10 Simple things that induce sheer happiness

By | June 18, 2011

1- When you put your hands in an old jacket or trousers andfirgi find a 20 KD note that you’ve totally forgotten about.

2- When you bite into a Kit Kat and realize there is no biscuit, just chocolate!

3- When you find a stray piece of fries in your order of  onion rings or crispy curls.

4- When you use liquid glue and afterwards you find patches of dry glue on your hand and you start to peel it away.

5- When you receive a package and discover it has lots of bubble wrap… wanasa!

6- When you are in the shower you think you are out of your shampoo, then you place it upside down and plenty of shampoo comes us to save the day.

7- When you drive into a parking lot on a crowded day and anticipate a long wait only to find one empty parking spot right there waiting for you.

8- When you walk into a book store and find a new book by your favorite author when you didn’t even know its out.

9- When you are finally squeezed into the tight seats of the economy class then the air hostess comes over to you and tells you that you are upgraded into first class 😀

10- When you are in the car and you switch on the radio only to find an old favorite song of yours just starting and you begin to sing along from the bottom of your heart.

What is a simple thing that can make you really happy?

20 Responses to “10 Simple things that induce sheer happiness”

  1. noora says:

    mmm, 7aleyan
    lama t7aten exam len e7it sha3ar rasich then y6la3 not that bad! o lama tfakren mino il examiner for ur graduation case o shino il case o etyeech etesaheel min rub il 3alameen  yaaaa rub

    and Ive never had that of number 8 wala 9! 9 sounds really good

    • danderma says:

      Allah kareem insha2 Allah 😀
      8 happened to me in Dubai in February… 9 happened to my husband and to my sister but not to me though yet :) Insha2 Allah one day it will…

  2. Asmaa says:

    ..Yummy, I love it when I can spend a good time reading my favourite books or listening to my favourite speakers on and on and on as if the day’s never gonna end!

    Also when the weather is just awesomely warm and cool at the same time, it doesn’t make one sweaty or uptight and I can look ahead to having a good day :)

    And at last, SLEEEPING like the sun will never rise but finally waking up fresh the next day 😀 😀

    • danderma says:

      I love your expression… Yummy… it exactly sums how it feels, yummy!
      I love the feeling of being tired, of getting into crisp cold sheets that are scented with rose water, and covering up while knowing you will sleep uninterrupted, all thoughts slipping away, happiness downs on you and you are blissfully asleep <3

  3. Don't Dwell says:

    When you break something oo anticipate a zafa then you’re told… “Fedwa 3an rasich” 😛

    • danderma says:

      ya salam… 3ejbatne wayed… I guess da3ma bel syara khafeefa bs teshekhe6 ham counts 😀

  4. bnm says:

    Loved this post li’anna it’s very true and realistic! Nice one!

  5. giggles says:

    when you forget to turn offf your alarm for the weekend and it rings at 7 am on a friday morning you wake up grumpy thinking you have to go to work, then you realize that it’s friday you smile turn off the alarm and go back to sleep :)

  6. dudette says:

    Love this post , so true !

  7. Mona says:

    It’s funny how some of the most simplest and smallest things can invoke true happiness from within. Loved them all and this post made me happy coz it reminded me of my own experience for each of them! 😀

  8. pearls says:

    I’d be smiling if I fit into old jeans one or two sizes smaller :)

  9. Riya says:

    Hi dear..m i big fan of your website…i jus luv ur blog…:)
    Wen u r standing in a queue to get the ticket for ur fav movie, ur number comes and u r the last person to get the ticket…

    • danderma says:

      Thank you Riya that’s really sweet of you :)
      That’s why I always book online and never stand in the queue. I just don’t trust queues anymore!