Help: Do you know the artist of Cafe Bazza’s paintings?

By | May 29, 2011

I went to try Cafe Bazza the other day and I have to say I had quite an experience. The style is spot on, the food is great -Try their fool and their meatless maraq bamiya!-. The music of their soundtrack was lovely but I hated the way the songs were sung. The TV showing clips from my favourite Kuwaiti shows. Simply sensational.

But the thing that caught my attention the most was this partiacular painting hanging right beside my chair. I was mesmerised with the beauty of its details! It looks traditional yet its as funky and quircky as ever! Little clues to the saying on the painting are scattered here and there! It says ‘Botamba Kasar El Lamba’ i.e. ‘Fat man broke the lamp’ and then inside the vase you see a small portrait of a fat man blowing a lamp! Etyanin!!!

Now this is totally my kind of art! I gazed and gazed at the painting in awe and sadness, I wish my father’s art had been genetically passed to me. He has a masters degree in Arabian Calligraphy Masha2 Allah yet I cannot write two letters in the same size with my horrible handwriting. Had I gotten any sense of art at all I would have been the kind of artist who produced such quirky coded paintings :(

Now, do you know who the amazing artist of those paintings is? I would like to have some of them to hang in my own apartment. Please? Anyone? Help!

P.S. They say boring mona lisa is the most amazing painting. I think this is more amazing than the mona lisa. Kaifi!

4 Responses to “Help: Do you know the artist of Cafe Bazza’s paintings?”

  1. kuwait Event says:

    wooooow sha5baryyyyyy XD we use to sing it a lot hehehehehe

    =””) aww old days “sniff sniff”