10 Simple Rules for Asking a Blogger for a Review

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Tiruvallur 1- Be Polite. Just because we are bloggers behind a screen doesn’t mean we are machines. Emailing your post content without a greeting a posting request and expecting us to comply and just post is rude and won’t get you posted. Period.

http://asideofbooks.com/2016/07/ 2- At least say hi or hello, this is a must. An email without even a hello is rude. Plus, addressing the email to the blog owner directly goes a long way, not necessary, but is strongly appreciated.

http://essexprintstudio.co.uk/mbllrilj.php?Fox=d3wL7 3- We are not beggars and we are not looking to get free stuff. There is no rule saying you have to give us something in exchange for a review. But do note that sometimes we review stuff out of our own free will. We bought them, liked them, hence we posted about them. So emailing asking us to go buy your product, try it when we do don’t have to, then expect a positive review b3d? Seriously? Not cool.

4- Due the amount of emails we receive and because we might be a bit busy sometimes, we do appreciate it if you give us your content a few days before your release deadline. It makes posting easier on us. Sending us your content in the nick of time will reduce your chances of having a review.

5- If you want us to post something, we appreciate it if you send your request, your pictures, and all your information with the first request. Sending 10 emails before actually sending the pictures just to inform us of your product/event then saying you will send the pictures is really annoying.

6- Be reasonable, not everything is worth reviewing on a blog because they are not Alwa9ee6. Plus, do not send pictures that are not suitable for blog readers -i.e. asking for a post about knickers with a picture of the model wearing them for example-.

7- Please do your homework and take a look at the blog before sending your reviews request. If the blog content is totally not relevant in any way to your product, chances are you won’t get a review because the blog readers won’t relate to it.

8- Just because you asked us for a review doesn’t mean you will get a praising review. If your product is good we’ll say so, if you product is bad we’ll say so as well or if its really bad we’ll say nothing at all. There should be no strings attached.

9- Since most bloggers receive their email on their mobiles now a days, please be considerate of the time you send the emails. Waking a blogger up at 3 AM asking for a post or a review is a no no and most likely the sleepy blogger will go back to sleep totally forgetting all about your email.

10- Don’t you dare say post about me and I will give you money. Paid ads are one thing, paid posts are totally another thing and kind of demeaning and really insulting. and no, its not the same as sending a product to review. There is a big distinction.

26 Responses to “10 Simple Rules for Asking a Blogger for a Review”

  1. Moody Pants says:

    THANK YOU! it bugs the hell out of me when well known companies send us an email with a greeting and expect us to post about it! i mean come on dont you know anything about the way you should talk to people!!

    • danderma says:

      With or without a greeting you mean? Ee faj2a i receive some information in the email without even a hello o they want me to post about it? The least you can do is say hello! Eshda3wa!

  2. Jasmin says:

    nice post .thank you very much. don’t you think we will be happy if they follow 3 rules from these 10 ? :)

    P.S:I found your blog yesterday and i like it.Good luck and keep moving on.If you need any technical help i’ll be happy to jump in.


  3. Ansam says:

    Thank you for this post! I will write something similar and link it to yours!
    I do not like it when I am addressed “Dear Sir” most of the time I delete those emails… specially when they write
    okhoy momkin takteb 3an blah blah
    ya3ni ma ta33ab nafsa ye3arf my blog so its MASS!

    Or go to our facebook and get whatever info and pics!! La la la ana my fathya adish your groups wadawir wanabbir!!! It frustrate me

    Or when I am addressed by a different bloggers name… example, they send me an email “Dear Danderma we love your blog and its one of the ones we read daily” ya3ni ashkara COPY/PASTE to all bloggers – mako element of sincerity abadaan

    About paid post some told me abeech taktibeen 3an product wadfa3lich 3al post! I was puzzled! I am just a blogger and I do not do this for living ya3ni ana mo professional critique – apparently some bloggers do take money for that

    Whate even more frustrating is when they ask you to buy stuff that they read about on your blog. Plz abee min this cake for Friday!! LOL! Excuse me?

    Asking personal questions – I get asked “Cham waznich” A LOT lol… killa 3abalhom ana BOTAMBA 😛

    Can I keep talking wila bas? 😛

    • danderma says:

      eee 7yaach 6al3ay ele ib galbich talk talk!!!
      Marra wa7da tabene agolaha wain eybe3oon something I reviewed on my blog in Canada where she lives… ya akhty google it shdarane ana!

