Tasting Prime & Toast’s New Breakfast Menu

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When I got the invite to try the new menu items of Prime & Toast by chef Ahmad Al-Bader I was ecstatic. Prime & Toast is one of my favorite breakfast places in Kuwait if not the favourite. Saturday morning at 10 A.M. arrived and on the dot (ok 5 minutes late) we were at Prime & Toast Al-Bidaa ready for a morning feast.

The first thing you notice when you sit inside is the long garden running from one end of the restaurant to the other. Fresh basil, Lavender, and other herbs are green and blooming!

I believe having fresh quality herbs in the most basic dishes gives them a definite boost up the culinary ladder class. I have tried to plant basil and mint before inside the house and they both died msakeen (post). The thought of having fresh basil on my food still haunts me so I am going to give gardening indoors another try one day.

As we sat down on the long table shared by other bloggers and waited to be served, we took a look at the new menu I have posted about before (post) and to be frank it looked like so much fun! Check out this menu entry for example…

The dishes began arriving one by one. I for one cannot function without my coffee so my black Americano was the first thing I asked for.

The first new thing we got served was the bread basket with two little jars of flavored butter.

The first butter was a strawberry infused butter

The second was a blueberry (maybe blakcberry?) infused butter.

Since I love bread and butter and spreads I gave them a tentative try…

Verdict? We didn’t like the blueberry one because it was too salty. The strawberry one? If you are a fan of butter and jam together then you will love this combination. My husband was happy, I was OK. I prefer my butter alone and my strawberry Jam alone. It is a matter of taste really.

Moving on, next came the humongous bagel with poached eggs, bacon, and herby Hollandais sauce if I am not mistaken. I couldn’t really hear the waitresses voice over the hubbub and the music, a tad too loud for a morning atmosphere.

We didn’t try that one because I don’t eat poached eggs and my husband cannot stand bacon but it did look picture perfect. If you are a fan of bagels, poached eggs, and bacon then you might like to give that a try.

Next came the poached eggs with a mountain of crispy fries.

Again I didn’t try that dish but I grabbed some of the fries and they were good. My husband however adores poached eggs. The moment the egg was lifted off the plate it kinda erupted and golden yellow yolk drenched the crispy fries. My husband liked that dish. If you like eating the yellow yolk then I would recommend it for you.

Next came the Spinach & Mushroom Omelet. I eat spinach on very rare occasions so I didn’t try it but my husband loved the dish. I guess its a winner if you don’t mind spinach with your eggs.

Next came the poached eggs over Vietnamese noodles.

Again I didn’t touch the eggs but I tried the noodles. They came in a cream sauce with a hint of sweetness. I am guessing the combination of egg yolks and the sweet cream with the noodles would give the dish its kick. If you love Asian food with eggs and noodles and want to try something different then this would be a perfect brunch dish for you.

I wonder how did they get to make the eggs that big? My husband loves poached eggs yet whenever we cook them at home they look horrible, not as round and big as those ones in those dishes. Next came the baked eggs with truffle oil and a kind of mushroom that I didn’t catch its name.

I tried a part of the egg whites with the mushrooms over toast and they were really tasty.

The idea is to dip a piece of bread in the egg yolk and smear it around with the herbs, mushrooms, and oil, which my husband kinda did.

Next came the desserts. First the Creme fold Caramel their classic dish and it was as good as ever.

Next the french toast with Nutella. The french toast, pancakes and baked bread pudding.

We were also served a variety of juices and cocktails, all fresh and mixed per-order.

In conclusion If you love culinary adventures especially with your breakfast you will love the new menu items. Ansam would be at home with the new dishes for sure. My husband also liked most of the dishes but I know that my siblings for example wouldn’t. If you are a picky food eater kind of person you are better off ordering the P&T classics. I also noticed that the Creme Anglais French Toast wasn’t on the menu :( where is it?!

Thank you Prime & Toast, Chef Ahmad Al-Bader, and Pinkcoffee team for a lovely experience :)

Prime & Toast is located in Al-Bidaa and Al-Seif. To read my previous P&T review click here (post) and here (post). For more information you can follow them on twitter (@PrimeToast) or on instagram (@PrimeToast).

