors such as toolbar installs, back links, relevant keyword reviews, doorway pages etc. that have no bearing whatsoever on the quality and topical discretion of a blog.

    In my opinion there are only 5 blogs on this list that “cut the cheese” as they say in terms of writing style, consistency , relevance and interface appeal.

    It will have to be 965 malls, danderma, kuwait music, 248 am and

    • danderma says:

      I cannot phathom the algorithm behind the ratings either! On days when my visitors are really low I get high Alexa ratings, then when my page visit decrease I suddenly get really high ratings! Its like playing tug of war or something.

      Thank god my blog cuts the cheese 😉 which one is the fifth blog?

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  16. Summer says:

    mabroooook for being number 18!! I think you deserve number one!!

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon… its 19 actually if I am to fix it o maybe b3d a9eer 50 cause wayed ako missing gaps!

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  18. Meenakon says:

    مشكورة اختي على هالاحصائيات الرائعة

    ما ادري شلون اعبر عن امتناائي لج

    من قلبي اقول لج مشكورة

    ووالف الف مبروك على هالمركز وان شاءالله نشوفج من الاوائل ياربي

    • danderma says:

      العفو حبيبتي تسلمين
      و عالبركة إنشاء الله دوم من الأوائل و الله يسمع منج