The mysterious house is a… Restaurant!

By | June 19, 2011

FINALLY! We have been wondering -and frankly secretly agonizing- about what this building was going to be for YEARS! Yes years on end… I marvelled at the beauty of the modern design of the building, I imagined it a funky house, a stylish Villa Moda like store, a fruniture store, a catering store, a haunted house. It was a shame to see its beauty go to waste by standing there empty for years…

And today, finally, we saw a sign. It says some kind of five star Eastern restarutant? I hope for the building’s sake its more Le Notre and B+F than Dawwat. At least now we can breath a sigh of relief,  its about time our curiosity’s flame has been extinguished, 9ej Legafa bs shinsawee b3d.

Have you been passing by this house and wondering as well? Do you know why it has been standing there all these years?

14 Responses to “The mysterious house is a… Restaurant!”

  1. 7ada I always pass by wondering whats this place? Sij Finally!!

  2. Bo-Ya3gooob says:

    Finally it has been a long time standing there not knowing what the hell it is… i Hope it has good food considering the time it took them to open and the good building design…

    • danderma says:

      Exactly! It took forever to decide on that restaurant, it better be worth the wait!

  3. deQor8 says:

    have been admiring that building from afar for a very long time .. it really typifies the architecture Kuwait currently lacks … i hope it will house an establishment that will do the building justice

    • danderma says:

      Exactly my thoughts. What makes me wonder is how come we had the most amazing futuristic architecture in our grandparents homes in the 60’s but afterwards the architecture went down hill?

      • deQor8 says:

        correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t the whole “more religious” movement in Kuwait occur somewhere around the end of the 60’s or beginning of 70’s?

        perhaps those values had an impact on Kuwait’s architecture

        • danderma says:

          Hmmm I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Its just people have smaller land spaces, architects were different, every one wanted marble exteriors and Louis XIV reception halls. They chose space over gardens and quirky shapes.

          Eventually that choice evolved to having cube like houses with windows, many floors, and divided into flats for rent and maximum profit. Maybe if the lands were much cheaper and every one was able to buy 750 and 1000 m2 lands without the need to be in heavy debt for the rest of their lives, maybe then they would care more about creating an ideal modern dream home?

  4. Mona says:

    I’ve been seeing this place for so long myself and then I saw this not-so-promising restaurant sign last Friday and was wondering exactly what would it be.. I hope it’s not like those Arabic restaurants around Marina Mall.

    • danderma says:

      Ee it doesn’t sound so promising mo? From the sign I am a bit skeptic but lets wait and see…

  5. noon says:

    i think at first they were supposed to be offices then suddenly they made them restaurants

    • danderma says:

      hmmm makes sense, it doesn’t look like it was designed to be a restaurant…

  6. Marzouq says:

    Come on!!!! Why the hell did they pick something so cheap looking!

    I always thought that it would be some cool center or office or high end restaurant or something! Not that Apple with red typography crap sign for a restaurant! Seriously! that beautiful building with that ugly sign!

    I hope thats not the permenant sign! What a waste!

    • danderma says:

      Yesterday it was neon green and neon purple lights all around the sign. It did not look good :(