Childhood in Kuwait Means: Bionic Six Action Figures

By | May 22, 2011

As a child of the 80’s I was obsessed with the Bionics Six cartoon shown on KTV2 every week. It must have been 1987 when I waited for a new episode every week and recorded them, replayed them over and over, dreamt about them all the time, and eventually collecting their toys.

I still have the toys I collected and the video tapes I recorded. The only action figures toy missing is that of mechanic but it belonged to my brother who ruined toy so I guess it was bound to be lost. Benji I got from the little toy store by al3alamiya in Salmiya. Meg I got from a Kentucky Fried Chicken kids meals. I am not sure about Madam O because it belonged to my sister and I am glad I salvaged her.

For some reason it seemed to be that I am the only one who actually remembers Bionic Six in Q8! I wonder why is that? I loved them and I still do, hence why I cherish their toys and video tapes still.

Do you remember Bionic Six? Did you have their toys?

8 Responses to “Childhood in Kuwait Means: Bionic Six Action Figures”

  1. ahmed says:

    are you kidding me , i used to love’em and just like you waited new episode every week . i also remember being obsessed with Thundercats, i remember collecting all their toys and i also bought their castle from mojma3 alayoob before it was trasnformed to what it is today .

    • danderma says:

      ee Thundercats is another story all together… me and my brother had all their action toys plus the car plus the castle… there was some light in the castle that I am guessing was supposed to project the Thundercat sign but we never got around to operating it madry laish… 7safa 3lehom wallah :(

  2. Mark says:

    Bionic Six was one of my favorite cartoons and I also got a few toy figures from KFC and a few from other toy shops.

    “Bionic Six (my fav)”

    Sadly I lost ALL my toys during the Gulf War since I had to leave everything behind. That includes ALL my Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars (I had like a million), ALL my LEGO, ALL my Thunder Cat and He Man toys and ALL my Bionic Six stuff :(

    • danderma says:

      aww you never recovered any of them?! The Iraqis were living in our house and pretty much stole every thing but miraculously the thundercats toys and the bionic six survived! i wonder why they didn’t steal them like the rest of the stuff? Our video tapes were hidden by my father’s friend underneath the stairs in a place where they wouldn’t suspect so we salvaged those as well…