Competition: Blogger’s Baby Photo on 7aji Dude’s Blog

By | June 18, 2011

7aji Dude’s blog are having a Bloggers Baby Pictures Competition (post). Only bloggers can submit their pictures but everyone can guess which baby picture belongs to which blogger. Winners will get 40 KD worth of Al-Shayaa gift vouchers to spend as they please 😀

Here are the rule for submitting your pictures…

1- You must be a blogger :P

2- You can only submit one photo.

3- The photos must be your own obviously ;)

4- Send your photo’s to

5- last day of submission  is Thursday 23rd of June.

6- The first person who comments with the right names of the which baby photo belongs to which blogger wins.

7- In the case of no one getting all the names right , the person who guessed most of the names of the blogs right wins.

8- All answers should be commented on the post itself , in order not to create confusion on twitter and facebook. ( but having more follower’s would be nice :P so follow us guys ! and stay tuned for the competition updates ;) )

9- The pictures will be posted on Friday  24th of June, winners will be announced the following Friday 1st of July.


The winner will be getting vouchers worth of KD 40 to any Al Shayaa store/ restaurant since we don’t know if the winner will be a 7aji, dude or dudette that loves to shop or eat ! :P

So bloggers, what are you waiting for? Scan those old pictures of yours!

If you are not a blogger, just keep on the look out for the competition post with the pictures and try to guess as many bloggers correctly as you can 😀

10 Responses to “Competition: Blogger’s Baby Photo on 7aji Dude’s Blog”

  1. Esperanza says:

    I already submitted my picture.. totally in love with the idea ;pP

  2. Pink GirL Q8 says:

    wanasa 5osh Competition let me search in my old albums 😛

    • danderma says:

      Yalla chop chop khal inshoof little pinkie 😀
      ana a3teqed ra7 at9edene 3la 6ool 😉

  3. 7ajidude says:

    YEAHY !!!

    Thanks your such a Doll ! 😉

  4. Thaaaank you 7abeeeeeeeebtiii wayed for informing me by mail! ma ga9rtay wallah;**

  5. Ad. says:

    that’s such gr8 idea ;D
    now I wish I was a blogger so I could participate :(