30 Responses to “Tasting Prime & Toast’s New Breakfast Menu”

  1. Rainy says:

    woooow looking yummmy , i must try it someday, bel 3afya darling

  2. Bo-Ya3gooob says:

    I am not that into eggs but their dessert looks amazing… Bil3afya…

    • danderma says:

      Allah y3feek… me too I only eat scrambled eggs and maybe MAYBE omelets in rare occasions.

  3. Madame C says:

    Hi! I left a comment on 2 other blogs about my condition, but ma7ad laggani wayh so maybe u will, from one eb6ainiya to another (I’m reading your book and we are sisters in food).
    I (and many other kuwaitis) have a condition called Coeliac disease, whereby we can’t have any gluten in our food. That means no bread, no Pasta, no biscuits, no pastries, no croissants, no pancakes, no waffles, no ready made sauces, no soups etc unless they r made in a special gluten free way (gluten free flour etc). Everytime we go anywhere and ask ppl to make gluten free food for us or at least label on the menu GF for food that is safe for us to eat, they ignore us. Since bloggeristas mashalla have a high impact on restaurants these days, can u put in a word for us? U really don’t know how it feels to go into restaurant after restaurant and just sate impotently at the croissant etc (I pray u never have to feel that way). Please help us?

    • danderma says:

      I actually saw your comment today… it was on a Prime & Toast post mo?
      I know exactly what you are going through because last summer I had to go through a no gluten phase. I stood in line for alma6a7en’s gluten free toast, I bought my self the gluten free pasta. Only when I went to Dubai did I see how they accommodate gluten intolerant people in their restaurants better.

      I have been there. I’ve almost lost my mind. I know your frustration. When I read your comment today I felt for you. I will try and help you out as much as I can I can promise you that much.

      Meanwhile tra Carluccio’s have a gluten free menu and its quite good for Itallian food in the Avenues. Have you tried it yet?

      • Madame C says:

        Thank you so very much! Yay! I ha a feeling you would be kind enough to answer back! Thank you :)
        My friend told me about carluccio but I haven’t tried it yet. I tried tatami the Japanese restaurant and mashalla danah al tourah the chef was very accommodating. Apparenty so is chef raj in te Indian restaurant in Marriott courtyard. Other than these, 3ammek asmakh like they say so I really appreciate you trying :)
        Why did u have to go gluten free?

        • danderma says:

          I have tried carluccio’s gluten free menu in both the UK and Dubai and each time I couldn’t tell the difference between the original and gluten free dishes. Its awsome!

          I had health problems and we needed to rule out many diseases so I went caffeine free, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free to determine what was causing my illnesses…

  4. i heart their food…actually all of his restaurants are amazing!

  5. 3ateeja says:

    shklaaa y3awer el-galb !! but come on lish kilhom fehom poached eggs ;( ,,& yes i’m such a food de3la 😛

    • danderma says:

      Madry killa poached eggs… I guess they look better and are a lighter option than other types of eggs.

  6. Fahad says:

    Qatalteeni bil 9uwar! Amazing post!

    • danderma says:

      Thank you… I guess all those poached eggs are good for a healthy life style :)

  7. Ansam says:

    “Ansam would be at home with the new dishes for sure” <—- LOL! I kinda would have… but I was in Dubai last weekend and could not make it! It was set on a weekday, which was perfect for me…. 3alaikom balf 3afia 😀 😀 Nice pics Danderma 😀

    • danderma says:

      Allah y3afeech 😀 The new dishes menu has your name written all over it! They changed the date to Saturday morning btw 😉

      thank you hon o Allah y3afeech :*

  8. Laila says:

    Loved the post! Images are great! Thanks for coming, it was nice meeting you and your husband. :)

  9. Dudette says:

    LOOKS yum ! .. itsadgeen I never been to Prime and Toast:S

  10. noon says:

    bil3afiaaaa *drools* the baked bread pudding looks great

  11. Marzouq says:

    Fantastic photographs! I think I will stick to the classic menu for now!

  12. Linda says:

    This looks amazing, your photos are great you really have a way with food photography! I must pay them a visit this weekend I can’t wait :)

    • danderma says:

      Than you… that’s really kind of you, but I must confess that the camera does all the work for me!
      Let me know how your breakfast goes :)