Pinkberry Jabriya is FINALLY open! Yay!

relevantly By | May 15, 2011

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Manizales When my sister told me that Pinkberry Jabriya was finally open and she was going to go there with my mother right now, I changed my clothes in two minutes, grabbed my camera, and drove them personally to the crowded corner where the new Al-Shayaa Complex resides.

As we anticipated it was pretty crowded but we were lucky to find a parking a bit far away across the street and we walked to Pinkberry.

At the door of Pinkberry we were greeted the waitress that knows me and my mother well -because we are faithful customers they recognize us :p – and when she saw my camera she asked me if I was assigned from Al-Shayaa to take pictures?

I replied no I was taking the pictures for my blog, so she asked me politely to not take any picture until she clears it out with the manager first and went on the phone to talk to him. Weird. Now I’ve taken one million pictures and seen one million pictures of Pinkberry Avenues before? What is it with stores now a days? This is the 2nd store in two days that asks me not to take pictures?

As my mother sat down and me and my sister stood in line I realized I’ve lost my appetite. So I decided not to order a Pinkberry after all.  Then the waiter came and said I can take pictures of the lobby and the sitting area but not of the food or the preparations. I got out of line and started snapping away again.

As I was taking pictures people were looking at me in a funny way! Madry laish? Any ways I thought to my self maybe Pinkberry didn’t want to disclose pictures of how their items are prepared so no one can copy cat them even though its a tad too late for that by now. So I moved on to the entrance of the complex.

This is the doorway leading up to Pizza Express. I didn’t feel like going up so I went to Starbucks.

Now this Starbucks is big and cosy, the way a Starbucks in a big area like Jabriya should be. The staff were very friendly as I placed my order and I asked the barista if I could snap some pictures and he said it was ok sure.

As I started to snap away I felt a huddle behind me. Several employees of the Starbucks were looking at me and then one of them asked me ‘Are you from Al-Shayaa taking pictures?’ When I explained no I was a blogger and I already took permission to snap some pictures of anything but the food, they weren’t really convinced so I stopped.

OK so with Pinkberry I understand the logic but Starbucks? Starbucks! For gods sake there are like one million pictures of Starbucks! I personally had never been stopped in any Starbucks before from taking pictures, from SEATTLE, to Zurich, Geneva, Berlin, Milton Keynes, London, Oxford, Dubai, and also Kuwait! So what changed now? Eshda3wa!

Any ways you can go now but you will not find a parking. The seating is cosy and the staff is as cheerful and friendly as ever.

We sat outside because my mother complained that the AC was too cold. I had no complaints except maybe that the entire Jabriya population were there enjoying their time. Pizza Express has balconies over looking the street making it the perfect place to have a lunch or dinner near home during the months of beautiful weather in Kuwait.

And the best part is they have a drive thru! I can get my caramel macciato in the morning before going to work and waiting in traffic with my drink instead of reaching work while cranky and hungry then swerving to get my coffee.

Now, as the Starbucks baristas called out to me as I was about to leave, see you tomorrow morning Ma’am 😀 You sure will!

Ya 7elow il Jabriya wallah <3

20 Responses to “Pinkberry Jabriya is FINALLY open! Yay!”

  1. r.alsharif says:

    Aham shay inna when we moved out of Jabriya they opened all that!!!! 😛 Ashkara na6reena we leave!

    • danderma says:

      loool athary intaw el sebab bel ta2kheer? Na6reenkom te6l3oon 3shan yefte7oon :p

  2. giggles says:

    ee wallah ya 7elow il jabriya, i passed by this afternoon and saw people sitting outside 3araft ena feta7. now we don’t have to go to marina or avenues for pinkberry hehe 😉

    • danderma says:

      Ee bel thab6… 3ad today after work I wanted to have Pinkberry for lunch but I was too tired to go and get my self some so I went home instead… Now I can pass by every day for a Pinkberry!

  3. I love how we have several branches of Pinkberry in Kuwait…we have one close to where we are living now too 😀

  4. Sn3a says:

    l Jabriya Dawla da5l Dawla;p
    kl shy feha
    bs ma a7b asog feha thayga ;p

  5. 3.D3aijany says:

    Yes el-jabreya bedat et9eer mokan lelqaz ;p
    ashwaa it’s near so I don’t have to go to avenues when I’m craving pinkberry ;p

    • danderma says:

      ee this complex is amazing for hanging out! Although I hate driving in Jabriya but at least its 5 minutes away from my house!

  6. amk says:

    its very convinient that you have this newly opened complex…but I’m sorry I have to disagree with you regarding Jabriya..there’s traffic 24/7 i cant stand it so I stopped going there only if its for zero degrees which i prefer over pinkberry…anyways 3laikom bil 3afya :)

    • danderma says:

      I already live there so I have no choice but to endure the traffic. But now at least I only endure the Jabriya traffic instead of enduring the traffic from Jabriya and 5th ring road and Avenues to get a Pinkberry!

  7. Lulwa says:

    Ay 9oub biljabriya bil’9ab6 ? Momkn t36eni al3nwaan :$

  8. 3ad I hate ilJabriya lana 24/7 ZA7MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! bes really loved the place! im gonna check it out!;p

    • danderma says:

      For people who live in Jabriya its awsome 😀 Eshlekom eb our pinkberry ro7aw Avenues or Marina Mall…

  9. Summer says:

    I went to Jabriya tonight and it was sooooo crowded!! turned out that all the traffic was coming from Pinkberry!! I was planning on going there but decided not too after seeing all that traffic!! Its so stupid that they put it in that location!! That street is ALWAYS crowded and there’s barely any parking spaces!

    • danderma says:

      True I wonder why they chose the most congested intersection in Jabriya to put a complex of popular restaurants?

  10. ShoSho says:

    Ashwa fir nice you’ve said a positive thing about geneva 😛 lol.. Well I don’t get it either.. Last summer in London Ferrari shop they had a real car in the entrance o of course everyone wants a picture.. They kept on repeating no photo!! Ish7agga 7a6eenha? In Cath Kidson in Biscter village ba3ad they said no photo :S

    I hate this no photo thing! In football matches ba3ad you’re not allowed bs shino players are copy-righted lol??

    Sorry I hate this photography issue I could go on ranting forever looool.

    • danderma says:

      meh… ;p

      Ma adry shino salfat hal no photography… plz min dara 3nkom! Like the crazy german hulk lady in Manora restaurants who barked at me in german that I shouldnt be taking photographs. Eshda3wa hamne 3ad… :p