Help: How to knock a finger into place?

cheap unprescribed clomid By | June 15, 2011

Reinbek Ten days ago as I was preparing for the book signing I went to a nail parlor where I had a manicure. I was watching friends, eating a cookie, enjoying being pampered when the lady who was doing my manicure decided to massage my hands after the manicure.

As she was massaging my right hand she made a circular motion with my fingers then pulled on them hard. very hard. Too hard in fact that I felt the finger right next to my right thumb come out of its socket. It hurt for a moment and then it went numb and it just bothered me. You know the feeling when you want to crack your knuckles? I kept feeling like that all day long…

Ten days on and that feeling just won’t go away. I feel there is something wrong with my finger. Since its an important finger I use to write, tweet, bbm, shoot with my camera, click on the mouse, and type on the keyboard with i keep using it all day long and it bothers me more and more with usage. Two days ago it began hurting me even if I am not using it. The pain is increasing every day and I keep cracking its knuckle just so it might just heal but the pain is only increasing and its getting harder to use and flex :(

I don’t want to go to Alrazi. I don’t want to see a doctor in the first place cause what would I say after waiting an hour to see him? My finger hurt but its not broken or blue? Most likely they’ll tell me to crack my knuckles again or wait it out and see.

I just want to know if you have ever experienced something like this before and if you know of a method to put the finger back to where it belongs? A stronger form of cracking the knuckle for example? Help plz?

Oh and this is EXACTLY why I hate people touching me… they are just too defasha and I am too fragile. Hmph.

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  1. Samar says:

    I guess it was a Filipina women who did the manicure..i’m familiar with this method after having a manicure..It wasn’t suppose to feel that bad but since it did, it’s better for you to check a doctor specially if your finger is bit swollen.

    • danderma says:

      Ee it was a philipino lady… but the finger is not swollen it just bothers me a lot :(

  2. Asmaa says:

    Awww, may Allaah heal your finger for you.. Try applying olive oil to it and massage it.. Insha Allaah shifa in it for you :)

  3. Standy says:

    im having the same problem, bas this been going on for 2 months maybe now.. i donno wha is wrong wih my finger.. if you get 7al, please let me know =)

    • danderma says:

      9ej? Min shino 9ar chithee ib ur finger? Two months!!!!!!!!

      • Standy says:

        it was madri kinda stuck for a while.. so i decided to pull it and since then till this moment it still hurts!!

        • danderma says:

          Wee qobra! Laish tel3been!!!!

          I saw two doctors o they told me ismah tendortantataitis -or something similar- inah el strings in the fingers got bruised o mako 3laj you just let it take its time o massage it with hot oil… :(

  4. red says:

    Hi, why do they do that?!?!
    I hope you informed the salon, it is not necessary for a nail technician to do that. i remember a lady tring to do that to me and I was like…what on earth are you doing? Stop!!
    I certainly would suggest you see a Docter, better to be safe than sorry, I’m sure it’s nothing serious but you need to check.

    • danderma says:

      I didn’t actually I thought they were used to it… now I regret it to be frank :(

  5. Piscean says:

    Awwww!! That must be so irritating! urrrgh
    I really think it’s best to see a doctor and ask him to do an X-ray..If u feel like that, maybe its because she pulled it too hard and it filled with an air bubble or something..Don’t wait on it..10 Days is too much of a time for something to be hurting!! And try massaging it with warm olive does wonders :*
    Feel well soon <3

    • danderma says:

      VERY! now it comes and goes though its getting better if I leave the finger without using it much…
      hmmm air bubble you say?

      Thank you love :*