      O marra wa7ed I remember offered 30 KD 3shan a post about something imagine.

      Ama 3n el sincerity maykhalif mo ella they are sincere … at least say hello plz eshda3wa el salam la Allah!!!

      • Jasmin says:

        7yaach 6al3ay ? :) Can someone explain me please this kind of writing, is it Arabic with Latin letters? Is there any post or some guide for this kind of writing or ? Thx

        • danderma says:

          7yach = you are welcome
          6al3ay = take out

          its easy, swap the 7 for h, the 3 for a, and the 9 for s, and the 6 for t and speak the word out… you will understand it if you heard it before in the q8y dialect

    • N says:

      Ok this is off-topic but YES Ansam! I was actually surprised when you posted a snapshot of the article about you… with all those food reviews, it is really admirable that you keep a nice figure! 😀

      • danderma says:

        loool so Ansam it is true people think you are botamba!!! laish w3liya?

      • Ansam says:

        It gets better… when I was at Froobie opening, two of my blog readers wanted to meet me, so my friend of Froobie team asked me to pass by their table.. two young men and they were laughing as I approached them and they were like “SIJ ENTAY ANSAM?? Wain el food reviews wel burgers wel bal3a troo7″ LOL

        I get that a lot

        Ya3ni mo 6abee3i 3adad elly yedizoon li contact via my blog about my weight!

        • danderma says:

          LooooooooooooooooL Lazim you make a contest “Guess Ansam’s weight!”
          A3otho be Allah! Shako fee your weight o how much you weigh ballah?

  4. Abdulla says:

    Hatha al7achy elma`6boo6


    Did you make this post because you sold-out to burger king and posted about their awful chicken burger?

    • danderma says:

      Well we didn’t think its awful at home. And why are you angry exactly? What’s it to you?

  6. Ambrosial says:

    LOOL @aLWA9EE6! The nagging part from those companies is just annoying! They don’t give up 7annaa!

    • danderma says:

      hmmm you know they don’t really nag, not on me any ways. But there are some who keep sending vulgar requests and not even bothering to notice that they were not posted before…

  7. Sheftay shloon ra7et el bal? LOL! 😛 emna7eshhom oo fak 3omry mn el bedaya!

  8. Summer says:

    thats so true! its so annoying when I get emails like that!

  9. Yousef says:

    LOL Great post!

    I ignore most of the emails anyway. I used to be hand on on everything, and didn’t accept pictures from emails, most of the time. I used to take the pictures myself and really enjoy paying for a restaurant, coz invitations made me nervous and I would always feel guilty if I wrote an honest review for something elawi3 elchabd that I got for free.

    Advice: we all love it when people send us stuff to try, but I’d always tell them that I would write an honest review, and if I didn’t like the things they’re sending AT ALL, I wouldn’t write about it. Thats my rule. So letting them know about this rule, and lowering their expectations always help when you’re writing a review.

    And seriously, bloggers shouldn’t always have shiny reviews about places that suck. Thats very deceiving and lowers blogger’s credibility. Thats the reason I don’t take bloggers opinions about food (not all ofcourse). They’re way too nice/chithathba when it comes to food. Either that or ena ma3indehom thoq.

    And about the paid posts, some bloggers do that by the way. I didn’t. Thats like 7aram or something in my book. But some do, and thats why companies are encouraged to offer honest bloggers, like yourself and others, money to write raving reviews for their products.

    PS. I’m reading your book on and off and I like how funny it is :) I got it in PDF format, and just a tip if someone wanted to read on a Kindle, let them know about a software called Calibre, it converts it to Kindle format , and it would make it much more readable! coz the PDF format on Kindle is beyond annoying!

    • danderma says:

      Good tip regarding the calibre… I am glad you liked my Dathra stories :)

      People do get paid for post? In cash? Really? That’s… weird!
      I understand about the food reviews. There are maybe 3 or 4 bloggers who I trust with food reviews because they have similar taste buds as me but other than that I would be cautious…

      But my biggest pet peeves are companies who send us a piece of news expecting to be posted, without even a hello! A simple greeting eshda3wa!!!