Prime & Toast AND Pizzetta’s Gluten Free Menu

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I have received some EXCELLENT news this morning and I could’t wait to share it with you all.

Starting tomorrow, Thursday July 7, 2011, P&T and Pizzetta will be launching their Gluten free menu. Yes you read read… GLUTEN FREE MENU!

Prime and Toast are going to include items from its menu PLUS a variety of gluten free breads and gluten free pastas for the spaghetti dishes. If you hadn’t heard, P&T serve the most amazing spaghetti bolognaise and spaghetti pomodoro in Kuwait.

Also for the gluten intolerant kids P&T will launch a variety of colored pancakes, chicken popcorn, green scrambled eggs, shaped eggs, and kids drinks! Way to go!

As for Pizzetta they will include will include gluten free pizzas!!! Now my gluten intolerant friends you can try my favorite mushroom truffle pizza in a gluten free version! This is the one below (post)

From now on, I am only going to order the gluten free pizzas and items. It tastes exactly the same but are healthier and gluten intolerant friendly.

Thank you chef Ahmad Al-Bader for going through all this trouble. This is amazing news. I had tears in my eyes when I red about the rainbow pancakes :’) a big THANK YOU!

18 Responses to “Prime & Toast AND Pizzetta’s Gluten Free Menu”

  1. Altaf says:

    Hello, is this a Kuwaiti advertisement blog? I’m assuming so, since most of the posts are, and there are so many advertisements. Thanks!

    • danderma says:

      So all you read from this post is that its a Kuwaiti Advertisement blog? You didn’t get the fact that gluten intolerant people lives are easier now?
      Wallah I pity your ignorance.

  2. deQor8 says:

    I wish my plates looked that good when I visit Prime & Toast … though I will admit that I do enjoy visiting P&T in the early hours of the morning after arriving to Kuwait via a long flight from the USA :) makes me happy

    btw, don’t pay any attention to the previous comment … sounds like its somebody trying to put bad eyes on you or something .. inshallah not but you never know

    • danderma says:

      There is nothing like a hearty prime and toast breakfast <3
      LooooL bad eyes… qol a3otho be rabee el falaq :)

  3. Smile says:

    الفاضي يعمل قاضي دندرمة الي الامام وماعليك من القاصين وهدا أكيد واحد محتر من الكويتيين :-)

    • danderma says:

      إي و الله حالة! بس شمعنة الكويتيين يمكن المعلقة كويتية

  4. yousefq8 says:

    What is the significance of having the food gluten free? If its healthier, in what way? Lower calories? And if so by how much?

    I notice a lot of Kuwaiti blogs are mentioning gluten free food.

    • danderma says:

      Blogs are mentioning gluten free because we have a campaign to offer gluten free food for people who are gluten intolerant.
      Its not about being healthy or not. Its simply because some people have wheat allergy or Celiac disease which can be prevalent with people with Down syndrome as well. Even people with hypothyroidism are said to benefit from it.

      A gluten intolerant person cannot go to a normal restaurant and eat soup, salad with bread like cesars or fattoush, sandwiches, pizza, cake pasta, or anything with white flour or rye flour. Therefore if gluten free pasta or gluten free flour was used upon order the gluten intolerant diners can go out and eat normally just like every one else instead of just sitting there eyeing the food they can’t have sadly.

      A normal person can eat gluten free and not know the difference by the way.

      • yousefq8 says:

        Oh, interesting. I never heard of such a thing. My brother is lactose intolerant, but I never heard of gluten intolerance.

        Thanks for letting me know. :)

        • danderma says:

          You are most welcome. Exactly like lactose intolerance… he has to eat and drink soy based products instead of dairy products right?

  5. Madame C says:

    I can’t believe my eyes! Thank you thank you thank you! You gave your word and your followed through. Thank you Danderma! And thank you Ahmed Al Bader, I’m already a big burger hub wazoo fan and now I can enjoy his other restaurants (by the way totally understand why dathoora would leave jumbo for not being her burger hub buddy!). Allah ya3teetch el 3afia D we love you!! :)

    • danderma says:

      I love Wazoo fries <3 The best fries in Kuwait, hands down!
      looooooooooooool for the Dathra comment 😉

      Allah y3afeech I did nothing. All the thanks should go to Chef A7mad Al-Bader!

  6. 3ateeja says:

    yeeeeeeey great news !! i’m taking her for dinner inshalla 😀

  7. G says:

    IM IMPRESSED!!! MOST RESTAURANTS DON’T EVEN KNOW WHATS GLUTEN FREE!!.. my mother has the celieac disease and this is the best news ever!!!!!

    • danderma says:

      You can now have breakfast, lunch, and dinner without her having to avoid half the menu 😀

  8. G says:

    thanks for supporting celiac disease!