Diet Ninja Camp Diet – Day Two

By | July 5, 2011

I should have posted this yesterday but I arrived home pretty late and was too knackered to do anything.

Diet Ninja Camp Diet: Day two. There is not much hunger involved. I didn’t really get hungry until 1 AM because I was checking other blogs. However it wasn’t an easy day. For one thing I couldn’t get out of bed at all in the morning. I crawled out, had breakfast, then crashed in bed until my snack time. Crawled out again, got the snack to bed, and stayed there until it was time to prepare my lunch. I felt a bit feverish and sick but that’s what I was expecting since this is what my body does on the first few days of any diet.

By the time I had my lunch, the Chickpea, Pomegranate, and Feta Summer Salad (post) I felt human again. I waited for an hour or so then wore fitting room friendly clothes, my crocs, and headed out the door towards the avenues even though I was quite spacey and scattered minded.

From 7 PM till 11 PM I walked around, shopping non stop. I took a break at 9:30 to get my self dinner -one small plain frozen yogurt with blueberries and blackberries- but when it was time to order I couldn’t say blueberries. I tried very hard to get the word blueberry out, I just totally forgot it! I was a bit spacey too, but hopefully by tomorrow this spaced out feeling would go away 😀

Ee o I discovered that Pinkberry is quite sugary! Ma7arani! Eshda3wa all this sugar? When I had Zero Degrees frozen yogurt for dinner on day one it was much less sugary and better tasting!

On the other hand I got my self an amazing pair of heels. The best thing about shoes is that you don’t have to diet to enjoy wearing them <3

I also bought a few knickknacks here and there. Nothing much. Lugging those heavy bags around was quite a good exercise, almost like weight lifting. By the time I was in bed every muscle in my body was aching. It felt good.

Day 2 is over. 12 Days to go till my free meal on my Birthday. Abi k3ka, a big slice of a luscious creamy salted caramel and caramelized nuts k3ka!

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