Entrepreneurship Vision, Value, & Passion Seminar June 6-8

By | May 18, 2011

Mubaader Enterprises believe that if you can have a dream, you can also do it and have an independent life based on the dream.

Hence comes their latest seminar ‘Entrepreneurship Vision, Value, and Passion’. The seminar and workshop are a life changing experience that can inspire, motivate, and enhance the potential of the business owner success in Kuwait Market.

Awaken the entrepreneur within by attending the seminar given many times by Mr. Ahmad Al-Mutawa. Any Business Owner Will Require To Know:

The seminar is held from June 6th till 8th from 5 PM till 9 PM. You can register for the seminar using this link (link). For more information regarding the seminar you can contact Mubaader Enterprise by calling 22498598 or by email info@mubaader.com

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  1. aja says:

    thier banner is same as zain’s great idea….. other than that great idea

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