Blast from the Past: Sherihan’s Fawazeer 7aw al 3alam

By | July 8, 2011

I don’t know if anyone remembers this but when Fawazeer Sherihan 7awl al 3alam aired we went gaga over it. We used to watch it over every meal, we used to dance with it and fight over which dress she wore was “ours”.

My favorite episode every which I admit I still watch till this day is the Brazil one in the video above. I still cherish that VHS even though the quality isn’t much better than what is on youtube.

It is still fun to watch especially when you notice that she only dances in high heels Masha2 Allah! My sister loved the green dress while I loved the white dress that appears in minute 4:55 of the video. I loved it so much I actually clung to a similar dress I found in Mojama3 el Muthana that year and wore it for eid! I have tried to a picture with me wearing it but I coudln’t 7safa :(

and now that I am dieting, I want her waist! I want to have the same iron board flat stomach and the amazing waist she has in the white dress. I have dreamt about that waist since I was a child, now I want it. Full stop.

Do you remember Sherihan’s fawazeer?

3 Responses to “Blast from the Past: Sherihan’s Fawazeer 7aw al 3alam”

  1. baglady says:

    Yes, I remember hearing about Sherihan’s ramadhan fawazeer, but unfortunately never got to see them, cause my childhood was growing up out of Q8 (I am Q80 but cause of dad’s job I grew up all over the world)

    • danderma says:

      You missed a lot then! Why don’t you watch them on youtube? Search for sherihan Alf Leila o Leila.. I watched 5 episodes yesterday before bed :p