Men, why don’t you hold open the car door for women?

By | May 29, 2011

Yesterday and for the first time since our marriage years, my husband “accidentally” opened the car door for me! I say accidentaly because I know his view on car door opening. Also, he didn’t keep the door open or close it. He kinda yanked it open by mistake thinking it was his door and then ran away to his own side of the car. Its a good thing he didn’t close the door before I got inside.

I remember a long time ago in some parking, we were waiting to park when we saw a nice young Q8i couple. The guy opened the door for his wife, waited for her to settle in, closed the door after her then went to his side of the car. Of course it took them forever to vacate the spot but his chivalry was touching -and macho FYI-.

So I asked my husband ‘Why don’t you open the car door for me?’ Y3ni at least for once in my life 3ad eshda3wa? His reply? ‘I will open the car door for you if you agree to take off my shoes and wash my feet daily!’.

For gods sake! Is opening the car door really that demeaning? Why? There is no need to do it on a daily basis but once in a blue moon is really touching and considerate? Is that the way the men look at door opening? It is some form of demeaning gesture that makes you less of a man and more of a maid? Is that why I had to hold open the door for that guy and his wife coming out of Johnny Rockets and the guy went out in all his glory with the wife trailing behind him while I opened the door, wanting to slam it in his face and knock some sense into his arrogant face?

Why? Why won’t you open the car doors? Let women know… because we women think its nothing but na7asa o la3ana from your part. Enlighten us with your perspective please!

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  1. swera says:

    he never opened the car door for me but he does open restaurants, house, & shops doors! bs the car madre lesh la2! will ask him n let u know about his response 😛

    • danderma says:

      Ee b3d ele yba6el every bab laish ma yba6el bab el syara?! Shel farg?

    • ShoSho says:

      don’t ask, just wait in the car, see if he opens the door or leaves you in lool 😛 you can try it since you’re a new bride. i7na mako amal looool

      • danderma says:

        Ay new bride 9arle over 5 years! Wallah lo ag3ad bel syara yagfelha o yehedne o yamshi o china el3eed… eshda3wa hamah?

  2. Shosho says:

    LooooL at your husband’s reply. Walla Madry hmm.. yes shop and restaurant doors are different than cars, to them at least .. I don’t have an answer. We need to wait for a man to comment lol.

  3. Paul says:

    1. If both her hands are fractured and she hasn’t devised a way to open the door with her feet.
    2. If your mum-in-law is around.
    3. Never open if she uses the threat of cooking broccoli at home. I repeat-NEVER!
    4. Always..if her dad carries a shot-gun and lives around.

    There..peace on earth..

  4. noora says:

    3yal sem3ai hathy, il bint tawha ma56oba o awal mara emorha bsayartah, yat betfech il bab ila qaflah! la o qa3ed besayar yeth7ak @@ theqel 6ena 3balah qashmara!!
    o ta3leq wajeeh, rayle efechli bab il bet o m6a3em o qerah! bab esayara wala mara leeh!!

    • danderma says:

      Ya theqel damah! Kamelat el kh6ooba wyah???

      Ee madry laish bab elsyara bs ye76oon 3leeh X?

  5. Standy says:

    looooooool… your husbands reply is something wallah..

    on purpose many times i stand next to the car and wait for him to open the door and he does maskeen.. i also tried the not leave the car till he opens the door for me and he also does that.. and at times he will suprise me just like that he will open the door for me :)

    i guess my husband doenst have an issue with opening the car door for me…

    • danderma says:

      Omani men are so nice!!!
      Ryayeel el q8 amalich yesawoon chithee… etha ge3dat el mara bel sayara hadaha o mesha 3nha etha ma 6affa 3leha il mokayef o gefal el bab b3d… eshwaya fuse el ‘3athab 3ndohom wayed qe9eer ryayelna :p

  6. Mona says:

    Hash always opens the car door for me to sit first and also the doors to the shops and restaurants and I feel so loved and cared for each time he does that :) It’s actually more chivalrous than demeaning for a man to do that for his lady, so men shouldn’t think twice or think low about it.

    • danderma says:

      EXACTLY! It makes them look like gentlemen and makes their women feel loved and spoiled… like princesses…
      You must be a very good person to deserve such a fine man mash2 Allah. Allah ytamem 3lekom o ya7meekom 😀

      • Mona says:

        That’s so sweet of you dear! Thank you :) and I hope that after reading this post, your husband would change his view on this 😉

  7. 3ateeja says:

    uuugh men !! 5bry ma yswonha ela ayam el-melcha 😛

    • danderma says:

      Ay ayam el malcha wala yooooom feta7 le bab el syara o ne6arny adesh wala yooom :'(

  8. They don’t know that’s these little SMALL THINGS what makes us really HAPPY!

    • danderma says:

      Exactly… its the right buttons to be pushed so a woman can become happy! O ygolon laish elq8ya nesra!

  9. Fajer says:

    I bet the couple you saw in the parking lot just got engaged yesterday or at the same day ;p

    You know what you should ask next…. ?

    Why Kuwaiti men hold their wives’ hands only at melcha period ?!!

    I really think they’re faking it when they do that !

    Walah I feel soooo happy when I see old Kuwaiti couple holding hands, I think this is geniune love :)

    • danderma says:

      Awwww ako old q8y couples holding hands? Ma 3mry sheft eb9ara7a! Wa7alat.hom ayshawqooooon <3

  10. Asmaa says:

    Lol, that was a sweet mistake…

    My father usually opens the car door for me, because it’s too bulky or maybe it’s me who’s tiny 😀

    • danderma says:

      Aww ya7lailah your father Allah ykhaleeh lokom! I guess because he still thinks of you as his baby maybe?

  11. deQor8 says:

    well .. from a man’s perspective … i will admit I prob don’t open my wife’s car door as often as I should … but I do every once in a while …. I usually grab the building doors for her though unless I’m haplessly trodding behinde her. that being said, I don’t think it is EVERY woman’s dream to have some poor schmuck allowing her out of the vehicle. at least not eveery time .. i can understand periodically they might consider it a nice gesture or even, dare I say, romantic 😛 but then again … i’m a male … what the hell do i know :)

    • danderma says:

      You are an American, many guys over there do not see opening the car doors for their wives as a shameful act. Omani men as Standy pointed out would open the car door for their women apparently… Kuwaity men? Once in a blue moon… or in a lime green moon or whatever impossible colour there is!

      Of course we do not wish that men open our car doors every single time but as you said once in a while would suffice… it just makes us feel cherished, spoiled, pampered and utterly loved.

  12. Chirp says:

    LOOL after ma garait ur blog post chan as2al my hubby “why did you stop opening the car door for me!!!” His face was shocked lol, chan egooli “3ashan arkab gablich washaghilich el AC :P”
    A7la targee3a haha

    • danderma says:

      Khoooosh targee3aaaaa!
      Y3ni in the winter when there would be no need for the AC ra7 yeba6el el beeban again? 7emday rabich ba6alich el bab for a while :p

  13. divauncedided says:

    Chivalry died a long time ago! It almost feels like a myth these days :l

    • danderma says:

      You never knoiw… maybe if we teach it to our children it might get rekindled…

  14. Nunu-San says:

    Interesting topic!!
    You can’t ask your husband to do things he doesn’t think of doing ever.
    I mean, men don’t do something unless they really wanna do it 😛

    lo itgi66een naqzat min ilyom lai bacher! Maku lol
    Yemkin bes marra bil ghala6 it9eer 😛