Flying Robo3 Dinar!

unusefully By | March 17, 2009

buy prednisone in the uk rob3 I went to bed with my stomach rumbling last night, actually it was rumbling so bad it was almost aching. Then i started to feel some pain in my chest, the feeling is, as if ur heart is not getting enough blood fa its shaking trying to pump blood into it. My arms where aching from all the villian hitting i have done playing on my wii sonic unleashed, i actually have a mini bruise on one of them and it feels sore…

So i lay there for a while last night… thinking if i should go and eat a biscuit or something? The heart thingy scared me ishwaya… but then i guess i fell a sleep from hunger… it is infact a very very peacful sleep… and i woke up immediately after the alarm rang. I guess hunger keeps u alert…

I woke up, it was early, so i decided i should congratulate my self on not going up in the middle of the night and eating that biscuit or that cadbury bar of chocolate i wanted… So i will pass by the Starbux Drive Thru on my way to work and get my self a nice Short Skimmed Caramel Macciatio to go with my apple. After all, it has some protein in it 😀

I arrive at the drive thru window a little later than i cared for. I sit in my car patiently. I see the two starbux workers chatting and glancing in my direction and ignoring me. This went on for several minutes. They were just casually chatting. Nothing really important y3ni. Yet one of them tells the other “customer at drive thru window” and the guy ignores him… and he goes again “ok ok go to the customer at the drive thru window”… and my temper is rising… i want to shout but i really am not a morning person who talks much in the morning…

Besides, i was afraid they would spit in my drink or something.

When they finally bestow on me the honor of tending to my order, Short Skimmed Caramel Macciato, the guy goes to make it, the other one comes to collect the money…

1.300 KD mam…

I get out a KD, A robo3 (1/4) KD, and a 50 fils…

and that wretched 1/4 KD flew right of my hands midway to the starbux guys hand. and fell to the floor…

He looks at me blankly. As in, what a klutz u r, gimme the money!!! So i open up my cars door, it is a four wheel jeep thingy so it is high above the groun, and there is it, the robo3 KD sitting on the floor. I cannot reach it, i take off my seat belt and almost grab it when whooooooooosh

The robo3 KD flies away! a few centimeters backwards!!!!

So i reverse my car and try to reach it… keeping my eyes on the floor and the door open…

ahhhh there it is…

Flies some more.

I park, get down, go over to the blessed robo3 KD, and snatch it off the ground…

and u would think the Stabux man would be sympathetic? Or come out and help? or something?!?! Noooooooo looking at me blankly, almost bored, as if this hoopla happens every day!!!

Got a bit of exercise early morning… all because of that cold cup of coffee that i swallowed in 2 minutes!!!!

So today, breakfast was Apple and Stabux

Lunch? Im thinking of having mashed potatoes again with mushroom straganoff sauce. I usually have the mushrom straganoff sauce with spaghetti (tres yummy) but im not eating wheat at the moment and it does taste good with mashed potatoes… still i have to think about it…

and tommorow i am having some TOAST for breakfast 😀 YAAAAAY

8 Responses to “Flying Robo3 Dinar!”

  1. lol I always do that at the petrol station, o misaken the guys kila ygolon 3adi 3adi khali 3anich

  2. shoosha says:

    starbucks fee drivethru??


  3. atoona says:

    a flying rube3 is now officially worse than a rolling coin 😛

    yuma khara3teeni 3ala salfat el trojan 😮 i removed the Pacman application, so it shud work now..leme know if theyre any probs ok? 😀

    Oh, btw, i love the rube3… its my favorite money note ever! love pics of the kids in it, i think the rube3 is beautiful.. especially compared to other currencies like pounds we33.

  4. Q80 BOY says:

    yay ur still on ur detox diet, keep it up !!! Oh and starbuck’s service sucks !!! Once the philipino on the counter yawned in my face in the morning and I smell every thing he has eaten for the last week (sorry to disgust u) then he asks for my order ! BTW where is this drive thru atleast i dont get yawned at !

  5. Change says:

    woooow.. that’s so not a great morning starter..!! and I love the fact that you have robi3 dinar.. we don’t..!! ehhehe..
    hope tomorrow you have a better morning..!! 😛

  6. Daddy's Girl says:


    Ee sheftay il tharaba?!?!?!? Mo hathol maloot starbux!


    7a6ait lich post about its location 3shan bacher il sob7 insha2 allah tegdereen itmoreen ihnak …


    When u removed it the trojan alert is gone 😀
    3ad ana i love the pounds!!! I have a 20 pounds note in my wallet plus a pound now … yam il floosat il bajee



    Chinna 3ndokom arba3 o ansas 3la coins??? 3ad 3ndi ishkether ba7raini khardawesh :p

    Q80 Boy

    Shhhhh don’t say diet! Tra ayenn…
    O sej la3at chabdi!!! wee3!!!!
    Check my latest post.. feeh 3n il drive thru location…

  7. Stand-Alone~ says:


    wallah zain you are dedicated to this diet!! cant wait to see the end result

  8. eshda3wa says:

    yalah atleast u burned a few calories !