The quickest fastest lunch ever!

buy Gabapentin from india By | May 25, 2011


If I want a quick solution for lunch, or maybe I have to be somewhere and I have to eat quickly and I want to stay away from fast food or sandwiches and eat something both light, fulfilling, and nutritious that wouldn’t make me sleepy or smell horrible afterwards, I would go to the Co-op and pick my self the four seasons salad.

I personally add half a can of drained red kidney beans for protein and to make me fuller.

I add the beans, add the sauce, give the box a little shake, and Voila! The box even comes with its own plastic fork!

No washing, no chopping, no cleaning, no mixing. Just open and eat then discard the box.

The sauce itself is what makes the whole thing works, it is so herby and light and delicious.

and the best thing is the calories 😀

By the way this is NOT a paid post, not was I offered the salad to try. This is something I stumbled upon in the Co-Op and have been hooked on every since I did. Now your conscience could take a break and your moral virtue should be restored.

12 Responses to “The quickest fastest lunch ever!”

  1. Sn3a says:

    lool danderma
    maaalch sh’3l fhm ur readers know you
    loved the idea of adding beans

  2. kuwait Event says:

    eee walaa its the best ^_^ I always buy it ^_^ I love the greek though

  3. giggles says:

    3alaych bil 3afia, will try your combination of salad and beans looks good. thank you :)

  4. Um Maryam says:

    I love American salads and their new healthy line. You are right the salad is so fresh and crispy every time unlike some of the stale salads at some diet outlets. I love how they have an inner layer seperating the lettuce from other veggies. But what is the calorie count after adding the red beans?

  5. Um Maryam says:

    Regarding the last bit, I mean no disrespect about you but being a faithful and long reader of your blog I am worried that your blog will turn into another ‘paid’ or a commercial blog. I have stopped reading many blogs because I no longer trust their owners. I value your opinion a lot and I love your candid honesty. I hope this blog will never change.

    • danderma says:

      Hon, I cannot be bought even if you paid me a million.
      I have a rule: what I don’t like I say, what I really hate will not be posted just for the sake of not crumbling one’s efforts. Period.

  6. r.alsharif says:

    Yumm that looks good! 😀 3alaich bil3afia!