Ten Tips for New Bloggers on the Block

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So you think you are ready to wander into the blogsphere. You did your homework, bought your own domain, created your own unique template, and set up the banners for the Ads. Let me give you some insider advice on how t o make your entry into the blogging world easier. 3o9arat my years of blogging if we may say so. Its not as easy as having a piece of cake.

1- First off be yourself. The easiest thing in the world is to copy cat some other popular blogger. But then people will always think of you as the copycat. Instead, why don’t you do something that will make the next generation of bloggers copycat you? Believe me you will be at top in no time if you are unique.

2- This is not only from me, this is from fellow veteran bloggers as well: You shouldn’t be parading your blog. The way to go is to lurk and check out blogs, comment on them and build up relationships, make your name known and your appearance noted. Have people want to check your blog out instead of asking to be checked out and having people check you out of obligation rather than curiosity.

3- Always add pictures to your post. It wont hurt to use good quality pictures with a width of 450 pixles and above. Invest in a good camera and click your world away. The competition is tough out there and new DSLR cameras does pretty much all your work for you. Show us the world through your eyes.

4- Always browse other blogs and check out the recent hapenings. Please do not blog about old and over used things, a review of chocolate bar in 2011 for example will not intrigue anyone unless you add a certain twist to it. Always try to find some thing new or unknown to blog about so it will set you out from the crowds.

5- Everyone is on the intrnet now a days so posting about news you found online or something that arrived at everyone’s mailbox isn’t really going to make people curious. Be original and post something that isn’t already out there.

6- Sometimes people get into fights in the blogsphere and comments are harshly exchanged. It happens -thankfully not a lot- but it happens. Do not get caught in the middle of a bloggers fight. You will be forced to take sides and you might regret it later on.

7- The day you get bad comments, know that you are on the right path. Congratulation. The first bad cruel comment is always the harshest. The best way to deal with bad comments is to delete them and not reply to them. Replying to them could get out of hand and result in a big mess, trust me on this one.

8- If you want to borrow a post or a picture from a fellow blogger please make a very big point at the beginning of your post that its the bloggers post. Do not post it as your on and at the very bottom say “Thanx to Flan” or “Via Flan”. 3aib. Its advisable to always ask before hand.

9- Always answer people who left comments on your blog. The took the effort and commented you should at least show them the respect of replying. Too busy? Then maybe you shouldn’t have a blog.

10- Be patients and don’t be bitter when other bloggers from your generation are recognized for their success, attending events and being praised. Until now I get invited to one out of ten blogging events and I’ve been blogging forever. Don’t whine, don’t curse, don’t accuse anyone of anything. Clam up and channel the negative energy into an effort to actually be more productive. This is what I do, whenever I am passed I think of more ways to grow better.

I hope those tips were productive. Fellow bloggers, what other tips might you want to add to the list?

16 Responses to “Ten Tips for New Bloggers on the Block”

  1. Sn3a says:

    Ppl plz make sure about No.1
    U know Danderma, we have like 4 minimum blogs are identical
    If they use one layout no one will recognize the difference(if any;p)!
    LOVE ur blog;)

    Bloggers it is ur Area! So post whatever u feel and like!

    • danderma says:

      Dayman when a blog comes out with a new idea faj2a you see mushrooming blogs doing the exact same idea… ee laish 3ad do your own thing! We want to see new things not copies of one thing!

  2. LWDLIK says:

    Great list. Don’t forget eternal patience; as blogger sites can be very s..l..o..w and extremely frustrating.

  3. Esperanza says:

    9a7 elsanch Mrs. Danderma 3ain el3agel will cited in my blog if maku mushkela?


    11- Make sure to sell-out to ANY company that approaches you. Take pride in being treated like a walking advertisement, for most bloggers in our country have no shame. The more you act like a company trained dog, the more freebies you get! (Huzzah!)

    • danderma says:

      *to readers* See this is a good example of bad comments you get from people that clearly have issues. They keep coming back shamelessly b3d. They are to be ignored.

  5. Mrs F says:

    Wonderful post! and you brought up some great points. Especially about being yourself and trying to have original content rather than copying other successful bloggers.

    and MOARFOODPOSTS, there is no shame in posting ads on your blog, if you are not deceiving your readers in any way and clearly state that it’s a paid advertisement. People spend a lot of time maintaining their blogs and if they can get something in return for it without over shadowing their content then that’s an added bonus! what’s better than turning your hobby into business? You get the best of both worlds 😉

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon :) Glad to see you liked it…

      Oh and I wouldn’t bother too much with MOARFOODPOSTS its not the first time they’ve left a comment of the same content around here… they just provided a fine example for my points 😀

  6. great tips! hehe even though i am not new to the blogsphere as an exblogger bs i certainly feel like a newbie with this blog ….but like u said, u should do ur own thing :)

    • danderma says:

      Exactly take meblogging for instance, or tidbitdujour! Why can’t we have more individuals like them? I love both their blogs dearly and they actually make me happy to read for them…

  7. Om ALzain says:

    Great tipps..many thanks.

  8. Summer says:

    I love your tips! I have one of my own: its to have patience. It takes a really long time for a blog to be recognized.

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and I barely got some recognition after all these years. It doesn’t happen overnight I tell you…